Things Moving on

maynloo——————-26th June 2009
————Today things have moved on a bit. I have had a blood test as I did a funny turn this week so they thought It might have been my Blood Sugar but looks like it might be Oxygen levels dropped for a couple of minutes. Then late this afternoon Margate hospital phoned for me to go to the ChestClinic on the 9th of July for bi-op so it would seem I’m all systems go. Chest Clinic 5th MRI scans 10th July and then it will start the chemo programme. The Doc said this week the lung is filling again so she tried to chase everything up. So we can but wait and see what happens but don’t think I’m sitting about like an invalid I’m not I have tidied the garden and laid a little patio in a quiet place so I can sit and read when I’m on chemo. I have taken the nets down and put up blinds and anything that I can make easier for Ray doing Housework I have done. Clearing out the shed of stupid things we collect. I just go slowly and take lots of rest. We are going to Appledore next weekend for a Rally with our friends but I will go on as many as Poss as we have bought an awning for me to hide if I want to . I have gone on the dog walk this week 2 miles every day as exercise will build the lung so you see I’m ready for this fight. A very good site has been sent to from a friend who is a nurse 26th June:-

No mans Land

——————- —————————————20th June 2009———————
Im in no-mans land at the moment. The results of the Lung fluid is that there are cancer cells. A consultants meeting was held Wednesday but my Doc hasn’t the results from that meeting. I have to wait another 3 weeks for my MRI Scan of my Spine and Airways. Friday the 10th July but my Doc is trying to get that bought forward. So I spend my time waiting. This is a waiting game Im not happy playing though but I try and keep my chin up for my family. I do play around on here but life is to short to be serious so lets have a party. I also love the fact we are all Campers and have the same interest together. Carry on Camping I just want to bring it to peoples attention that this is a thing coming to the fore now and if my journey through it can help others. We teenage wives didnt know how dangerous the Asbestos was in the 60’s. I would never have thought that washing Rays clothe’s would do me harm when I retired. His socks of coarse with his smelly feet–well thats another story

Home for Weekend

——————- ————————————12th June 2009—————–
I’m home for the weekend as the Consultant said to go home and have a break, as I have had so much bad news and so many tests but he cant do anything until the culture has grown from the fluid they have drained from my lung all 5.5 ltres and 2 litres I threw up from my tummy. He is sending for me on Wednesday when I’m booked in for a Tunnel scan of my airways to see if any Cancer lies hidden there. I cant believe that doing the washing of Rays work clothes 30 years ago has caused this. Asbetos is very damaging and they are only just seeing so many people suffering from the outcome. I have a real battle on my hands, but with all these lovely wishes, I will fight— I promise The nurses, as they said bye to me today, were all in tears, which shocked me somewhat but I have been the little helper and have looked after the other 3 patients in my room, as they could not get out of bed to do things. In fact we have had a laugh because you just have to laugh. My question was how do you cope—the answer is with laughter and great friends and the love of life–THANKYOU xxx

No results Yet

——————-8th June 09 ————
Been to visit all day, no results from the scan she had this morning. But we spent 45 mins with neurologist. He said arm lung problems are all associated . that there is an area where at the top of the lung is a bit that’s been stressed and upset the nerves that go from the neck to the arm and down across chest. Not sure if this caused the lung or whether it caused the shoulder. They suggest doing an mri so once more we got to wait for test results

Had a Bad Night

——————-6th June 09 ————
Well Im back from visiting. She had a bad night very sick doctor called gave her anti sickness jabs.
The drain is still draining but its slowed up a bit now. She might get another x-ray tonight. but at the moment they still don’t know whats caused all this.
So apart from her being a bit more comfortable than thursday we know no more, none the wiser.
I can,t see her coming home yet. She wont be home tomorrow anyway. and monday she has to see neurologist about her arm. So I cant see her home until tuesday at best ,if they decide whats causing this lung thing and maybe attemt to fix it she might be in until the end of the week then thatll be a week .
Martin and pam went in to day so that’s a cheer up for her. She doesn’t look as refreshed today as she did yesterday. But because of the pain she isn’t sleeping. she said when they take the pipe out she might be able to sleep a bit better.
I phoned hospital at 9pm they said they took the drain out. So at least she can get a better nights sleep. but she didn’t have the xray. When I asked whats the next step she said Ill have to wait till doctors rounds to see what he wants to do. Being sunday they will probably keep her in again and then she has the 2pm appointment with nurologist anyway. . But they still have to sort out the lung problem as at the moment they have only drained them not cured or found out whats wrong what caused it..I just want her back home.

Strange on my Own

——————-5th June 09 ————
Its strange with no mavis at home.
Its only been a few hours and I miss her. Louis misses her too.
Been to visit. She looks so much better infact she looks 10 years younger. But not out of the woods yet. They drained 5.2 ltrs off her lungs and still more left.
If its all out tonight they will do a catscan later today. Then maybe see whats caused this. I cant believe all that water in the lungs its a wonder she didn’t drown. They said another 24 hrs and it could be touch and go.
But at least she is breathing a bit easier now. terry came , she was pleased about that. ill go back tomorrow. 830pm phoned hospital. She has been sick this evening so called doctot to her . gave her anti sick pills. and no she hasn’t had a catscan yet. They cant do that until she finishes draining.They will see how she is tomorrow.

Our 49th Aniversary

——————4th June 09
Its our 49th Aniversary
– ———— about 3 pm doctor phoned results of x-ray show lungs full of fluid get straight to hospital now. chris took us direct. Ive left her there and will go back tomorrow. 9.44pm called hospital. mavis has a chest drain in and she is comfortable. I have to ring up 1030am tomorrow for more news. visiting between 2 and 4pm