Devastating News

SANY0429Due to Mavis`s recent devastating Health News .
Now having been diagnosed with Mesothelioma .

Our first thoughts were , where on earth did you get this from. Well I worked in the industry in 1961.
The Doctor said yes most likely as it takes 20 to 50 years to surface.
Also her father worked in shipyards all her childhood life.
The fibres can be inhaled from simply having washing hanging out to dry or the dust in your hair.
All it takes is ONE lungfull of Air, to sit silently for decades,before it surfaces.

On searching the web we find that almost everyone was at risk in the 60`s and before that .
Take a look at this .
This is just some of the daily products used which contained asbestos.

If you think you were at risk I urge you to contact your GP. As there are no early warning symptoms.
If you have it it sits dormant for years you cant loose it .It wont go away,so dont ignore the possability.

At this time we are awaiting further tests and a decision on what course of action is next.
We will not bore you with gory details but for her friends who want to follow her progress ,
I will update her progress here.
Any usefull informatiion we will add as we find it.


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