Oncologist today

melvisWed 22 July
I went to Miss Kings ( Consultant Oncologist) clinic today and she has gone through everything with me.
My MRI scans have shown I have an overactive thyroid so that will have to wait –that I have bad wear and tear on my neck so that will have to wait –
But good news is that there is no other Cancer anywhere else
My right Lung is clear.
My left lung has an liaison and that is Cancerous as the cancer cells showed up in the culture.
She is going to have me in and operate by Keyhole surgery.She will drain the fluid with a needle take a bi-op of the liaison and of other thickenings that are in that lung lining.
Then put the talc in to seal the lining to the lung.
I may be sent home with a drain in until it all dries out.
They will then decide on what to do next when she gets the results of the Bi-Op.
This could be to operate and cut out part of the lung or Chemo by tablets she just doesn’t know at this point.
I’m on stand by the for next 10 days as I will be called in to have my op at guys.
My arms is still a mystery they don’t know how to deal with it yet.
It maybe they will get better when I have had all the treatment or there is an injury of some kindI will have to wait.
Well that is my update so far

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