I have bought  Mavis a mini laptop notebook, so  when she is in  having chemo she can  stay in touch with  all her MHF friends. I first saw it  with Gaspode and was so impressed. Hers is bright pink and  I have been loading stuff on it for her. The quality and spec is excellent. My laptop is to big and bulky to hump in and out of hospitals but this one is neat and will go in a fair sized handbag and is half the weight of mine. Thanks gaspode another result.


The day I wasnt tattooed

Well Im sooo disappointed as I wasnt tattooed.

As it is a scar and so very visable the nurse took a photo (no I didnt say cheese)

We arrived and had a very long wait as other patients went in before me.

When it was my turn I was led into the radiation room where I laid on the couch which was raised up.

The technician and a Doctor came in and they realised I have 2 scars to zap.

One where the op was carried out and then the drain hole scar.

A piece of very cold metal was put on me where a line was drawn to mark the spots and then the nurse proceeded to take photos.

They explained how the radiation will be carried out and that was that. I got dressed.

Off we went on the Bus back to Canturbury High Street and then the Park and Ride to Wincheap where we raided Morrisons for a milk shake and an Eccles Cake and sat in the glorious sunshine and had a picnic.

I feel a bit of a fraud really, all my family worried about me and there I was having a lovely time.

We bought a head collar for Louis as he has started to pull my arm and I was in agony through the night but I have just read that muscles do deteriate with Meso– so that just might be happening and thats why my hands arms are in trouble.

Well next date is Oct 8th 2.15 for the Zapping.

Next is a tattoo for radiation

Tuesday is the day for me to have my scar tattoo’d and then zapped on the 8th Oct  so that the Cancer doesnt travel to the surface from my lung.

Im learning so much about this mesothelioma that I never ever knew before.

All this time this nasty has been inside my lung waiting to grab me like an alien.

Well Monday we are going to go to Dover and Ramsgate for shopping therapy and walk the dog by the sea, just enjoying this wonderful sunny weather.

I have emailed 2 friends who have both got Cancer and one is very ill.

We chat away and share our problems each propping the other up.

My Son has phoned tonight and it breaks my heart that I have burdoned him with all this just when he should be really enjoying his life with his girlfriend. I love them and my Grandson so much xx

I know though that when I go they will be there for Ray and that is a big comfort.

I have been sorting my books out today, I dont need all those diet books anymore, years of worrying about my weight and paying a fortune for weight watchers and reaching gold.

Now Im being asked “”how is your appetite” are you loosing weight” how the tables have turned.

Well it has been a good day and I kept taking the tablets so the pain has been kept under and my arms have been better today –thats how they go one day good and the next bad.

So Im off to bed now one more day over and another tomorrow but Im so pleased Im writing this blog as my family know how I feel and so there will be no need for letters to be written as it is all here my heart lays bare on these pages.

Saturday pain

I dont usually talk about the pain but yesterday it was bad.
My arms are hurting again and the hands are tingling as well as my toes.
They dont know where all this is coming from but somewhere some nerve is damaged.
The pain in my back and shoulder is hurting and Im out of breath when walking.
I fear the Lung is getting fluid in but If I have a drain in they wont do the Chemo.
I will talk to the nurses on Wed when they tattoo me.
It does ease when I take my pain killers.
We are up early again as if we do not want to miss one minute of daylight –another day is ahead another wonderful day.

My Kidney Function Test

The day has been a long drawn out affair.
We had to get to K&C Hospital by 9am and go to the Nuclear Medicine Department where I was given an injection, in my right hand, of a dye.
I had to go away then, for 90 mins, so we strolled around in the wonderful sunlight.
I told Ray to go off to town, which he did, as I knew it would be a long day.
10.20 am I returned and the nurse drew off some blood from my left arm.
12.50 this was repeated again, so as Ray had returned we went to lunch in the hospitals restaurant.
1.20 My last sample of blood  had been drawn and the nurse said the results of my Kidney function will be on my records next week.
Oh dear I hope it is a good one and that Chemo can go ahead.
Had a great time on the way home shopping in Lidl I love walking in there as it takes me back to  the days in Spain.
When back home we unpacked the shopping and then took Louis for a walk on the beach calling into to see friends on the way.
Another episode over and next is Wednesday for my Tattoo on my scar–hey ho and on we go.

Fridays Appointment

Well after a great holiday I get back into all the medical appointments again.

Friday  25th Sept I have to go all day to Kent and Canterbury for a Glomerular Filtration rate.

A small injection is given in my arm and then blood is taken at 90 min intervals for 4-5 hours.

I hope and pray that they find my one kidney is working 100% so that they will give me the Chemo I need.

I only have one as 20 years ago they found I only had 1 kidney working and that had gone into Renual Failer because I was born with small Uretheas.

A new one was built and I carried on my life.

So here goes lets hope all will be well.

Still Away


Hello Everyone.
Ive been away almost a week now its been so far a nice break. windy but dry.
Ive met some lovely people from my MHF. Last night we went to a party,but I couldnt make the end but I still had  some good laughs and a tipple or 2.
Today we went to western-Super-mare.
Tomorrow we are off to Burnham on the bus.We still have a few days left before I have to come home, We are going to see Terry later on also I am meeting up in Basingstoke with my brother..
Then its all over and back to reality. To Start my Chemo. Thats the next party only this one I intend to make the end of.


On Holiday.

Well the hospital said go on holiday before the Chemo so thats what we have done.

Packed the Motorhome and off we went.

First stop Friday was Canterbury Park and Ride where we stayed overnight and had a great meal with our friends and then Saturday we travelled to Shepton Mallet to the Motorhome show with the MHF.

Im so surprised at the strength I had walking round the show and then walking the dog.

I have to go to bed quiet early though which is new for me, tired and worn out but happy.

Today Monday 14th Sept we travelled on to Brean Sands for the MHF Holiday Rally and are really getting into the swing of being away in the Motorhome and camping.

The weather is sunny and warm when out of the wind so here we are all set up with the Awning Porch up but once again very tired so we havent gone up to the bar and entertainment.

Tomorrow we have plans to go to Burnham on Sea on the bus and then to join everyone in the evening at the bar and entertainment.

Wednesday is a great plan for a Carvery at lunchtime –coming to the conclusion this is the way to go on through all this –lots of fun and enjoyment –going with the flow.

Good Nights Sleep

Well I have had a great sleep today– just waking now and again but soon went back to slumber land.
It was the first night since march sleeping flat —how cool was that.
I have woken up and I can move my hands and my feet so it means I haven’t put pressure on my back and that  nerve problem (they still do not know where ) so that must be the Cancer is on a nerve structure somewhere.
I have been out in the garden with the dog and the sun has turned the clouds orange such a pretty sight.
Well we are off on holiday and I know the signal is bad at Shepton so I will keep my blog up at Brean.
I cant wait to be amongst my cyber friends,
First we park up at the Park and Ride tonight and a meal out with Jock, Dougie and Russell.
I do hope I keep very well in the next 2 weeks so that I can do new things and see new places.