Day 17 Swelling up

I have been having a very swollen feeling and the ankles swelled up over the past 2 days, at first I thought “oh no its my kidney” but then I suspected that there might be Ibuprofen in the sleeping pills (I seem to alergic to Ibuprofen) so I stopped taking them the past 2 nights and just added another Paracetamol to help me sleep.
My ankles are now back to normal, the bloated feeling has gone and I have lost some weight so I seem to be right.
I will tell the Doctor on Monday.
Yesterday was such a lovely sunny day again so after pottering about and tidying up we set off for a round walk to the beach with Louis.
I took my trekking stick and found after about a quarter of a mile my legs were feeling tired so I used the stick for balance and yes it worked and I got along better.
My brother will be pleased as it was a present from him.
We had a lovely walk and the tide was nearly in, so it was a very pleasant sight, looking out to sea to Sheppey and the Essex coastline.
The wind farm was gleaming in the sunshine and little sailing boats skimming along, all added to a pleasant picture.
I never regret moving down to Seasalter when we retired in 2000 as it has been the best decision we ever made.
Whitstable is so oldie worldly and Seasalter is very Quaint as the salt marshes have never changed.
My breathing was fine and I got stronger as we got along, it made my day when we completed the walk and I know I can still do it, be it a lot slower now.
Louis walked right round so well behaved, no pulling, no digging his heels in to turn back, so it really is me he wants when Ray takes him and he just wants to come back.
He walked past other dogs and he didn’t bark once– I wish my neighbour could see him so well behaved as she thinks he is so uncontrollable, as for some reason he always barks at her.
Back indoors we had a coffee and I sat down and watched telly, resting and dropped off for a cat knapp, woke up very refreshed and exercised.

I cooked the dinner, watched the soaps, sat in the den and answered my emails etc etc and answered phone calls from my son and a couple of friends.
At almost 10pm we took the dog for his last walk around the park and then got ready for bed, another full day had passed and I soon dropped off to sleep.

Day 16 All is very Quiet

Yesterday was a very quiet day really one where I got up, just stayed on the Computer, answered my emails, wrote my blog, spoke to friends on Face book and MHFacts.
Sat in my dressing gown until 12.30pm, had a shower and went to Canterbury to get Ray a new Electric razor.
Came home and pottered about again on the Computer,as Ray has been very busy building a new web site for the MCC Kent Group so I stayed in the Den with him.
Spoke to friends on the phone and cooked a Shepherds pie, Jacket Potatoes and cabbage for dinner.
I feel so lacking in exercise though that I’m going to try to walk the dog on a round walk to the beach today as I’m eating very well and the weight has gone up.
I feel though that when I’m bad next week and I wont eat as well then I have weight to loose and so I wont look skinny.
What a way to diet!!!

My dear neighbour Des has had his heart Operation so I called in as we walked the dog at 9.14pm last night and his wife said he was through ok but on life support so that is such good news.
We had been in tears together when I was going for my first Chemo –he wished me luck and I wished him luck (as he had just heard he was going to Saint Thomas.s for his op) and we hugged one another in tears.
Well done Des now make a full recovery quickly.

Louis walked by my side so well you wouldn’t think he was so naughty when Ray takes him and digs his heels in still,
To get back to me.
One thing that Ray has manage though and that’s to get him to sit at the kerb and come when crossing the road.
He is such an obedient dog with us but there are still people that he barks at but we will keep trying and training.

Ray carried on working on his new web site and we went to bed at 11.30pm so as I said a very quiet day.
Its only 5.30 now so I don’t know what today will bring–I’m not in much pain –just a slight tinge in the back and the left shoulder nags a bit but sitting here my breathing is very good as its not until I move about that it Is any different, but everyone keeps saying how well I look so that’s good.

Well I will sign off and hope all my cancer friends have had a better day to –keep smiling though. xx

day 15 the little mouse came to visit.

We had a great drive up to Gillingham Savacentre and wandered about shopping –bought all my Christmas presents and a lot of wine and food that we have at the seasonal time of year.
Had a coffee and then put everything into the car came back and sat on a seat waiting for Martin and Pam to arrive.
When they did we went up to the restaurant and choose our food and sat down to a good talk about everything —like you do.
It is so hard for him but if I keep talking honestly then he will gradually be able to accept my going bit by bit. He keeps saying, as so many do “you look so well” and my answer is always the same –its whats going in on inside and they cant stop that.
I know Im not so fit and I couldnt run for a bus so I can see the deteriation going on.
It was all to soon time come home so we said our good byes and journeyed back to Whitstable but it had been a perfect day out.
Martin has given me one of those walking sticks, look’s like the ones when you ski, so that I don’t look like an old lady with a walking stick but a modern chick.
It will help me keep my balance when I’m having Chemo again and I get that woozy feeling.
I will certainly use it.
When we got home and was unpacking the shopping, I took the frozen things to put in the freezer in the shed and heard a rustling noise and could see a dear little field mouse had got itself in my folding garden bag, that I keep in the garden and it was trying to get out.
I looked in and he was so sweet.
Ray wouldn’t let me keep him as a pet and made me let him go and he ran over next’s doors bless!!!
A little later when I took the dog to the garden Louis chased one all up the garden path and out the gate–I do hope we are not being overrun by them so I will have to keep an eye out –but field mice do seem different to ordinary ones, as they look more like hampsters.
Well that was my day and it was a really good day just a bit of niggerling pain in my back and short of breath at times but on the whole Im doing good.
Thought I was getting a cold but so far that seems to have eased back today.