Day 21 Chemo 2 Resurfacing a road, Windy day and out to Lunch.

Men resurfacing a road

We got up after a great night sleep although Ray complains about my snoring –poor thing.

We had to take the dog out early as we were going to a nice get together at our friends for lunch, with other friends who were invited as well.
It was very windy but not cold as we set off with Louis,  as we got out on the main road, they had resurfaced it through the night, what a night to have had to work in and they will be working tonight in another windy night.
The dog trotted along so good, as we were on a longer walk for him up to the beach where the tide was out.
I came back and changed, put on earrings to cheer my face up, as my eyes were still funny from all the soreness this time.
After making sure the dog was safe and lots of chewy things around for him we set off in the car and arrived first, so we settled down chatting until the others arrived.
A great chicken and vegetables was served and Apple Charlotte for sweet/pudding.


We all then sat back and chatted some more about our younger lives –wood burners in stations (Pat has one now in her house –warm as toast) and boat’s old sweets that we had eaten in the past, Motorhoming and many more things until it got dark.

So we all said our goodbye’s and drove home.
Ray took the dog for a walk as I made a home made soup from the vegetables that were in the fridge from yesterday added an onion, tin of tomatoes, stock cubes and Waller!! You have a great soup when it has been in the Liquedizer
A friend on the McMillian site has said “I’m taking steroids for arthritis and they make you EAT, all the time if possible.”
Oh how right he is and yes that’s what I’m like, so the steroids I’m taking just before the chemo, during and after might be the answer for this love of “food glorious food.”
Well its the last day of Chemo 2 the 21 days have flown by and it hasnt been that bad this time so tomorrow I Day 1 again as I have had no phone call on the answer machine– so my bloods must be OK
Up very early then for another 8am start to 10 hours of chemo.

2 thoughts on “Day 21 Chemo 2 Resurfacing a road, Windy day and out to Lunch.

  1. Hi Mavis,

    I am So pleased you are doing so well, your blog today is so much better than when it all began, i.e. I can sense that you must be feeling better, or maybe getting used to your cycles! As for the eating, Steve has put on in excess of 3.5 stones with Chemo and steroids, so it certainly does increase the apetite. Though he does still have an injection every 3 months for the prostate cancer which they say puts on the weight round the stomache area so maybe its a combination of that plus the chemo for meso etc..But his consultant loves the fact he is now ‘portly’!
    It has been very wet and windy where we are too, very blustery, watching all the leaves blowing about and the rising water levels, rminds me of the Winnie the Pooh story, a blustery day – the children used to love that story!
    Any way best wishes for tomorrow, i am sure this cycle will also go very fast and once this is over then it will be number 4, will that be your last?


    Sara xx

    • Thanks Sara for your comments.
      I think Im just getting used to the cycles really and that you get good days in with the bad.
      the blog helps to keep you focused and it is a diary of advents.
      Im so glad Steve is doing well, it must help you as the one looking after him that he is positive –i know ray is able to cope with me always making light of my illness.
      We find silly things make us laugh now.
      I think number 4 will be my last as the Oncologist said I could stop now but I feel 2 more would be an even bigger chance to put the nasty right to sleep–got to give it a go.
      The saying is no pain no gain.
      I cant sleep the wind has been so bad through the night so Im going to try now to get another hour as the wind does seem to have died down and become just blustery
      Love Mavis xx

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