Day 1 Chemo 3 the long day

It has been a long long day so boring.
I arrived at 7.30 as I was worried about the roads into Canterbury, as the wind woke me at 2.30am
Howling away, and then the rain pelted down at 4.30 –what a night.
There was a tree down in Sturry so I thought the roads would be bad, but infact they were fine as the traffic was stopped in Sturry so we sailed in through Blean.
I went into Chemo at 7.45 am but the nurse couldn’t find a vain and it took 1-1/4 hours to find it and keep it in so the fluid would flow–well I was near screaming point.
But it settled down and we were off.
The cleaner came  in and washed the floor and he cracked jokes so that cheered me up a bit and then other patients came in and settled into chairs.
A Polish man –who informed me he has changed his name to Brown so as to get work here–was on phone all day running his business in London.
He seemed to be in the a plumber and was taking an order to fit a Boiler on Saturday among lots of other calls –a very busy man.
The man who last time had had a stroke was there and seemed very much better as the swollen mouth had gone right down.
They only had 2 nurses on as 2 were off sick and 1 on holiday so that made the day even longer.
I fell asleep at one point and woke up hoping I hadn’t been snoring
So the day went on until at 4pm my friend Peggy came in carrying presents again honey, a large cabbage and a Carrot Cake for Ray –who came in just afterwards so that was nice to have someone to talk to.
Peggy left but Ray had to stay while I finished and we finally left a 6.30pm
It is such a long day.
We got in and I had the dinner all prepared so it didn’t long to whip up Chicken in lemon and ginger sauce, Rice and vegetables with fruit and jelly.
So we are relaxing now and ray has taken the shower out for the new one being delivered tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 Chemo 3 the long day

  1. Hi Mavis and Ray,
    I hope you are ok today, tho I have seen you on MHF so at least I know you are sitting up and facing in the correct direction. Another one done, tick it off and send it into the past. Well done you.
    Wishing you well for the next few days, hope that the things that worked last time will continue to work this time.
    All fine here, still have my student with me and guess what? She did a lot of setdancing when in school so she came with me last night and enjoyed it so much that we are going again tonight! Great to have enthusiastic company.
    It was a cold, but sunny day here today. More rain forecast for Friday night. Such terrible flooding in some parts here, so harrowing to see people’s homes destroyed,it makes me cry to see it.
    Keep well, sleep and eat loads.

  2. Hi Ca
    Yes I do get on MHF but no members bar he!he!
    I like answer all my emails and keep up with things.
    I hope you have a great set dance then. That is nice to take your Student I bet you had a lot of laughs.
    It has been awul in the parts that are flooded I wouldnt like to have to cope with all that.
    To loose everything in such a way.
    WellIm off to have some fruit and custard –Ooo I keep eating.
    Love mavis

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