day 2 chemo 3 The shower arrives

The shower is nearly in

I got up after a terrific long sleep, as I went to bed early for me at 10pm and slept right through to 7.45am.

Got up and had breakfast, then got ready as today the new shower was being delivered.
Of coarse it didn’t come at the first time they had said but it was here later and so Ray had his job for the day.
I did all the house work– slowly– but I got through it all, only the fridge had iced up so I had to do a job I hate and that’s to defrost it.
I was pleased to put the washing out in the sun and fresh air but to walk out with the dog is impossible, my legs are not strong on this second day.
I was doing fine then sick –oh no off we go again.
I had taken the tablets earlier, so I took another and felt better and was able to eat lunch, have been ok until this evening but when I take a tablet the feeling subsides. Horay
I even cooked dinner tonight Lamb chops and mint sauce with vegetable’s real yummy.
Ray has nearly finished the shower he has only to grout the tiles and I can Christen it cant wait.
Its been a good day today.

2 thoughts on “day 2 chemo 3 The shower arrives

  1. Hey Mavis,
    Nice shower! I hope when it’s finished that you will enjoy long luxurious showers. I love my showers, we re-did our bathroom about seven years ago and have a wonderful power shower. it is so relaxing and I love long, long showers,sometimes I have to say ‘get out’. My student Louise left today. She was lovely to have around. We had a great night’s dancing last night. We danced six sets, three hours dancing with just a break for tea and cake. What a treat to dance two nights in a row.
    You seem to be doing very well, great that the tablets stop the sickness so quickly. Am just under two thousand away from the 50k novel writing stint. It will feel good to meet the goal, but it’s hard going and I feel my story is foundering a bit. I have no idea how to resolve the end of it. Kept hoping something would occur to me! but it hasn’t.
    Suzanne and her boyfriend are here, the fire is lit and am waiting for Greg to come home, hopefully with chips that we will have with some fish I will cook.
    Have a good weekend.

    • I used the shower this morning but it had a leak in one place so ray has had to mastick it a bit more. he!he!
      Your dancing night sounded lovely and i cant wait to have a go with you.
      You aredoing well with the noval and I hope to read it soon I would love to–never know it might be a best seller.
      have a nice weekend
      love mavis

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