Day 3 Chemo 3 Water leak and a surprise visit

Plumber for the leak
I woke up to find we had a water leak in the central heating system in the cupboard, we had to get the plumber out and
so that took up the morning with having to mop up and wait for the plumber to get a part to fit.
With all that done Ray was then able to finish the shower cubicle and everything is now done.
Then we had a phone call from my son to say he was working in Margate so he would pop in.
I made some lunch and in he came which was a great surprise for me but a bigger one for him as he hasn’t seen me on a Chemo,s first few days.
I got through his being here but I felt sick and was, when he had gone, glad he didn’t see me as it isn’t a pretty picture he!he!.
It was lovely to see him and we will be spending Xmas together so I’m happy with that.
The weather has got colder so I find it difficult to go out hope that soon improves as I’m missing the dog walk.
Made dinner again though of Salmon mashed potatoe and Broccoli then stewed apple with honey and evaporated milk.
I have eaten it all and enjoyed it so much.
Now a relaxing evening and early to bed as I was up early this morning.

4 thoughts on “Day 3 Chemo 3 Water leak and a surprise visit

  1. Now the weather is getting colder just remember to wrap up really warmly and don’t forget the scarf pulled up to cover your mouth!! I don’t care what people think of me in the winter, it really does help not having that cold air going down onto the chest!!

    • Hi Lyn i did wrap up today in a brand new ski looking coat with fur hood as it was cold and i did a small walk.
      I will get scarves out though and promise to keep warm xx
      You look after your self to xx
      Love mavis

  2. Hi Mavis,
    It is soooo cold and foggy here today. I haven’t really been out much apart from bringing Suzi and her boyfriend back to his house. I don’t like to be out in such cold dense fog. We have the fire lit and am drinking a bottle of ale from Kent, called Christmas Ale from Shepher Neame brewery. I bought a few bottles from Lidl yesterday and it is very nice. I like trying different beers and lagers, usually just one bottle at a time.
    Hope you are well today,

  3. Ca I live by the Brewery –it is only 5 miles away so I will bring some for you when I come to Ireland then.
    I dont like foggy days when you cant see where you are going–all so mystical and weird.
    We get sea fogs here and so sometimes you cant see the waters edge just hear the waves lapping on the beach really weird.
    Mavis xx

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