Day 4 Chemo 3 a good day

Cleaning windows

Today was a good day and I like them like this.
I got up later after a good nights sleep–Ray said I really snored.
I didn’t hear it so that’s ok.
We had a lazy breakfast and then I had a shower but it found a leak –whoops so Ray had to Re-Mastic a little bit.
Our other central heating leak is ok now so we don’t want anymore.
I did house work while Ray was busy just doing a room slowly and a bit at a time I got through it all.
Put the washing out in the windy sunny day and even cleaned the windows.
I haven’t over done anything you just pace yourself and it is exercise to, I seem to be in the Chemo fidget anyway as sitting still is very hard.
Ray put the light up out the back that he bought the other day, when my neighbour came round for a chat which was a very nice as she has been away in Buxton and as they came home, they saw the snow ploughs going in, so they had got back and missed the snow there today.
We have made arrangements for a Christmas drink before we both go away to our different families Christmas . 
After lunch, of Sausages and bubble and squeak, I said I really felt like a walk so off we went much to the dogs delight.
I took my Trekking stick and I needed it but we did have a great walk –I wore my new M&S coat –oh so warm against the colder wind and it has a Fur edge Hood for the really cold weather to come.
I will wear a scarf over my mouth, in the coldest winter winds, as Lynne advised in the comment today.
We got back in doors and snuggled down to a great sleep for half an hour, so refreshing and so needed.
Then I decided to write all my Xmas cards which filled up a lot of time, and hurt the brain as I have to remember names and address’s, but I also realize how the list gets shorter where we have lost friends this year–that’s all a point of getting older isn’t it.
Well I had cheese on toast for tea and I have watched X Factor and now the Jungle.
It is pouring hard tonight so Ray and Louis have gone out for a quick walk –hope they don’t get to wet.
I will get to bed later and have a nice snore –He! He! Ray don’t get upset xx

2 thoughts on “Day 4 Chemo 3 a good day

  1. Hi Mavis and Ray,
    Glad you are having a better time this go-around. You certainly seem very energetic. If you like washing windows, mine will be due a clean right about the time you come over next year!! The winter sure has arrived this weekend, first snow on the Wicklow mountains but still having problems in this country with the rain and floods. Up to now most of the flooding has been on the west side, but parts of Dublin and counties around it have had flooding today, due to the river Liffey bursting its banks. It has been so bad here, the worst in living memory.
    Hope all stays well for you.
    Love and hugs

  2. Hi Mave
    Just checking in 😉 You say your neighbour came back from Buxton – Annie’s brother lives in Buxton, and we’re heading up there in January en route to Preston to see friends (not in the van). I suspect it’s going to be proper cold when we get there, and we’ll miss the lovely East coast weather.
    I think the stuff you do puts me to shame. I did hardly anything yesterday, except tippy-type on the keyboard. I suppose it exercises my fingers. Oh, and I walked the dog.
    G x

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