Day 5 chemo 3 A showery day and Roast Pork

 When we got up today it was pouring hard and then the sun came out, so I thought I would change the sheets on the bed and do the washing. Well it was a day of showers and ended up taking the washing in and then taking the washing out –so maddening so I dumped it all in the dryer and dried the washing so as to be able to put it away when aired. There were no birds or hedgehogs in the garden so I think we are in for a very cold spell as the animals are hiding away to keep warm. We were able to get a walk in with the dog, while the sun was out but it soon poured hard when we got back. I managed to sort the dustbin out for Monday collection.–I have never played around with my rubbish as I do now since all this recycling. Washing tins and yogurt pots just makes a lot of work doesn’t it. We had a soup for lunch and I put the Joint of pork in the oven

 and made some fairy cake,s as well. Roast Potato’s cabbage and carrots was the dinner for today but best of all the crackling on the pork. I also made some coleslaw with the cabbage and that’s away in the fridge to go with cold pork tomorrow.

Louis full up

We have had a great meal and so did the dog, we are now relaxing with full bellies. I have done well today so I think I’m picking up again but I have really been drinking loads of juices. Tomato, Orange and Blackcurrent so I feel fine. Always tired and I had a nap this afternoon and trying to stay awake now but I’m happy today.

2 thoughts on “Day 5 chemo 3 A showery day and Roast Pork

  1. Hiya Hunny,
    Well that’s me all caught up with your previous entries, and reckon that with all you up’s and downs there have been more up’s by my reckoning. Between the two of you… you ever stop.
    One thing had me giggling. Your mention of the roast pork and crackling!. Mavis how could you…..I won’t see any type of pork product till next year…but it had my mouth watering anyway.
    Still on the subject of scran and drinking, have you tried chilled cranberry, thats a nice drink and very refreshing, espeacially if you bang a slug of voddy in it.
    Anyway, as per previous, you keep that luverly chin up, and mind yer party head for the 18th of January.

    Much Love

  2. Sounds as if you have eaten all the cabbage Mavis!

    I too get in a complete muddle with the dustbins. I leave it to David to put them out but I have to check with him which day is for what.

    Really looking forward to the lunch on Sunday. I took the order in and delivered it by hand on Saturday. I won’t be there until 12.45 pm at the earliest on Sunday. I have a commitment at church that I must be at. We are handing over a wheelchair to Lower Hardres church that we have purchased from our Bridge Caring and Sharing Group funds. We gave one to Bridge church last year.

    The wheelchairs are for short-term use for anyone in the villages, not just for those who attend church. We also have an electric scooter available. From experience I know how difficult it is to get hold of a wheelchair in an emergency. There is the Red Cross loans but they are only open at certain times. The Bridge wheelchair is well used and the electric scooter has been out on occasions but not as much as the wheelchair.

    Weather not good today is it-still we cannot complain bearing in mind what those poor people in the NW are having to cope with.

    Peggy xx (one for Ray)

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