Day 6 Chemo 3 Lots of rain and the cold weather is coming

frosty day tomorrow

 It was a very wet day, so much rain has fallen I think we need to start making an Ark.
Just a lazy Monday then, pottering around the house, then a lazy shower and got lunch ready which was easy as I had cold meat from yesterday with the coleslaw I had made, all so easy.
The phone went and it was Val all the way from Scotland on her way to Portugal for 6 months (lucky girl) 
She was in the Canterbury Park and Ride for the night before the EuroTunnel Journey tomorrow.
We dashed off to see her and  to spend sometime having a good old chin wag.
She has a great dog, a Corgi that is so friendly.
After a cup of tea and long chat about everything we had to say bye and get to the shops where I did some Christmas shopping and bought 2 pairs of boots and 2 pairs of gloves to keep me warm in the cold weather.
We then called into B&Q.s to get another outside light.
At home we made it all cosy again and I made a lovely salad and put rashers of Bacon on the top, enjoyable mmmm.
Spent sometime on the computer and watched the programme about the history of the Queen which was very interesting.
So another day over turning off the lights and off to bed.

7 thoughts on “Day 6 Chemo 3 Lots of rain and the cold weather is coming

  1. It all sounds so cozy. But You forget to put the bits in where you are still being sick. Have no energy. Drop off to sleep at the drop of a hat , The fidgets where you cant sit still for 5 minutes. Sit up till early hours because you cant sleep.
    Or go to bed because your tired out then up being sick again .Lifes not quite so rosy my love. I know you are doing really well and you try so hard.But its only fair to all those who follow your blog to know that its not always good times.

  2. Whos writting this honey ha!ha!
    I hate the bad bits that you talk about.
    I think they will go away soon and anyway there is more to it than that.
    There is the pain in my heart and the pain in clawing onto life itself.
    I have so much more to give Im not old in my heart.
    I have a family and my lovely dog to cling to.
    I have you xxx
    I dont want to loose any off it.
    I love you xx

  3. Hang in there Mavis but one can empathise with Ray. I know what it felt being the wife of a man with many medical problems over a period of 12 or so years.

    I was always conscious of his pain and limitations, more so I think than he was at times.

    You are both being incredibly brave and it is an honour to know you both.

    Peggy xxx (one extra for Ray this time!)

  4. Hi Mavis and Ray,
    Thinking of you both. Harder for the partner to look on and see you suffering. You do a good job at keeping it all to yourself. You haven’t an ounce of self pity. You are a fighter.
    Ray, take care too, you are doing a lot as well, Mavis needs you to be well.
    Hugs to you both from wet, cold November Ireland.


  5. Don’t you two talk in ‘normal life’? 😉

    Thanks for a reminder, Ray, as to what it’s *really* like. But we understand your thinking, Mave 🙂


    • Hi Gerald I think Ray is trying to draw me out and we also wanted the whole story on here–a tell it as it is 😉
      Infact would you believe we are having a lot of fun as we now know whats Important in life.
      Love Mavis

  6. Hi Mavis

    I think I would believe you’re having a lot of fun. That clearly comes across in your posts. And you’re focussed on yourselves and enjoying your lives. Which is as it should be.


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