My Diary Wednesday outing

I woke with the birds today at 5.20 –that is far to early but I made lots of coffee and worked on my computer.

When Ray got up he was so much better it was good to have him back to normal again.

I walked Louis on his early morning walk and came back to breakfast and a shower and the day really begun.

We went to the football field at Faversham and let Louis have a great ball game with a lot of running around and I hadn’t noticed a small dog of lead descending on us.

Now this would have been a disaster a few months back but Louis had a great game with the little dog and then shouted at him (or her) and he raced off.

We have turned a corner and it really looks like all the barking he has done is for attention.

He is not aggressive and has never bitten so if I could calm down and be more relaxed then I think the dog will relax.

Tesco at Faversham

We walked around Faversham down Church Lane behind Tesco’s which was built in part of the old Brewery that makes it look different, then past the lovely church which had masses of daffodils in the churchyard.

Faversham creek

This lead us down to Faversham Creek but the tide was out so all we saw was mud.

Meet and had to walk past 2 dogs —no problems ha!ha!

This is a lovely walk to Oare from here that we have done many times but I had to turn around as my days of long walks seem to be over. (maybe in the summer I will have a go )

Lunch was Avocado pears grated apple and prawns

Dinner was a sweet and sour made with quoin and then ice cream and lyches and the dog had a a tub of chicken livers ugh!


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