My Swift Factory Tour

We were there all day from 10.30-6pm Andy– the Operations Director was lovely and welcomed us in and the team gave us the introduction to the company wih one of their women — Hazel –sitting in.
We then did a tour which was so interesting and had lunch and then looked over 5 M/H and each made a list of what we saw as wrong.
The men were good and they made really good points Suedews husband John came up with a lot of very good technical points but us women gave them hell and Suedew who has a Swift was very good.
The main thing is the dangerous Micro wave where it is to high up and they could spill hot food over themselves.
The roll top cupboard in the kitchen is to deep.
The shape of the Kitchen work top sticks in the way so they will flatten it.
Light switches in the ceiling –where women cant reach –will now be wall controlled or from a control panel.
A staircase will come out of a cupboard to make getting into the bed over the garage safer.
So much but I do love the furnishings as they are very modern.
There was so much I liked.

They made our visit a magical time.

Swift Kontiki



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