My Diary– It has been a really happy day with the neighbours.

What a day today it has been a really very happy day.

It started with me cleaning my windows (I begged ray to let me so he did all the housework indoors)

I chatted to the couple opposite as they sat on their bench in the early sun as they so often do.

We were talking about the price of Calor Gas and my new MotorHome.

Then I finished the windows and I went to see my neighbour and had a long chat and a laugh as her daughter is also an artist and Ray loves her drawing of a Greyhound that they used to have.

We took the dog for an earlier walk on the beech where I bumped into several friends and nattered away about this and that.

We finally got home but I fancied some Ice cream so I went over the shops on my own realising I hadnt been over since I was first diagnosed as Ray does all the shopping now.

I had a long talk with another neighbour who was cutting her grass.

In the afternoon well after lunch Dave next door came out cutting his grass and we were watching out of the window and he never saw us.

Dave our wonderful neighbour xx

When he finally stopped we clapped and he realised then that we had been watching the man at work.

Once again we had a long natter and a laugh –he is really a lovely friend.

So that has been my day I’m worn out with all the talking and laughing I wish the sun shone every day and the neighbours come out.

We are off to newbury tomorrow so will be back on Sunday then to the Hospital Monday for the results of my scan.

I have been telling everyone but that’s because I’m so nervous as nothing must stand in my way of enjoying my life as it is the best at the moment as i work through my wish list.

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