My Diary –camped at the Newbury Motohome show.

We set off last thursday for the Newbury motorhome show but we got caught up in so many traffic jams going and coming home which made 7 accidents we had to pass.

I motorcyclist has definitely been killed at West Malling And the other accidents must have had serious injuries so I do wish the would drive more sensible nowadays.

We had a lovely time at newbury rallying with my cyber friends of the MHFacts and i enjoyed meeting lots of friends again.

We sat all together in the field drinking, eating and had lots of fun and games.

Bill came on Saturday with Betty and their Grandaughter and we went to the drinks tent where we  sat with a beer and chatting away like we were old friends.

Then we came back to my Motorhome for a cuppa and to show it off as Bill wants to buy a small one so he could see how much space there is.

I have loved camping in her as she is very easy to keep clean and tidy and yet has everything in her to make it a great time.

We said our goodbyes and i will miss him but will be in contact when he is back in Saudi.

I had wanted to go to Wales after the show but we had to get back for my hospital appointment today.

We got up early today and went to Canterbury to do our shopping first and the get the little hospital bus.

I sat there very nervous and I knew Ray was worried to.

There were other people going in and then coming out with either good or bad news so there were smiles or tears and I began to wonder what I would come out like.

Well it was smiles –The result is that the disease is stable.

The Oncologist cant believe the life I’m living the life Im living as she just hasnt known a patient like it –she said.
I told her I have a new motorhome and have been camping every weekend with lots planned in the next 3 months–she is just amazed and asked me how do I wish to proceed.
I said with scans every 3 months is that a problem??
Oh no!!!but some patients dont want to know how its doing —I said I want to know the minute it starts up again and then you can deal with it.
How could anyone not want to know???
So thats how it is left I will get an appointment again in 3 months.
She said all the pain Im getting is normal as the Lung is a painful area to operate on and the pain in my heart that I get is normal so just take a paracetamol.
We came out elated that we went for a dinner and raised a glass.
My nasty is having a battle and Im winning at the moment.
I have had a phonecall from my Son who is in Spain for a holiday so he is settled now that MUM is ok— Bless him that really please’s him so now he can relax and enjoy Spain with his girlfriend xx

My nutter of a friend --Linda

Louis and Me


My wonderful friend Bill and his lovely family

4 thoughts on “My Diary –camped at the Newbury Motohome show.

  1. fantastic news mavis.
    will see you and ray saterday at hamble.get the kettle on as im looking forward to seeing your new motorhome.

    xx chris & fran

  2. Chris i didnt realise you were going to Hamble thats just great we have 50 vans turning up and so many say its because of our Anniversary so its going to be great.
    See you there and yes I will put the kettle on. xxxx
    Love Mavis

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