My diary A wasted day

We had to take the car in for its MOT yesterday and we got there in plenty of time.

As they said it would take 2 hours it was decided by the pair of us to take Louis for a walk on up to Tankerton which we did.

The wind was blowing so cold though that I suggested we should jump on a bus and travel to Hernebay.

It was an interesting journey as the bus goes down roads we have never been so we had a good old nose as we looked out of the window.

When we got to Hernebay the time had gone so we crossed over the road and jumped on the next bus back.

On arriving at the garage exactly 2 hours had pass and we felt real clever with ourselves only to be told by the garage owner that the computers were down so he couldn’t register the car with the DVLA  and it will have to be booked in again for another day. Bah!!!!!

With that we set off for Tesco and ray got our 3 Anniversary cakes done with 3 different photos on them for our party at Hamble Saturday.

They are very well done and we are pleased with them and have tucked them safely in the Motorhome for the journey.

Today we are off to shop for all the non perishables party foods so we will be busy today.

A few twinges of pain in the shoulder and back and by my heart so I have to make a coffee and take my Paracetamol but it doesn’t worry me now I know the Oncologist has said it is to be expected.

I wish the sun would come out again as life is happier when the sun shines.

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