My Diary I have been Interviewed

What an exciting day this has been, as the Local Paper have been to see me and I have been interviewed and the reporter, Julie Collins, has taken down all my life history.

The photographer had me outside my Parkhome, taking so many photos of this way and that, I was so embarrassed in front of my neighbours.

Julie, from the Whitstable Times, was so sweet and was able to ask so many questions but I got so tongue tied as it is very difficult to remember so much of ones life and to get it all correct.

I think we did well and she was writting down every word as I spoke about our Golden Wedding and our children, my first record and our Motorbikes and my Meso. I cant wait to read the article in the paper.

Ray has been busy putting in a bracket for the flat screen TV in the M/H– all these little jobs take a time don’t they.

I took the dog for a walk, as I knew we were having visitors at 2pm and on the way back a delivery man went off leaving a parcel on the ground, so I picked it up and walked round and delivered it –I don’t know it gets worse.

 I passed my neighbours house and she had blown the Electric so I found Ray and he sorted it all out for her.

Mike opposite was cleaning her windows for her which is a good deed done.

But it has been a good day and I love surprises.

My Diary Exciting times

Amazing Local paper has contacted me to do an Interview so I want it all about Meso and the dangers of Asbestos —very happy tonight.

That was a surprise, as I received an Email from our Local paper right out of the blue.

I don’t know how they have found me, so pleased they have, as at last I can really do something useful for all my fellow sufferer’s and that is to tell our story.

I have so many Cyber friends on Facebook and Macmillian and we are disappearing one by one as victims to this cruel disease.

I have been lucky so far as I was given 4mths to 2 years and I’m at 1 year now, thanks to the fact I’m in the trials of Guys Hospital and the Talc Op and the trails of the 2 Chemo’s.

I have one huge Tumour and loads of seeded baby one’s that could spring into life at anytime.

So I will really enjoy being interviewed.

We have had a very sunny day today and it was great to go out with just a cardigan on and flip flops.

We took the dog to Tankerton and he had a good walk, with me throwing a stick for him, then we put him in the car and drove to Hernebay as we wanted to get a dog bowl that we can kick in the M’h and it doesn’t soak everything.

Well as we pulled up at the sea front a huge black cloud was coming from the sea but we still walked to the High Street–couldn’t get the bowl but the heavens opened and it sleeted down and then carried one raining.

We got soaked as I sloped in my flip flops back to the car —I was not a happy bunny and neither was the dog.

We put the car heated full on and went to Tesco to shop and to dry out.

Came home to a steaming cup of Coffee.

The sun has been shinning away ever since–isn’t that just the way

My Diary What a great weekend.

I have had a great weekend away at a rally in Westerham with the MCC.

A great village that has so much history

The village of Westerham has evolved for more than 1000 years from “Domesday and Pilgrims Way, to Motorway”, into the town it is today.
Close to London and the M25, Westerham is privileged to be surrounded by woodlands and open space, and seems to be built on “on a hill in a valley”.

Over the centuries, a variety of talented and famous people have been drawn to live in Westerham. Their legacy is here for us to enjoy. Westerham today is a lively town with lots to do, many unusual shops – and wonderful places to eat and drink.

Chartwell House is within walking distance.

Bought by Sir Winston Churchill for its magnificent views over the Weald of Kent, Chartwell was his home and the place from which he drew inspiration from 1924 until the end of his life. The rooms remain much as they were when he lived here, with pictures, books and personal mementoes evoking the career and wide-ranging interests of this great statesman. The hillside gardens reflect Churchill’s love of the landscape and nature. They include the lakes he created, Lady Churchill’s Rose Garden and the kitchen garden. Many of Churchill’s paintings can be seen in the studio.

Our Rally started on Friday night and and it was so good to meet up with old and new friends

and we had a good chin wag.

Saturday we strolled all around Westerham with Louis and went down alleyways and narrow roads finding something interesting wherever we went.

The weather came over cloudy so we had an indoor barbie and then another good chinwag where I caught up on all the gossip.

Dave the chef

Dave has had a heart transplant and is one of the longest living and he is a marvel always entertaining and caring for others.

He had an itch to due to medication so we spent the weekend scratching together. ha!ha!

The evening we had cheese and wine and just a good time was had by all.

6pm this morning a bang was heard like a shot gun and I discovered that Ken and Di had blown their chimney off their Motorhome when they lit their gas fire, this has caused a lot of amusement as that has happened to us before when the fire didn’t light first time and then on the next spark –bang– the excess gas blows.

The snobs (I think they are me friends) ha!ha!

We have said our goodbyes and we are home with the washing on and I have to cook a dinner but really I should be on a diet as we have eaten so much food this weekend.

My itching has carried on all weekend how embarrassing but it does look better now just more like a prickly heat rash.

A thought

My next door neighbour told me that he has had a scan and an appointment for his Prostrate Cancer and that he got the all clear “I have no more Cancer” he told me and do you know I was jealous and today I realise just how jealous I was and that I should have congratulated him better.

It was selfish as i know I will never get that news and that I’m not the person I was a year ago and certainly not like I was two years ago.

I hope my scan has given me another 3 months grace and that’s all I can hope for at 3 monthly intervals.

A lot of my Facebook and Macmillian friends or their partners or parents are not getting even that, as this Meso takes their lives one by one and yet they are a happy and loving bunch and we shore each other up.

Oh well I will have lots of good times camping as that is my love and my passion.

Packing the M/Home up and travel off.

So Congratulations Dave I hope you have a long and happy life.xx

My Diary the itching is stopping

Hi at last the itching is beginning to stop and I look and feel human again.

having a good scratch

I wish I had back legs like the dog as I have needed help to scratch in places I cannot reach.

The rash has gone down but I still look like I have German measles.

I will have to report this to the hospital when I next have a scan and they can give me medicine’s straight away.

I never was allergic to anything before the on set of my Tumour but I have also found out that Im allergic to Iberofon also.

Well the sun is shinning today and it is so warm which is making a great change and we have the motorhome already to go to Westerham to the MCC meet.

The hosts are having a barbie as they feed us all weekend so I haven’t got pack much food in the van.

I have my cropped trouser’s so I hope to wear them for the first time this year –it really has been a cold year so far maybe this is the turn and we will have a good summer–maybe.

I have the housework to get through walk the dog and then set off.

We were able to tidy the garden yesterday and Ray mowed the lawn as i lay watching the TV and scratching.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sun (if it stays out)

My Diary A new Government has been formed

Well yesterday was seeing me in a better mood but the cold wind is really getting to me when we go on the dog walk.

I shuffled along and was so glad to get home –is this really summer.

Ray worked on all the silly things that needed doing on the M/H like plugs to charge my phone batteries and he cleared out his bits so we are now ready for the MCC Rally at Westerham this weekend.

My friend Bill is flying home from the desert, if the ash cloud lets him, as it is drifting south again.

I like the outcome of the Election yesterday with GB resigning and Clegg backing the Conservatives in a coalition Government, very exciting times.

Ray and myself at Wheeley --dont we look cold

Whoops!! I have an itchy rash all over my body –now what? Is this meso or the Pate I ate yesterday?

Oh you know what has caused this rash it was the dye they use when they scanned me –itch itch!!! ha!ha!

My Diary Im so mad today

I got up to find that Ray was already up and had been up since 4.15 am as he was so worried about my hospital visit.

We got ready and took the dog for a walk in the rain and the cold wind–where is our summer.

Off we set for my appointment at the K&CC Hospital through rush hour traffic but I got there for my 9.30 appointment in the CT Scan department.

There was a couple of patients before me so we settle down for the wait.

A Chinese nurse gave me water to drink and I hate drinking just water “Where is the whisky” said a dear old lady that was waiting.

I was called into the prep room to have a cannular in which they will be putting the dye through to get a clearer picture. The nurse couldn’t find a good vein as usual so instead of in the back of my hand I ended up with it in the arm.

i had to wait again and then I was called into lay on the scanner.

After a trial run to set it up the nurse came back and said they could see the zip in my trousers so I had to lower them and be covered up with a little sheet.

The machine the whirled and the dye went in my arm automatically through a tube and then the funny sensation went through my body and a taste was in my mouth and then I went to the scanner and the machine told me to breath in and hold and as I moved out of the machine the voice says breath normal.

That all done I went to the Oncology Department and on reporting to the reception was told my appointment was cancelled.

She went off into an office and after a while came out and said a letter had been sent as they wouldn’t have time to look at the scan so she passes me a letter that has an appointment for 24th May grrrr I was so disappointed but she handed me the letter and it didn’t click that how could she hand me the letter if it had been posted last week?????

I hardly spoke as we came home but I went shopping at Asda’s and begun to cheer up.

Ray has been doing add jobs on the Motorhome and we took Louis for another walk to the beach and when we got back I made a lovely salad with mash potatoes and I had grated cheese on mine as Ray had Corned Beef.

I have been on Facebook and the MHFact’s forum and also caught up with my emails.

I have phoned my son and he is working hard so he is happy and is planning to move to Oxford as his girlfriend has another job there so we will have to travel further to see him but then we can stay in the M/home if they get a nice drive.

Life changes all the time doesn’t it.