My Diary– today has been so warm.

The day has been warm and I have pottered in the garden and it is straight again,  just as we are off  again on Thursday to stay on my friends drive in Kings Lynn for the night and she has 2 dogs for Louis to play with and then we are travelling all together to Market Raisin to stay at the back garden of another friends cottage but going out for a meal when everyone arrives and then on Saturday is the walk in Cleethorpes for Ray to enter the photography competition  and then another meal –all we can eat at a oriental restaurant.

Then a BBQ breakfast Sunday where we then travel to Uncle Norms drive for the Ruby Wedding celebrations.
I’m going to come home bloated and full up but a weekend of free wild camping –that’s the way to do it.
I hope to have my appointment for a CT scan when i get home as i have had to wait as they wanted a blood test which I went to have at the GP’s on Monday.
I do hope they get it in in time for my 2nd of August appointment with the Oncologist or that will be cancelled again as she wont have time to look at it–again.
My neighbour has told me that there are reports of Dogs dieing from a poisen on our beaches at Seasalter Hampton and Tankerton –all the places I take Louis so thats a bit worrying.
Who could do that to the poor animals?

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