My Diary–A Trip to Cleethorpes

I have had another great weekend as we have set off last thursday for Kings Lynne to camp on my friends drive.

We found there were 2 Fen Lanes and the sat/nav takes you to the wrong one so we were totally lost up a one track road with a Dust Cart backing up and the driver was not stopping for us. Help!! we had to race into someones drive just as he got to us.

I phoned for help and Tina and Glen had to come out and find us.

They live in a lovely Bungalow that they have been doing up and they live an idyllic country life. Logs in the Garage ready for the log fire and lots of tree trunks waiting to be chopped up.

The garden leads to a field where we saw a deer and many species of birds.

The dogs all went for an off lead walk on the Fens where they chased Rabbits.

Next day (Saturday) we travelled on together to our Photography Rally at Cleethorpes but we were staying right in the heart of the countryside and the dogs loved it

Louis Heading the Hare Chase

Sky and Buster have become Louis’s best friends and they have had a great time together as there were so many fields to chase in but Buster has hurt his leg so he has had to go to the vets today.

The Cherry Manor Farm was a great place to camp at and we have had great fun walking in Cleethorpes for a mile and taking Photos and showing them through a projector onto the wall in the studio and comparing how we each saw the walk.

We ended up at The Oriental Restaurant for one of those eat as much as you like-but what is it that when you can eat like that you are full up after one plate.–we did have lots of Ice-cream though.

Sunday– after a long country walk altogether– we got showered and went onto our friends in Immingham to their Ruby Wedding where we had a great Sunday evening enjoying a good party and BBQ– meeting all their family and friends.

We then slept on their drive in the Motorhome and I was shattered.

This morning we set off for home and Louis behaved very well as we had a friend’s son with us because it was a coincidence that he had to get back to Canterbury Uni so we were pleased to deliver him to his new house in Canterbury 

This really has been a great time and thanks to all my friends for making it so Special.

Some Photos of the walk

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