My Diary-Im at Hurley River Park

Hi we have travelled to Hurley river Park at Hurley Maidenhead on our way to Warwick.

Arriving Tuesday we settled in and had a walk along the river looking at Parkhomes that have been sited so near the river’ but are very nice and love the location.

Our younger son came to visit with his family which was a pleasure.

Wednesday we got up to a very wet day but this didnt dampen our spirits and we walked down through a farm and into the village which led us to Hurley Lock where we watched the boats going down and then up as they went on their journey’s.

The boat people were very friendly and we spent a while passing the time of day with each of them.

In the evening Terry came and picked us up and took us back to dinner and we chatted away the evening until it was time to come back to the Park and so to bed.

Today we have been for another walk to the lock and shopped in the village shop so that we have plenty in the cupboards to see us through the weekend at Hatton where we move on in the morning.

Im really looking forward to the rally with so many of my cyber friends.

The rain has finally stopped and we have had another walk around the river. had dinner and will soon go to bed.

There have been so many tenter’s here with young children and dispite the weather they have all had a great time and so well behaved.

The parents have bought tents as they say holiday’s abroad are to expensive but they have had a super time at Legoland as this site is near there.

Well back on the road tomorrow and off to Hatton and its my brithday yipee!!!

My Diary–well Im not going mad there really is Chemo brain

I have come down from all the excitement and all the good wishes of friends which has surrounded me with Love and Jo.

I have emailed my GP and he is pleased with the results and so I started looking at the pains and stiffness I have in my arms and legs and I have found there really is Chemo Brain and it can last for 10years!!!

Is chemo brain real?

Yes, chemo brain is real, but its cause is unknown. How often it happens, what may trigger it, or what can be done to prevent it, is also unknown.

Pictures of the brain have shown changes in the brain activity of breast cancer survivors treated with chemo when compared with those who were not treated with chemo. These changes were still seen on scans 5 to 10 years after treatment stopped. Chemo brain could be caused by any one or any combination of the following factors:

  • the cancer itself
  • chemo drugs
  • other drugs used as part of treatment (such as anti-nausea or pain medicines)
  • patient age
  • stress
  • low blood counts
  • sleep problems
  • infection
  • depression
  • tiredness (fatigue)
  • hormone changes
  • anxiety

What is known is that chemo brain is a real problem that affects both men and women. Even though chemo does not seem to be the only cause, studies have suggested that up to 70% of people who get chemo will notice symptoms of chemo brain

So when im talking and I cant remember what the next words are I’m not lying when I say

 ” My Chemo Brain is here”

I feel normal again!!

Well we are off again on our travels first to spend a few days at Maidenhead to see my son and girlfriend then off for the Bank holiday at Warwick with my friends of MHfacts and as it is my Birthday as well we are going to have a party.–even if it has been raining!!

My Diary –The Meso Tumour has shrunk

The Doctor couldn’t control his excitement this afternoon at my 3 pm appointment .
He shook my hand and Rays and said.
“We cant believe it, where you were at ” disease stable” 3 months ago– you are now at — “The Tumour has shrunk”- so your life expectancy now has no time limit or schedule.”
He has given me a written report to prove it.

 I cant thank the NHS enough and so pleased I have helped in the trials of the Talc Op and the putting together of 2 Chemo’s.

I just hope the other 20 baby seeded ones stay quiet

This has been a good day.

So many friends have been sending their good wishes. My MHFacts friends, facebook and also my family.

I had to tell Des (he was the neighbour that we cried together when he had to go for his op and I had to go for mine . Neither of us had a future at that time) I said come and give me a cuddle, and he immediately knew I had good news to tell.

My lovely next door neighbour Dave (the one I put his photo on here mowing the lawn) he couldn’t wait to come round for a coffee and a kiss.

He is as pleased as Iam–bless.

So that’s it for another 3 months and then I want to see the next scan with a tiny little Tumour, wouldn’t it be great to see it gone but we will have to wait and see but at least I can plan next years traveling now.

Defo Scotland and Ireland that’s for sure.

A message from a Husband on the death of his wife.

Sad news today

Subject: Sheila Wheatley

Ray and Mavis,

I’m Sheila’s husband, and I was checking her blog and saw your message to her back in December 2009. Just wanted to let you know that she had passed away a few months before your message. Our local paper, the Union Tribune, published a very nice story about her yesterday. Here’s the link:

 Thanks for caring about her. She would have appreciated the message. 

Take care,


The Wheatleys’ story is online for all to read. Her account is at His is at

Im so sorry I have only just found out I just thought my message went unread.

RIP Sheila and thanks for the messages we did read between us. xx

So many Famous people are dieing with Meso

Little House, Father Murphy Star Merlin Olsen Dead

Thu., Mar. 11, 2010 9:27 AM PST by

Merlin Olsen, Father Murphy NBC

Merlin Olsen, the NFL Hall of Famer-turned-small-screen star, has died at his Utah home of cancer. He was 69.

Best known for the hit series Little House on the Prairie and Father Murphy, Olsen was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2009 and had undergone several rounds of chemotherapy.

“Just heard about the passing of Merlin Olsen. I am so sad, Little House star Melissa Gilbert. “My heart go out to his dear family. He was one of the sweetest, kindest, men I have ever known. The personification of the Gentle Giant. Forever now, a guardian angel.”

Before becoming Gilbert’s “Gentle Giant,” Olsen terrorized opposing teams as one of the “Fearsome Foursome” during his tenure with the Los Angeles Rams in the early ’60s. After retiring in 1976, he joined sportscaster Dick Enberg in the booth, offering color commentary for college and NFL games during the ’80s.

He was eventually tapped to play Michael Landon‘s sidekick Jonathan Garvey on Little House on the Prairie and then headlined his own NBC series, Father Murphy.

Following his cancer diagnosis, Olsen had sued NBC and 20th Century Fox for exposing him to asbestos. The legal action was still pending at the time of his death.

Read more:

My diary the week of the scan results


Ray took this photo of a Painted lady in the garden the other day.

Well we are finally in the week of the results on Friday–it really does make you sweat as I want to plan so much when I get the all clear again for the next 3 months.

the weather is cold and grey not a bit like summer, I cant believe its all over there must be a sun up there that wants to come out to play.

I have no enthusiasm to do anything but must rouse myself and get a shower and tidy up.