My big Day Saturday

I have been invited to talk at the

5th Mesothelioma UK Patient & Carer Day 2010

2nd October 2010 (Saturday)

Venue:  Novotel London St Pancras

Patients, relatives and friends register free of charge.

My speech is written and my Train Ticket has been bought.

I have bought a great outfit and Im ready to deliver my story to this conference.

I will write about my weekend on Monday—wish me luck xx

My Diary–Brean Country and Western is Fab

It has been superb entertainment here in Brean Sands and the weather today has held out as it is so sunny and warm for the organiser’s of this great event.

I have been to Western markets and seen wonderful costumes for sale and cowboy boots of every size.

A wedding was held at the church by us which we missed but there is to be another tomorrow which I hope to take some pictures off.

I have been to line dancing lesson’s so that I can take part in the evening celebrations as the bands are live music and we can dance our socks off.

We are nearly at the end of a great holiday as Wednesday we have to travel home to get ready for the British Lung Foundations Conferance a Hotel in London and I havent prepared my speech yet.

My Diary–Our holiday is going great.

At last a signal on my dongle –horay!!!!

This Site in Brean Sands has been the worst place for a signal and we are all so frustrated trying.

We have been to Shepton Mallet Motorhome Show and spent LOTS of money but it was a good show and we managed not to buy a new motorhome he!he!

We then travelled through Wells and Chedder to arrive at Brean Sands last Tuesday.

We came here last year just before I went into Chemo so it is great to come back  and relax this time but our friends have been running us around in their car and we have been to Weston and even played Bingo there where I waited over 6 mins for number 30 with a prize of £1700 nearly in my grasp.

Hey ho it wasnt to be.

Today we have been to a huge market in Chedder and there were a few bargans to be had.

Then a trip into Burnham on Sea for a wonderful lunch.

The entertainment has been great in the Beachcomber Club here and the other night we were treated to a Amy Winhouse act who then did a Lady Ga Ga act that was out of this world —-what a great night.

Last night was an act Total Madness and that was head banging!!! but great to.

We are going into a week of Country and Western here in Brean where the whole town becomes one big Western Show so more fun ahead.

my diary–what would you think if you saw this on the Motorway

At the Canterbury C&CC site this unusual Caravan arrived.

The man has converted a plane into a caravan where he slept in it and sat there to.

No Bathroom though–no room

A conversion what a shock as it came in and was placed on a pitch by its owner

 He had taken the wings off and it doesn’t fly anymore and he loved converting it as he loved all the attention it got.
He has little curtains and dear little folding seats. I was full of questions poor man as he had only arrived but I just couldn’t believe my eyes.
The site Warden said so long as a vehicle has curtains he doesn’t mind what comes in but he will always use his discretion.

Ray was very impressed with the car a Citroën double axle  and very long which he went out in during the day and left the plane on site like it was on a runway just waiting to take off–then you realise– no wings

My Diary Camped at Canterbury

We have just got back after a lovely long weekend at Caravan and Camping Site.It’s great to be able to camp so close to home and meet friends as we have done this weekend.

Sharon has 10 dogs in all but as 2 are Jack Russell’s and one a mixture all the others are Bedlingtons which she shows and she was here to Judge in Maidstone on Sunday.

 Her friend had 2 as well so all 12 dogs came out of the RV to great me which was very surreal as they all looked the same and was just a mass of dogs.

They are so sweet We have found lots of good walks in the area and also Pear Orchards were next door where we picked up the drops and were able to eat them.

 The evenings have been great and we had a meal together and which was very enjoyable as Lise cooked the meal and I cooked the mixed summer fruit Crumble and then we girls had Pimm’s which sent us off to bed very nicely.

 Louis has had lots of good runs off lead so he is a happy worn out little doggy–bless!!!

I have been fairly pain free except for the old knees while walking and the usual Lung pains which I now can live with.

I have an appointment in November to see the Oncologist for the 3 monthly check up so in the mean time I can play. ha!ha!

 Well I’m now getting ready to go to Shepton Motorhome Show on Friday–I do hope the rain stops and clears away for that.

My Diary– The poem a 12 year old wrote for me

I have just written on My MHF forum in answer to Phil asking why do we love motorhoming:–

I was just reading the poem your Daughter wrote for me at the Global and that is just the reason I love My Motorhome.
True friendship has come our way through MHF.
The Global was wonderful and Hamble better still.
I’m off to Canterbury tomorrow to meet MHF members and then Shepton and then Brean Sands always busy and not sitting in an armchair feeling sorry for myself.
I have had the best year of my life in 2010.
Oh there has been bad news but there has been so much good news.
When a 12 year old writes :-

Dear Mavis you are amazing
A Woman we all know and love.
You were bought down by the angels
sent from above
You always know how to get things going
You never stop making people smile
You always sit and talk a while
You always have been full of life
To Ray you’re an amazing wife
Mavis you always know what to do
Dear OLD Mavis we all love you.

That’s why I love camping in my Motorhome xxx

My Diary –August Bank holiday

We went to the MHF Global at Hatton at Warwick and had a fab time.

It was my birthday on the Friday and I had so many cards and best wishes it was great.

The weather could have been better but there was so much warmth from my friends it just didn’t matter and we were able to sit around and chat away.

Really having a good time

I had a friend talk to me about the fact she was born and lived on a Blue Asbestos Mine in South Africa and her Father died of Meso and her Mother died of Lung Cancer (that just has to be meso) and she was so worried after what has happened to me that she went to the Doctors to ask for a Scan.

The Doctor has said that as she is showing no Symptoms she will not allow it as its not necessary and that she will go and study the subject as she know little about the condition.

How can that be the right answer –with a history like that– of coarse she is worried.

I have told her to have a private MRI Scan as the money that will cost must be an advantage to put her mind at rest.

She is going to do that.

Another friend has a Cousin who has just been diagnosed so I was able to tell him all I have been through and told him to get his Cousin to read my blog where I hope I can help him with all the info I have collected over this year and a half since I was diagnosed.

Well back to my weekend.

Saturday we walked in a Pumpkin field that was at Hatton Animal Park where they are growing huge Pumpkins for Halloween where the children will carve them out and put candles in.

We had a dog show in the afternoon and Louis was entered which we hoped he would behave.

Behave he did as we walked past the line of dogs and he stood so very quiet as the judges looked the line of dogs over.

he didn’t win but he was a winner to us and we gave him a treat when he went back to the M/Home.

That evening we had an open air concert by an Elvis impersonator and Kenny J who looks like Freddy Star–he is just as hilarious.

We danced the night away and had a really goodnight.

Sunday was a walk by the canal and then back for a walk through the fields with Louis of lead and chasing the ball.

The evening was a quiz night and then more entertainment from Kenny J and dancing  just a great time.

Monday we walked Louis with Gerald’s dog Tess and Mo’s dogs so Louis has had a special time with his friends.

He really wasn’t a problem anymore which he really proved when the 2 Jack’s jumped out of the M/Home window and chased him all over the campsite.

Well Tuesday saw us having to say goodbye to everyone as we all returned home to the washing and getting the M/Home ready for this weekend as we are off to Canterbury.

I really have a new lease of life–another chance to enjoy life to the full for  a little while longer than I first thought.

Photos of the event