Mesothelioma Survivor-My diary Rays haircut, a lovely day for the day trippers that visit Whitstable

Poor Ray no sleep again for the pain and the rash. He was so uncomfortable all night and so once again got up and slept on the settee.
We never knew Shingles could be so painful.
I slept though and the dog liked the empty bed so he could come and sleep on his back with me, all you could see was lovely legs stuck up in the air all hairy and fluffy.
I got up at 5am and had a coffee with Ray as he proudly showed me the devastating red rash all blistering.
I had a lot of emails to answer so i got busy on that and Ray took more painkillers and went to sleep.
I crept around and made a bed and tidied up and he slept only waking up about 8.30am
I got him while he was half awake and cut his hair ha ha !!! Sue my neighbour noticed this later on and took the mickey as Ray had already said to her he was trying to avoid me doing the ghastly deed.

ha ha !! not a happy chappie --all shaved off!!

Carried on and had showers and just playing housewife, then we decided to buy a spare leisure battery at the camping shop, so we had a a soup and drink and off we went.
Battery bought we went to Tankerton and it was packed with visitors but we managed to squeeze into a parking space.
It was lovely with children playing everywhere (the teachers are on strike here)
Some were in the water splashing around

Blue Seas and bathers having fun

The famous Beach huts now going for £16,000,s

Visitors love this cafe for a meal, a cup of tea and a chat

We did a round walk and went back through Tankerton to shop as they have lots of shops, Greengrocer, butchers and bakers and i love shopping locally where you get a good afternoon and a chat.
Back at the car (which we couldn’t remember just where it was, but we walked along until we found it)
When we got home my friends son was painting away doing a great job on a Parkhome where the man has just died so it is up for sale.

Darren painting he is the one who built my dream garden for me --bless!!

Ray charge the battery up and its now in the Motorhome and we have had dinner
Basil & Corgette Frittata

Prep time
10 minutes
Cook Time
10 minutes
4 Tbs good olive oil, divided

1/2 medium yellow onion, thinly sliced

1 large corgette, grated

8 eggs

3 Tbs grated Parmesan cheese

1/2 tsp salt

10 basil leaves, torn into pieces
Basil, frittata, Courgette
1. Heat the grill. In a 10-inch nonstick pan, heat 2 tablespoons olive oil over medium heat. Add the onion and cook until it softens, about 5 minutes. Add the corgette and cook until it’s no longer moist and begins to clump together, about 10 minutes. Remove from the heat. 2. While the corgette is cooking, beat the eggs with a fork until they are well mixed but not foamy. Stir the cheese, salt and basil leaves into the egg mixture and then add the cooked corgette. Stir for a minute after you’ve added the corgette in order to cool it slightly. 3. Return the pan to the heat and add the remaining 2 tablespoons olive oil. When the oil is hot, pour in the egg mixture and immediately reduce the heat to medium low. The bottom of the egg mixture will set very quickly. Gently lift the sides with a fork and pull them toward the center, allowing the loose egg mixture to run underneath. Cook this way until the eggs are almost set, about 5 minutes. 4. Put the pan under the grill until the eggs are puffed and lightly browned, about 45 seconds. Cool slightly before carefully sliding the frittata onto a serving plate. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Very tasty I made this for one as ray wanted Sausage mash and baked beans–comfort food!!! But he is a lot brighter tonight although the rash looks so angry.
Well still no phone call!!!

Mesothelioma Survivor -My Diary- A wonderful Sun Rise, Ray is showing his rash off, Sad news from a cousin .

I woke early at 4am and crept around as Ray and the dog slept on “as I thought” but no Ray was up at 6am looking for pain killers.

Sunrise at 4am

A lovely morning

Ray’s Shingles are hurting and annoying him and the rash has got worse but when I Google for a picture of Shingle rash –well he isn’t That bad ha!ha!
It hasn’t met in the middle yet.

The famous rash !!!!

So he went back to bed and slept the pain killer off as I answered all my emails.
When he finally got up and we cleared breakfast out of the way, made beds and hoovered.

No I used my dyson ha ha !!!

Lots of parcels came today, bags for packing clothes in better in the M/home and a lovely present from IATP A recipe book of River Cottage Recipes that I will have a try out.
So with Delia and Hugh I will enjoy eating Healthy
Ray wanted to go to the Camping shop so we went out and drove to Whitstable and I stayed with Louis as the car was hot and I dont leave him in the car it has to be a wet windy cold day as i just would not risk a warm day with the sun out.
When Ray came back to the car park we drove off to have a walk on Duncan Down again and after Louis had a lovely run around we played ball between us for a while a very happy game.
back home Ray went down to the m/Home to stick the dome down and finish off sorting the cable out.
The phone rang and I thought “Great the hospital” no it was My Cousin who phoned to tell me his sister had died. This is why I hate answering the phone, most times its someone and you have fun talking but now and again its someone with bad bad news and you are immediately depressed and sad.
This was one those times and we chatted about funerals and flowers etc etc. so sad. One by one your friends and relatives RIP Jean xxx
I had to phone my brothers then and shock them and we made arrangements about cards and decided we wanted to put money to a Charity decided by my Cousin.
That sad duty done my friend popped around at the right time and cheered me up as we talked about decorating and lots of other nattering’s.
So the afternoon went and it was time for dinner Broad beans cooked, cut bacon into strip’s, fry with spring onions in a tiny bit of oil add a squeeze of lemon and then mix with broad beans served with new potatoes and carrots.
Another veggie day and really tasty.
Cherries and yogurt and I was happy. I added a meat pie to Rays hmmm not so healthy.
No phone call today!!

My warrior friend Debbie has had a really lovely piece written about her in a Plymouth article

FIVE years ago Debbie Brewer was told she had only months to live due to asbestos-related lung cancer.
Today the Plymouth mother of three is still battling what she describes as her “silent stalker”.

FIGHTER: Debbie Brewer is battling asbestos lung cancer mesothelioma.
Her blog is here

Mesothelioma Survivor -My Diary what a storm we had today, Ray’s Shingles are travelling

Poor Ray couldn’t sleep last night as his shingles got more and more painful so he got up and slept in the front room which I didn’t know until 5am this morning, honest what are we like I’m holding my ribs and he is holding his tummy tut tut!!
I got up and made a coffee and he looked a lot better so we had an early breakfast together.
It was a lovely morning and was so warm even in the garden that early in the morning.
I did a lot of housework and tided the garden by sweeping the Patio’s and watering the pots as they had really dried out.
We took Louis for a walk and then when we arrived home the new Dome was delivered to put on the M/H hmmm a bit big but we ordered the smallest one so it must be a case of getting used to it.

The M/Home has a Sat System

We have had so many portable Ariel’s and they fail, when we are in Rallies, so we have paid out for a dome,as everyone that knows me, know’s I plan everything for when I’m very ill, so it means even when I’m feeling very poorly I can go away in the M /home and just watch telly if I don’t feel like mixing just to be away will be lovely.

Thunder could be heard, such loud rumbles as the storm came in over the salt marshes.

The view from my bedroom window

The storm gets nearer

Louis is getting worried as the thunder bangs over head

Louis is really getting worried

And then the rains came.

The storm went and rumbled around at Faversham way and then disappeared where a Lightening strike did a lot of damage at Gillingham.
I carried on sorting clothes and drawers out and then emailed friends that I owed answers to.
Im eating a very vegetarian dinner just loads of farm fresh veg just adding a chop to Rays and eating fruit.
Ray has just looked at his rash and its now round 50% of his body, I keep saying it takes a while to stop and then retreat –poor thing he isn’t used to be unwell as he has been healthy all his life.
Old age is catching up with him!!!
The tablets are working on draining fluids and I have ankles now as small as my wrists. I have lost half a stone so it just goes to show how much fluid had built up again.
Maybe tomorrow I might here from St Barts as they hold a Wednesday clinic.

Mesothelioma Survivor-My Diary a really hot day, a visit to the farm shop and Faversham

I havent done the ironing its been so hot 92f outside and 109f when Ray went to the M/Home where I had left some KitKat that now is a melted blob.
Ray had to rush to the doctors as he has had a very bad pain in his tummy and now a rash so we knew he had Shingles, he came back with so many tablets to add to the tablets he is already taking.
They seem to pile them onto you nowadays and the medical cabinet in peoples houses are crammed with tablets.
I tidied up and did some washing in the cool of the morning but the temperature was rising very quickly so we had a lunch and then went to the farm shop that is in a field at Graveney just off the A299.
We traveled alone Seasalter front where there were many cars and people all sunning themselves and eating Icecream.
Then we followed the road round to the farm shop.

The view from the Farm

I bought Gooseberries, Loganberries, Strawberries, Cherries and beetroot to cook.
A lovely friendly lady works there and we passed the day joking and chatting before getting back in the car and set off for the Park at Faversham.

Faversham Town Hall

After a run off lead chasing the ball we walked to Shepherd and Neame to ask the prices for 30 pints of Real Ale etc in the small plastic Barrels for my birthday party rally at the Woodbridge Pub as the landlord said we can bring our own Ales so we are all going to out local brewery’s and buying our local brew.

That done we walked back to the car and came home so hot.
I had a lovely cold shower just before dinner wrapped Louis in a wet towel and talked to Bill in the desert on Skype.
I have to order his birthday present and get it sent to Wales for when he is on his next leave.
It has really clouded over and they say we are going to get a storm -lovely I love a storm at night as you can see the lightening.

Mesothelioma Survivor, My Diary- A very hot day today phew!!!

So hot today

It really was what they promised today and that was hot hot hot!
From early morning at 5.30am when I got out of bed you could feel warmth so I got the washing done straight away and put it out in the garden all hanging fresh and smelling sweet in the morning air.
The birds were singing away and blackbirds were walking around picking up the early insects.
I did a small walk with Louis and then went to chat with a neighbour.
When I came back my neighbours 2 men were both in shorts and I said ” I love it when the sun comes out and you men get your shorts on and we see lovely sexy legs” I didn’t say anything about Dave with socks and sandals though!!! ha ha !!!
We had lunch and went off in the car to give Louis a run at Victory Park and started him off lead and threw his ball for him to run and then low and behold the sheep were out grazing.

can you see the sheep?

Click on the photo and you will see the sheep.
I never risk Louis chasing sheep as the farmer can shoot him so I put on his lead and walked him a little way but of coarse there is also the problem of ticks isnt there, so we came back to the car and gave him a run around in the car park.
Back home we sat in back garden on the patio and had a drink. I stood it for as long as I could but it really was getting so hot so we moved in doors.
Had dinner ( a roast dinner) and then just taken Louis for a very short walk and the breeze is lovely and cool.
They say tomorrow is going to be even hotter and also gave out a warning to people who have trouble breathing so I will watch that as my breathing is difficult on a cold day.
I now have a pile of ironing to do –think I will wait until the early morning.

dashing away with Ironing board !!!

Mesothelioma Survivor- My diary- A wet morning then a heat wave is starting.

My goodness another wet cold start to the day today and I said “Where is the hot weather they are promising”
No washing can be done today, I thought.

A Wet day

All you can is look out the kitchen window and watch the rain

Even the dog just ran out quick and came back to spend the day on the settee watching the rain through the window.

Little coward

Ray had to go out to sort a friends problem out, he is so good and people count on him to sort computers out and also to write legal letters as he has wonderful way with words!!! he will always give his help Bless him !!!
He came back and then sorted out an order for a Domed Satellite system for the motorhome, as we are fed up with not getting a signal, as there are times we don’t get any and we have tried so many ariels.
That done I made a Sandwich for our lunch and a fruit juice and then we walk Louis out.
We had a slow walk all round the beach as by then it had got very warm, just like that you knew the weather forecast was going to be OK.

The boat wreck

The tide was right out and the wreck was really showing, sometimes it seem to stick out more, why would this be?
I would love to know what its name was. I know, as I have said before, that it beached on a very stormy night but I have never read what its name was.
The phone went and it was Ray’s army friend, Harry, so they had a long chat and I could here Ray really talking about my illness, now that’s just the friend for Ray to talk to as harry lost his wife Barbara to cancer, so although they always have had such a lot in common they now share all the misery of their wives cancer.

As the afternoon has worn on it has got hotter and hotter and we now have clear skies.
We had dinner and a made a healthy Chicken Korma which we have enjoyed and then I took Louis down to the green to have a ball game and now we are in and are just going to watch Harry Brown. Michael Caine gets his tastiest, nastiest role since Get Carter in this vigilante-revenge thriller set in the badlands of south-east London.
So we are off to watch this.

Mesothelioma Survivor-My diary, Visit to the doctor and healthy eating,

Have you ever got to the end of a busy day and wonder where the time has gone. That is what today has been like.
Up early and played on the computer and then breakfast, phoned for an appointment at the Doctors as I had been advised by the hospital Nurse to get some tablets to get rid of this fluid build up.
I got one for 11am so it was all rush to get showered and dressed, walk Louis and just go.
We were able to park in Gorral Tank and got to the surgery on time.
I saw the doctor and he agreed I need the tablets to get rid of fluid retention, then it was Rays turn as he needed his blood pressure taken and I had told Ray to talk about his bad back as he is still in pain so he got a prescription for pain killers.
Ray’s blood pressure was Ok so off we went to Tesco.
I had a shop around for very good quality food ie: Salmon and as many things without chemical additives as I could, and no sugar.
that’s the difficult one, everything seems to have sugar added.
Came home to the dog and lunch tomato and pepper soup, brown grained bread
4 nice, large sweet red peppers
6 ripe tomatoes
12 cloves of garlic (unpeeled)
1 onion
Fresh or dried thyme
1½ of vegetable stock

Then cherries and some strawberries, then a drink of mango fruit juice, gosh you feel so healthy when you have a lunch like that.
Took Louis for a walk and we came across a family playing on a green, but a little boy was walking behind Ray threatening to throw the ball at his back.
Ray turned round and this little kid raised his fist to Ray.
Gosh what is he going to be like when he is grown up??
Came home and then dawn came around to see how I was doing and while Louis went to sleep we had a nice coffee and a long chat.
Off she went and it was time to cook dinner.
Fresh tuna noodles carrots and a sweet and sour sauce with mango’s and yogurt for sweet. so that’s another healthy meal.
So that was my day and no phone call with my results –here we go again that awful wait for results that never come.
I was saying to Ray as we waited in the surgery this morning –our life is all one long wait now in surgeries, hospitals and at home.

always waiting