My Diary of a Mesothelioma Survivor Letter from St Barts and a video of a British Pathe News showing Abestos workers

Had a very lazy morning as my energy levels go low sometimes so worked on the computer on emails and Facebook and thought of the funeral of Tom Daley’s father in Plymouth where Debbie was going today.
Mr Daley, who was 40, died on 27 May after a long battle with brain cancer.
Mr Daley gave up his electrician job to accompany Tom to diving events around the world and had hoped to see him compete at the London 2012 Olympics.
What a shame after all the backing he has given his son he will miss this big event.

We had a walk around the beach with the dog and it was lovely although windy it was a warm wind.
I let Louis off the lead and ran like the wind to the beach and thought he could run to the waves err they were out at low tide and with a beach of mud in between.
I dont think so Louis. A wet dog is bad enough but a muddy dog is a no no!!

The tide was right out so you see the oyster beds and where they have been working to farm the oysters

We gave him a good game of chase by throwing pebbles but how he found the right one I dont know.

back on the lead and smelling the daisies

Back home washing bought in and settled down.
We have got together on facebook and written into the Telegraph to complain about Mr Christopher Booker and ask the Telegraph to do a fairer report on Mesothelioma.
We Warriors have the true story to tell.
I have received a copy letter from St Barts as they have told my Oncologist and my own GP that they have discussed the ADAMS trial with me and considered me for screening.
It also says that as I remain very well from a clinical point of view there is no need to press ahead with second line chemo and that i have signed the consent form.
They will have the ASS test results by my appointment on the 22nd and be able to say if i would be suitable for Further randomisation.
So everything is going fine.

Please watch this Pathe News video it really shows how people worked with Asbestos

Location of events unknown.

Various diagrams showing how asbestos is formed. A woman cuts bits of asbestos from a rock. A map shows the biggest producers are Russia and Canada. Commentator talks about practical uses of asbestos for packing etc. We see a factory where a woman is cutting out the required length. We see various asbestos goods being made, including shield for firefighters, fireproof boots and suit. Women in the factory hold them up. M/S as a coat for a boiler is made. A firefighter wears an asbestos suit, boots and mask. An asbestos snuff is used to put out fire from a bomb. A woman shows off the fireproof asbestos curtains and covers in her home. She demonstrates their resilience by trying to set fire to the tablecloth with a candle.

Cataloguer’s note: this is a very good item which could be used to show attitudes towards asbestos before it was discovered to be dangerous.


4 thoughts on “My Diary of a Mesothelioma Survivor Letter from St Barts and a video of a British Pathe News showing Abestos workers

  1. hi there please keep commenting and if you can pass on any useful news about Asbestos we are listening here in the UK.
    There is so much ignorance around Asbestos mainly because it takes so long to appear as Mesothelioma but we must protect

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