Mesothelioma-My Diary A lovely Rally at Challock and I have cheered right up again.

We did manage to find the Rally yesterday the gate had been hidden by Children that where piling out of a party in the memorial hall and it was dangerous driving a M/Home amongst all the cars so everyone had agreed that it would have been so difficult for us to see the field in which they were camping.

We parked the M/Home up and I took Louis off for a walk and in the playing field where he had a lovely run off lead and was a happy doggy again.

Ray in his Black washing gloves with handcuffs I bought him from the charity sale x

Our friend Kevin putting up a table for coffee










I whispered to my close friend about my day in London and I was soon Ok and happy to enjoy myself.

We walked down to the farm shop and bought plums, cherries and beetroot red and white so I will cook them tonight.

There was a lot of sitting around and talking and the a cat/nap as my brain was so tired of thinking and trying to get my head around it all.

What a lovely barn

Why do men like cooking on a Barbie


A wonderful sunset with the dust from the Desert

Even the dogs came to the evening do


In the evening we went into a magnificent barn, which would have done Midsummer Murders proud, here we had a Barbie, real beef burgers, and sausages all from Brogdale Farm , where I buy my meat.

This turned out to be a great night as we sat there being fed. Lovely cakes jelly and blancmange,and a messy eat which is a fav of mine, meringue, cream and strawberries all mashed up, mmmmmm!!

We talked the night away and went to bed very late after a coffee.

This morning another run for Louis and then a group meet to hear about future rallies and then another run for Louis and I was able to sit and chat all afternoon with friends until at 4pm we came home another weekend over and now I have a medical week in front of me.

Had a Skype from my dear friend Bill in the Desert and he has had a terrible Sand Storm so that’s where the Purple Sunset came from last night –a present from Bill ha ha !!!

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