Mesothelioma -My Diary. No letter today, and Bye to Amy Winehouse RIP

The postman came –no appointment –here we go again –waiting !!!!

My friend Bill is on his way home to Betty in Chepstow from the desert so I hope he gets back safe.

It has been very cloudy today and even a shower of rain but I was able to get out and finish the garden so its all tidy again.

I just work slower than I used to and pace my breathing but I have done a good job, but I get tired and soon go in for a coffee.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s funeral was today I really loved her music but what a price she has paid for fame. addiction is a terrible thing.

My favourite of all her recordings was Valerie and Rehab RIP Amy.

Im also lighting a candle tonight for a young soldier, a friend of the son of a very dear friend, he was chased by thugs and really hit hard with metal bars, he is fighting for his life now.

A Soldier that has fought so bravely out in Afghanistan  comes home and is hurt so badly here, bless him and he was going to be the best man at my friends son’s wedding. Now the future is unknown. My love and prayers go to them all as they sit around his bedside xx

So all in all its been a sad week I wish the sun would shine and we have a good summer to cheer us all up.

Rod Skyped from Australia and we had a laugh as usual, I was out in the shed getting things in for dinner and when i got back Ray was trying to accept a call on Skype, he hasn’t done that before so he was really lost and hadn’t accepted with video-he he!!! proves he doesnt know everything xx.

I hope a letter arrives on the mat tomorrow or I will have to phone up and ask when I have to go in for the Bi-Op




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