Mesothelioma diary– our holiday is here we are ready for the off

Wow we had a lovely young man visit to day. I know he was the heating engineer but he was so sweet even  Louis liked him and didnt bark once at him.

He was so chatty and also told us just what he was doing and what the problem was and he did a really good job we were well pleased with him. Well Ray was I was just swooning ha ha !!!

What a complicated boiler when you dont know what its all about.

He had every part in his van he was well kitted out.

It was the Air Pressure switch so all is Ok now and e mended a small leak that he found so we are happy and have lots of hot water again.

Louis had a shower tonight and his teethe clean as he is seeing his girlfriend Polly again so lots of running around from tomorrow and all over the weekend.

I have been around saying by to my neighbours and my friends as Im really looking forward to a good break and seeing friends and family as i have decide to do a round tour after Woodbridge as I will be Chemoed up and drugged for a while xx

I hope to be clear by Christmas but if I dont get started soon it will run through xmas so we will have to see what that means. If Im not being sick then that will be alright.

My walking stick can come out and I will get around xx

My Meso friends Steve and Linda are of for a lovely break in Southern  France I wish them a lovely time and forget the trip to Hospital as your doing so well Steve.

Well not a lot to say really we are all packed and i will do my Postcard from Woodbridge Signal permitting xxx

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Mesothelioma Diary Bought the Real Ales for my party

Another very quiet and tranquil day today when everything seems to go along very smoothly.

We took Louis for his walk then shut him up indoors and went to Tesco to buy some real ales.

Its a shame that the brewery sells them dearer than Tesco so you cant blame is for shopping to take real ale to our party at Woodbridge.


I chose

Spitfire Premium Kentish AleSpitfire – 12 x 500ml bottles

was first brewed in 1990 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and to raise money for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. Since then, Spitfire has helped raise more than £250,000 for a range of armed forces charities, particularly the RAFBF and Help for Heroes, and has become the first beer to be accepted as a licensed partner of the RAF.

Spitfire won a 2009 Monde Selection Grand Gold Award and a 2010 Brewers Association World Beer Cup bronze while its tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign has developed a cult following.

and  Speckled Hen which now we are home isn’t Sheperd and Neame but that doesn’t matter it is real Ale

The story of “Old Speckled Hen”Tasting Notes

“Old Speckled Hen” was first brewed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MG car factory in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Named after an old MG car which was used as the factory run around, they would park the old MG Featherweight Fabric Saloon outside the paint shop where it would normally get spattered in paint and so it became known as the ‘Owld Speckl’d Un’. This turned into “Old Speckled Hen” when the beer was unveiled.

Since then the finely balanced beer with a distinctive rich malty taste and fruity aroma has attracted many fans, including the fox, who is always on the hunt for his Hen.

So that was a good job done.

We then had Lunch and I cleaned the Fridge and as usually was soaking in water by the time I was finished ha ha

Another job well done  now all thats left is to wash the dog ha ha !!!!

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Mesothelioma Diary Traffic Jam into Whitstable today As it was Bank Holiday Monday

Its August bank Holiday monday and the weather was nice and then the clouds rolled in again.

We went out to get shopping at Lidl’s  as we thought a nice ride in the car was in order so we took the dog for a run and a play with his ball in a field on the way.

The boys are playing Football

We carried on to Sturry and shopped but they didnt have any Pimms or the Beer that I wanted so I have to go out again tomorrow.

On the way home the traffic in Canterbury was flowing freely but when we got back to Whitstable I couldnt believe the traffic jam running from the Thanet way up the hill to the roundabout and then all the way down the Hill that leads into town.

We do not have the parking spaces for such heavy traffic so goodness knows where they all parked.

We had to break our way across the road through the traffic to get down church Lane.  looking through these pictures you can see what attracts everyone here though so I hope they did find somewhere to park and that they had a wonderful day here and take back lots of happy memories.

sunset over Whitstable

Our Sunsets are famous I will have to load my photos to this site

Facebook Mesowarriors has been sad today as the list of lovely people suffering and having bad days seems to grow. It is hard for the families as they cope, Husbands, Wives, Boyfriends and Children all trying to keep smiling as the disease takes over I wish we could run away from and be healed again.

I hope the Angel looks after a the sick people and keeps them safe tonight xxxx


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Mesothelioma Diary Oh dear the gas boiler is playing up.

System Boilers

The boiler has been playing up with an Intermittent fault and today it finally has gone. We have asked our plumber and he has said it is the gas valve that wont lift, so we have no hot water.

Well infact we have, but it doesn’t always work and we get flame failure. Its bank holiday so we cant get a new one as the Engineer will have to come to fit it, so thats it we have to wait until Tuesday.

The weather was sunny and the washing was dried in no time in a lovely drying wind but then this afternoon the heavens opened on and off for a while.

Had an email from Des next door but one,  that Sue had seen our car window open so I sent Ray down there and I have a lovely puddle in the car, The rubber mat was shaken as most of it was there and the rest should dry out, thank goodness they saw it as it might rain more tonight and it would have been worse.

I had a thing happen to day that was weird. I put on my friend Rods facebook this song

I said then “This has just come into my mind Rod and Julie for some reason and I want to share it with you xx”

11 mins later It was on BBC1 in a religious Programe how weird was that??? Why did that happen??

I have been following Irene the Hurricane all day as it cut its path up the east Coast of the USA and following reports of our American friends but the ones I know all seem to be safe but so many people have been without power and are flooded. Nature can be so cruel and angry at times.

A very wonderful Aussie Warrior has had bad news today bless her


It would seem her Meso is travelling on through “I just saw the oncologist that’s on call. She told me that it looks like I have a sizeable tumour pushing my liver. The cancer has spread to my abdomen, which is Peritoneal Mesothelioma as opposed to Pleural Mesothelioma which I already have. I also have some fluid around my heart. Not great but I’m a fighter!!”

This how it goes and what we all dread it happening and I wish her all the love and cuddles we can manage. It hurts us all when a Warrior gets into trouble .

Debbie has just gone through the 5th Anniversary of her fathers death with Mesothelioma and she just hugged her dad each evening as he came home from work when she was a child and she to has Meso, doesnt it make us sad that such a thing can happen.

Bless her Debbie is so brave with her fight and we applaud her and all she does for Mesothelioma Awareness and all the help she gives to people. we both talk about each other in our Blogs and I cant wait to meet her in October at the Novotel At the Mesothelioma conferance.

We learn so much from these conferences.

Well Ray has taken Louis off for a walk and I see he has said Im looking for another  hobby as at my time of life i have done most things it gets harder.

The family tree has been done and I just dont know what to do now for the winter nights ahead.

My thinking cap is on.

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Mesothelioma Diary My 70th Birthday has been such fun all day.

Gosh what a day.

Ray found some of my baby photos and when I was young shall I show you here.

Cute I year old

My younger brother martin and me with our cat

My younger brother Martin and Myself with the cat

Mum me and Martin and when we got up we found we were sitting in the swans mess

I was a ballerina at this age and I dreamt of being a great dancer but I grew to tall

Love this photo of Dad and we are on the Douglass hand change with the sidecar

We always broke down and we ended up in peoples garages after the AA couldnt work on the engine Oh happy times .

Mum used to knit my bathing costumes and they always stretched in the water!!!!

The rosie cheeked school child so shy at that age.

The sweet 16

Gosh what memories so many years ago so much living in a lifetime

I have had lots of birthday cards and also birthday wishes on 3 forums I belong to as well as Early Birds on MHFacts  and then faceook so many best wishes enough to last me until 80

ha ha !!

Then the phone calls what a day I feel so happy today.

The weather was sunny at first and then the rain came over and then the sun came back again. We have had some more wonderful clouds they have been special and spectacular all day right to late evening.

Chris and Beryl came round to give me their card and present and they are coming in their Motorhome to my Party next week so they will join in the fun.

So today Ray had decide we go for a quiet meal to the Rose and Bloom as I described last night so we lazed around took Louis for a walk and then got ready to go out.

On arriving we sat in the bar ad had a drink until we were called to come to the table.

I chose the table for two near the window so that we looked out to see to watch the sunset which was lovely.

A party of 8 was opposite me and they were having lots of laughs and joking. A couple came in and sat at a table for 4 along side us they were lovely although he was covered in tattoos and wore a baseball cap and looked more like a bouncer but we got talking and he showed us a photo of the Guinea pig he had bought today and also the photo of his 2 Scottie dogs .

We wer talking about where we all lived and it was really so friendly I really had fun –just goes to show you cant judge a book by its cover.

No the lady on the other table asked what gypsy tart was and the waitress said “caramel ” and so the lady choose something else –really she would of like a bit of everything!!

So when I ordered and received my gypsy tart I went over to her and said “you don’t come from Kent” “pardon”she said “You cant come from Kent you dont know what Gypsy tart is so here have a try”

She did and she loved it so I explained it was made in Kent in the 50’s in the school canteens and thats how it became famous here in Kent thats why I knew she was a stranger to Whitstable , so here for that lovely lady is the recipe.

Gypsy Tart


Serves: 6
  • 400g (14 oz) tin evaporated milk
  • 340g (12 oz) dark mucovado sugar
  • 10 inch pre-baked shortcrust pastry case

Preparation method

Prep: 15 mins | Cook: 10 mins | Extra time: 20 mins, cooling

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees C, 400 degrees F, or Gas 6.
Whisk evaporated milk and sugar together for approximately 10 minutes. Until light and fluffy and coffee coloured. Pour the mixture into the pastry case.
Bake for 10 minutes.
The surface will appear slightly sticky but will set completely when left to cool.
TipIt is best served cold.

Im sure she thought I was mad but we all ended up laughing.

We had a lovely meal I chose the baked Panochota cheese with Basil and Tomato for Starter

Lamb Shank and fresh vegetables then the Gypsy Tart followed with Coffee and it was well cooked and delicious.

We came away shaking hands with the young couple but they gave me a lovely kiss and a hug as we had had a nice meal together and I promised we would try the Sunday dinner there as we would met up with them again.

I came home and changed into my Pajamas and Im writing my blog on a very happy day one full of lovely memories .

I thought it was going to be a quiet night out and ended up a riot xxx


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Mesothelioma Diary Heavy Rain, Lovely Sunshine and then Amazing Clouds.

Sunflower Bouquet

Its been a very wet day today so many people have had this heavy rain just as a Bank holiday starts.

We were going to go away but I said I would rather stay home as I want to be well for next week when we go off  to Pewsey and to my Big Birthday Bash at the Woodbridge.

The Woodbridge at Pewsey

70 tomorrow, I cant believe it!!! so old. i have had some lovely cards already but my neighbours Sue and Des have just made me laugh with theirs

Its your 70th Birthday matured to perfection

They say cheese improves when left to mature

and wine can get better with age thats for sure

Antiques have more value with the passing of time

So now that your seventy you’re right in your prime

happy 70th Birthday

Thanks Des  and Sue

Well as I said it rained so heavy so really heavy so we took Louis out for a walk when it stopped and then i decided to pull the wardrobes out and really clean and wipe everything down with a Antiseptic spray -with Rays help of coarse. I threw lots of old clothes,  old towels, curtains and tablecloths  etc etc out, a real declutter as when on Chemo you have to worry about the immune system so I wanted everything clean.

The room looks lovely now and so tidy. Hope  haven’t thrown anything I want as Im very clever in putting things on the wrong pile.

That took such a long time that the sun was shinning when we finished but a good job done.

I sat down for a rest and Ray came into say he has booked us a table for tomorrow at the Rose and Bloom, Wow that was amazing as he did that without asking me first.

Rose In Bloom, Whitstable

Evening Menu

Chicken Liver Pate & Toast      £4.95
Field Mushrooms stuffed with Stilton & Parma Ham   £4.95
Soup of the Day served with Crusty Fresh Bread    £3.00
Crispy Duck, Pancakes, Spring Onions, Cucumber & Plum Sauce     £5.50
Tiger Prawns in Garlic Butter    £5.50
Thai Fishcakes with Sweet Chilli Sauce   £5.50
Mussels in Cream & White Wine   £5.75  

Main Dishes (Meat)
Roasted Gammon Hock, Redcurrant & Port Sauce, Mashed Potato
& Vegetables   £8.95
Fillet of Lamb in Mint & Rosemary Gravy with Mashed Potato &
Vegetables     £11.75
Rack of BBQ Ribs, Chips & Salad         £9.25
Moroccan Spiced Lamb Chunks & Rice   £7.50
Chicken Breast with a Cream Cheese & Bacon Sauce  £8.95
Thai Red Chicken Curry & Rice   £7.50
Fillet Steak with a Peppercorn Sauce   £14.45
Duo of Pork: Belly with Gravy, Loin with
Apple Sauce, Potato Cake & Vegetables   £10.25
Steak & Ale Pie        £7.50
Steak & Kidney Pudding    £7.50
Beef Lasagne, Chips & Salad    £7.50  

Scampi, Chips & Salad  £7.50
Herb Crusted Cod Fillet on a bed of Creamy Leeks  £8.50
Salmon Fillet with a Lemon Herb Butter £8.50
Beer Battered Cod, Chips & Peas     £7.75
Whole Sea bass in Ginger, Garlic, Chilli & Coriander  £10.95
Grilled Plaice Fillet  £7.25
Whole Lemon Sole   £8.75
Sea bass Fillet £7.25
(unless stated, dishes are served with a choice of Chips or New Potatoes)
All looks very nice now what shall I have hmmmm!!!

History of The Rose In Bloom

The Rose in Bloom was built in 1861 and was originally a weather board cottage which stood where the car park is today. The Inn was positioned on a pathway which led from the beach between Seasalter and Whitstable to Scab’s Acre and served the needs of many smugglers.

Scab’s Acre was later destroyed by the railway cutting, but the start of the route can clearly be seen on Turner’s famous painting of Whitstable.

In 1898, Mackeson’s, the Hythe brewer, purchased the property and started to build the current “Rose In Bloom” alongside the old alehouse.

The original alehouse was converted into the private dwelling called “Treetops”, but was demolished in the 1930’s. The “Rose In Bloom” took its name from one of the best known Bawley boats which was engaged in fishing in the famous “Pollard” oyster beds, which belonged to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury.

The freehold of the pub is now owned by Enterprise Inns. During the last fifteen years it has diversified into a successful pub and restaurant business run with care, commitment and dedication by Landlord Steve Prigg.

History. Rose in Bloom

I used to go there with my Parents when they lived down here and I have only visited it a few times since we have lived here so I look forward to meeting my friends there tomorrow.

After dinner and relaxing for the evening Ray was taking a photo of the cloud formation as the sun set

Clouds can be so fascinating.

Well the day is nearly over another good day.

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Mesothelioma Diary. Reflections of a day

Gosh a very quiet day again today but as this is my diary I must down my thoughts.

Bill in the desert was supposed to go back on the 17th August and he didn’t contact which is most unusual and I stupidly panicked I left messages on Skype, facebook and MHFacts and emailed his wife. No answers until finally this morning he emailed me.


Everything is fine, I am doing a mix of days and nights

on a repair barge in the Central Saf field which is shit

for signals and etc. Internet is like watching paint dry.

Will be back on terra-firma sometime next week I hope.

So don’t worry, all is well, if not incredibly hot, topping

out at around 52° C around lunch time.

Be Good.

PS: I would do murder for a beer!!!

I could have cried with relief -isn’t it funny how we get so involved with friends and they come to mean so much to you. I adore this man and Betty his wife.

Rod in Australia means so much to Ray and I and his lovely wife Julie who is battle away ith meso for such a long time and I managed to chat with Rod last night to give our support at such a difficult and sad time.

MHFacts Members they have held me up and I only have to say on the forum where I’m at at so many answer and support me also some PM me and talk to me some in the middle of the night if they see I cant sleep and Im on having a read.

There are people who do get to mean so much to you.

All the Mesowarriors are so close to my heart and we have shared so many sad and happy times together.

There is a good side to this dreadful disease and all the love and support that surrounds me is helping so much.

Well it hasnt been a boring day just a quiet day., a bit of washing, and packing the M/Home with enough clothes to cover this Bank Holiday and the following Long weekendso thats a good job done. All the rugs are washed but it poured down so I had to grab everything off the line.

Had a chat to my neighbours out the back who had been away so I prepared them that I will be back in chemo again as Joan gets so worried and last time I walked out in the garden with a stick as I felt so weak. I do hope the chemo Im given this time wont be so hard on my body (as the Doctor said)

Anyway she has made me promise that if she can help Im to just ask, but as long as she comes and chats with me like she did last time I will be happy with that.

We walked the dog around and chatted to people as we met them, having a laugh it really does me good, dont like sad unhappy faces around me.

Came back and settled the dog and went to see friends for another chat and pass the time of day with. Retirement is great isnt it do what you please when you please.

I was studying the meaning of the Buddha’s today and They have rules that I find very serine

1. Right understanding- This means a proper
understanding of Buddha’s teachings and of the world

2. Right intention- This means thinking kind or wise thoughts and doing so consciously free from fantasy

3. Right speech- This means not telling lies or speaking angrily but speaking  honestly and compassionately and well of others

4. Right action- This means  behaving peacefully and honestly

5. Right livelihood- This means not harming any other living creature. Buddhists believe it is vital to  look after the earth’s resources and to stop the pollution and destruction of the environment.

6. Right effort- This means using discipline and control to overcome difficulties. To think before acting

7. Right mindfulness- This means paying full attention to what is going on.

8. Right concentration/ meditation- This means to be able to be at peace in any situation  through an ability to focus deeply  on it.

The Five Precepts help Buddhists follow the path of samma kammanta (right action). They are as follows, refrain from:

Harming living beings Taking what is not given
Sexual misconduct Harmful speech
Drink or drugs

For Buddhist monks there are additional vows which they have to undertake.

In Mahayana Buddhism there is also the need to practise the Paramitas – perfections, especially the first six which are:

Giving Keeping the moral precepts
Patience Strength to preserve
Meditation Wisdom

By following the correct action Buddhists believe that they will eventually achieve enlightenment and reach Nirvana.

They are good rules to living life !!!! 

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