Mesothelioma -My Diary- A Boat turned over, Louis went shopping for treats

A terrible thing happened here in Seasalter when 2 men took a dingy out at the weekend and it turned over spilling the 2 men into the sea, one swam to our shore in Seasalter and raised the alarm by knocking on the door of a house on the beech..

Whitstable lifeboat crew

What a tragic thing to happen when they were having fun I feel for the families.

We have had a very quiet day again as we seem to both be in a quiet mood. Even the dog seems to know we are very thoughtful and he is being on his best behavour.

I worked on the computer this morning and cleared all my emails and Pm’s and I manged to do a nice amount of house work then as Ray was out in the M/Home.

I said we could go to Canterbury to Pets at home to buy the dog food and treats so we went out in the car.

The traffic coming into Whitstable was amazing as it has been every day, we live in a popular town as it is quaint but also the first Seaside town when you come down the M2.

We were travelling in the opposite direction, through Blean.

We arrived at Wincheap Shopping Park and took Louis for a walk as i popped into different shops, and then bought the shopping back to the car.

Then we went to his favourite shop.

Lots of treats and £9.50 later we went home again.

I went around to a friends house for a chat and then came home to make a Moroccan Lamb stew  for dinner.

Ray has now gone to the AGM of Granville Estates the Web site he runs for the residents so Im home alone which is rare for me nowadays as Ray wont let stay on my own.

So a nice shower and early to bed to watch telly I think and wait to hear all the gossip  ha ha !!

They hold it at the Seasalter Sailing Club on the Beach


Medically I have been down but Im coming back as Friday gets nearer, I have pains in my ribs and breathing has been hard as there doesnt seem to be air to breath.

So sitting quietly is best.

I will be better after Friday, I just know I will as either way i will be fighting again.

Rays Blog


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