Mesothelioma Diary. Reflections of a day

Gosh a very quiet day again today but as this is my diary I must down my thoughts.

Bill in the desert was supposed to go back on the 17th August and he didn’t contact which is most unusual and I stupidly panicked I left messages on Skype, facebook and MHFacts and emailed his wife. No answers until finally this morning he emailed me.


Everything is fine, I am doing a mix of days and nights

on a repair barge in the Central Saf field which is shit

for signals and etc. Internet is like watching paint dry.

Will be back on terra-firma sometime next week I hope.

So don’t worry, all is well, if not incredibly hot, topping

out at around 52° C around lunch time.

Be Good.

PS: I would do murder for a beer!!!

I could have cried with relief -isn’t it funny how we get so involved with friends and they come to mean so much to you. I adore this man and Betty his wife.

Rod in Australia means so much to Ray and I and his lovely wife Julie who is battle away ith meso for such a long time and I managed to chat with Rod last night to give our support at such a difficult and sad time.

MHFacts Members they have held me up and I only have to say on the forum where I’m at at so many answer and support me also some PM me and talk to me some in the middle of the night if they see I cant sleep and Im on having a read.

There are people who do get to mean so much to you.

All the Mesowarriors are so close to my heart and we have shared so many sad and happy times together.

There is a good side to this dreadful disease and all the love and support that surrounds me is helping so much.

Well it hasnt been a boring day just a quiet day., a bit of washing, and packing the M/Home with enough clothes to cover this Bank Holiday and the following Long weekendso thats a good job done. All the rugs are washed but it poured down so I had to grab everything off the line.

Had a chat to my neighbours out the back who had been away so I prepared them that I will be back in chemo again as Joan gets so worried and last time I walked out in the garden with a stick as I felt so weak. I do hope the chemo Im given this time wont be so hard on my body (as the Doctor said)

Anyway she has made me promise that if she can help Im to just ask, but as long as she comes and chats with me like she did last time I will be happy with that.

We walked the dog around and chatted to people as we met them, having a laugh it really does me good, dont like sad unhappy faces around me.

Came back and settled the dog and went to see friends for another chat and pass the time of day with. Retirement is great isnt it do what you please when you please.

I was studying the meaning of the Buddha’s today and They have rules that I find very serine

1. Right understanding- This means a proper
understanding of Buddha’s teachings and of the world

2. Right intention- This means thinking kind or wise thoughts and doing so consciously free from fantasy

3. Right speech- This means not telling lies or speaking angrily but speaking  honestly and compassionately and well of others

4. Right action- This means  behaving peacefully and honestly

5. Right livelihood- This means not harming any other living creature. Buddhists believe it is vital to  look after the earth’s resources and to stop the pollution and destruction of the environment.

6. Right effort- This means using discipline and control to overcome difficulties. To think before acting

7. Right mindfulness- This means paying full attention to what is going on.

8. Right concentration/ meditation- This means to be able to be at peace in any situation  through an ability to focus deeply  on it.

The Five Precepts help Buddhists follow the path of samma kammanta (right action). They are as follows, refrain from:

Harming living beings Taking what is not given
Sexual misconduct Harmful speech
Drink or drugs

For Buddhist monks there are additional vows which they have to undertake.

In Mahayana Buddhism there is also the need to practise the Paramitas – perfections, especially the first six which are:

Giving Keeping the moral precepts
Patience Strength to preserve
Meditation Wisdom

By following the correct action Buddhists believe that they will eventually achieve enlightenment and reach Nirvana.

They are good rules to living life !!!! 

Rays blog

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