Mesothelioma Diary My 70th Birthday has been such fun all day.

Gosh what a day.

Ray found some of my baby photos and when I was young shall I show you here.

Cute I year old

My younger brother martin and me with our cat

My younger brother Martin and Myself with the cat

Mum me and Martin and when we got up we found we were sitting in the swans mess

I was a ballerina at this age and I dreamt of being a great dancer but I grew to tall

Love this photo of Dad and we are on the Douglass hand change with the sidecar

We always broke down and we ended up in peoples garages after the AA couldnt work on the engine Oh happy times .

Mum used to knit my bathing costumes and they always stretched in the water!!!!

The rosie cheeked school child so shy at that age.

The sweet 16

Gosh what memories so many years ago so much living in a lifetime

I have had lots of birthday cards and also birthday wishes on 3 forums I belong to as well as Early Birds on MHFacts  and then faceook so many best wishes enough to last me until 80

ha ha !!

Then the phone calls what a day I feel so happy today.

The weather was sunny at first and then the rain came over and then the sun came back again. We have had some more wonderful clouds they have been special and spectacular all day right to late evening.

Chris and Beryl came round to give me their card and present and they are coming in their Motorhome to my Party next week so they will join in the fun.

So today Ray had decide we go for a quiet meal to the Rose and Bloom as I described last night so we lazed around took Louis for a walk and then got ready to go out.

On arriving we sat in the bar ad had a drink until we were called to come to the table.

I chose the table for two near the window so that we looked out to see to watch the sunset which was lovely.

A party of 8 was opposite me and they were having lots of laughs and joking. A couple came in and sat at a table for 4 along side us they were lovely although he was covered in tattoos and wore a baseball cap and looked more like a bouncer but we got talking and he showed us a photo of the Guinea pig he had bought today and also the photo of his 2 Scottie dogs .

We wer talking about where we all lived and it was really so friendly I really had fun –just goes to show you cant judge a book by its cover.

No the lady on the other table asked what gypsy tart was and the waitress said “caramel ” and so the lady choose something else –really she would of like a bit of everything!!

So when I ordered and received my gypsy tart I went over to her and said “you don’t come from Kent” “pardon”she said “You cant come from Kent you dont know what Gypsy tart is so here have a try”

She did and she loved it so I explained it was made in Kent in the 50’s in the school canteens and thats how it became famous here in Kent thats why I knew she was a stranger to Whitstable , so here for that lovely lady is the recipe.

Gypsy Tart


Serves: 6
  • 400g (14 oz) tin evaporated milk
  • 340g (12 oz) dark mucovado sugar
  • 10 inch pre-baked shortcrust pastry case

Preparation method

Prep: 15 mins | Cook: 10 mins | Extra time: 20 mins, cooling

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees C, 400 degrees F, or Gas 6.
Whisk evaporated milk and sugar together for approximately 10 minutes. Until light and fluffy and coffee coloured. Pour the mixture into the pastry case.
Bake for 10 minutes.
The surface will appear slightly sticky but will set completely when left to cool.
TipIt is best served cold.

Im sure she thought I was mad but we all ended up laughing.

We had a lovely meal I chose the baked Panochota cheese with Basil and Tomato for Starter

Lamb Shank and fresh vegetables then the Gypsy Tart followed with Coffee and it was well cooked and delicious.

We came away shaking hands with the young couple but they gave me a lovely kiss and a hug as we had had a nice meal together and I promised we would try the Sunday dinner there as we would met up with them again.

I came home and changed into my Pajamas and Im writing my blog on a very happy day one full of lovely memories .

I thought it was going to be a quiet night out and ended up a riot xxx


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7 thoughts on “Mesothelioma Diary My 70th Birthday has been such fun all day.

  1. Thanks for sharing your birthday treat – it sounds as if you had a really lovely meal and it`s great to have good fun with good company – strangers or otherwise!! You sound so happy- long may it last. Enjoy all your birthday treats, Mavis and have a wonderful week. Love to you and Ray, Heather xx

  2. Hi Mavis, Sounded like your birthday was just wonderful, funny how things turn out when we dont expect it. You and Ray are such a beautiful couple and your outlook on life is amazing!. Happy birthday my dear Mavis. xoxooxoxo.

  3. Thanks sandra just want enjoy every moment and know I might be knocked back when on Chemo so seems Im squashing everything into now and being 70 is a good excuse to have loads of fun xxxx

  4. A little belated, but Happy Birthday, I was 70 in July! Went to Malvern last weekend – hoped at last we would meet (Wendy from Corfe Mullen) but saw you entry before we went and felt for you and disappointed at the result. You will fight on, you are amazing.

  5. I couldnt go and I so wanted to as thats where ray was in the army and where we had our honeymoon but things have gone wrong again so i had to hear the results and get things moving for the Chemo to start.
    70 is not a bad age I dont feel that old do you ? We might look it but the heart is young xxx Maybe we can meet what user name do you use ?
    Love mavis

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