Mesothelioma Diary Oh dear the gas boiler is playing up.

System Boilers

The boiler has been playing up with an Intermittent fault and today it finally has gone. We have asked our plumber and he has said it is the gas valve that wont lift, so we have no hot water.

Well infact we have, but it doesn’t always work and we get flame failure. Its bank holiday so we cant get a new one as the Engineer will have to come to fit it, so thats it we have to wait until Tuesday.

The weather was sunny and the washing was dried in no time in a lovely drying wind but then this afternoon the heavens opened on and off for a while.

Had an email from Des next door but one,  that Sue had seen our car window open so I sent Ray down there and I have a lovely puddle in the car, The rubber mat was shaken as most of it was there and the rest should dry out, thank goodness they saw it as it might rain more tonight and it would have been worse.

I had a thing happen to day that was weird. I put on my friend Rods facebook this song

I said then “This has just come into my mind Rod and Julie for some reason and I want to share it with you xx”

11 mins later It was on BBC1 in a religious Programe how weird was that??? Why did that happen??

I have been following Irene the Hurricane all day as it cut its path up the east Coast of the USA and following reports of our American friends but the ones I know all seem to be safe but so many people have been without power and are flooded. Nature can be so cruel and angry at times.

A very wonderful Aussie Warrior has had bad news today bless her


It would seem her Meso is travelling on through “I just saw the oncologist that’s on call. She told me that it looks like I have a sizeable tumour pushing my liver. The cancer has spread to my abdomen, which is Peritoneal Mesothelioma as opposed to Pleural Mesothelioma which I already have. I also have some fluid around my heart. Not great but I’m a fighter!!”

This how it goes and what we all dread it happening and I wish her all the love and cuddles we can manage. It hurts us all when a Warrior gets into trouble .

Debbie has just gone through the 5th Anniversary of her fathers death with Mesothelioma and she just hugged her dad each evening as he came home from work when she was a child and she to has Meso, doesnt it make us sad that such a thing can happen.

Bless her Debbie is so brave with her fight and we applaud her and all she does for Mesothelioma Awareness and all the help she gives to people. we both talk about each other in our Blogs and I cant wait to meet her in October at the Novotel At the Mesothelioma conferance.

We learn so much from these conferences.

Well Ray has taken Louis off for a walk and I see he has said Im looking for another  hobby as at my time of life i have done most things it gets harder.

The family tree has been done and I just dont know what to do now for the winter nights ahead.

My thinking cap is on.

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