Mesothelioma Diary Traffic Jam into Whitstable today As it was Bank Holiday Monday

Its August bank Holiday monday and the weather was nice and then the clouds rolled in again.

We went out to get shopping at Lidl’s  as we thought a nice ride in the car was in order so we took the dog for a run and a play with his ball in a field on the way.

The boys are playing Football

We carried on to Sturry and shopped but they didnt have any Pimms or the Beer that I wanted so I have to go out again tomorrow.

On the way home the traffic in Canterbury was flowing freely but when we got back to Whitstable I couldnt believe the traffic jam running from the Thanet way up the hill to the roundabout and then all the way down the Hill that leads into town.

We do not have the parking spaces for such heavy traffic so goodness knows where they all parked.

We had to break our way across the road through the traffic to get down church Lane.  looking through these pictures you can see what attracts everyone here though so I hope they did find somewhere to park and that they had a wonderful day here and take back lots of happy memories.

sunset over Whitstable

Our Sunsets are famous I will have to load my photos to this site

Facebook Mesowarriors has been sad today as the list of lovely people suffering and having bad days seems to grow. It is hard for the families as they cope, Husbands, Wives, Boyfriends and Children all trying to keep smiling as the disease takes over I wish we could run away from and be healed again.

I hope the Angel looks after a the sick people and keeps them safe tonight xxxx


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