Mesothelioma diary– our holiday is here we are ready for the off

Wow we had a lovely young man visit to day. I know he was the heating engineer but he was so sweet even  Louis liked him and didnt bark once at him.

He was so chatty and also told us just what he was doing and what the problem was and he did a really good job we were well pleased with him. Well Ray was I was just swooning ha ha !!!

What a complicated boiler when you dont know what its all about.

He had every part in his van he was well kitted out.

It was the Air Pressure switch so all is Ok now and e mended a small leak that he found so we are happy and have lots of hot water again.

Louis had a shower tonight and his teethe clean as he is seeing his girlfriend Polly again so lots of running around from tomorrow and all over the weekend.

I have been around saying by to my neighbours and my friends as Im really looking forward to a good break and seeing friends and family as i have decide to do a round tour after Woodbridge as I will be Chemoed up and drugged for a while xx

I hope to be clear by Christmas but if I dont get started soon it will run through xmas so we will have to see what that means. If Im not being sick then that will be alright.

My walking stick can come out and I will get around xx

My Meso friends Steve and Linda are of for a lovely break in Southern  France I wish them a lovely time and forget the trip to Hospital as your doing so well Steve.

Well not a lot to say really we are all packed and i will do my Postcard from Woodbridge Signal permitting xxx

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