Mesothelioma -My Diary Chemo week 4 day 1 — Chemo was held up veins didn’t want to play.

Hi there it is only 3pm here and Im awake, its down to the Steroids, so I thought I would catch up, by telling you about my day in chemo yesterday, as I was shattered yesterday.

I had woken up early as I knew I had to get up and be out of the hose by 7.15am, so Louis had a little walk as I knew Ray was coming back to be with his all day, after he had dropped me off at the hospital.

Which was what happened when I was called in straight away and was taken to the chemo room and put in my chair.

The nurse couldnt find a vein though and tried twice, when she got a small vein it collapsed.  She wrapped my  arm in a hot pad and plugged it in and i sat there to heat my arm.

Another nurse came and tried again and the same thing happened a collapsed vein.

She said I should now have a PICC Line fitted and made an appointment for me on the 8th February to have one fitted.

A PICC Line is a long slender small flexible tube that is inserted into a peripheral vein in the upper arm to be placed in a large vein in the chest near to the heart to obtain intravenous access .

It stays in position an I can have blood taken and all chemo given from here so is a good idea but a district nurse will have to come to me every week to flush it.

The nurse did find a vein but it was on the back of my arm and not a great position so ahe had to really tape it down so I didnt pull it.

Chemo started but as it takes 10 hours she really nursed me all day to make sure as soon as one bag of fluid was finished she started the next and we did make up for lost time, I was out by 5.30pm.

The day went well and I talked to other patients all day.

A man that got do bored and said he will be glad to be at work today –hmmm I wonder if he was able to as it was his first chemo and so didnt know what the reaction was like.

Two women who’s stayed all day bored and helping plugging the machines so there wives could go to the loo, buying so much food at the shop for them to eat all day.

A young woman was by me who was bloated with drugs for Liver cancer and need a blood transfusion, she was frightened so much by a Doctor telling here all about the side effects, right down heart failure, her blood pressure went up,

She told the nurses who calmed her down again and the procedure took place and she was fine.

Ray came to collect me early as he had been to the Chiropractic for another session and has been given lots of exercises to do before his next appointment next Wednesday, Oh heavens just realised that’s the same day as Margate hospital for the PICC Line to be fitted whoops that’s going to be tight we will have to look at that again. Car parking is so tight there as well.

When everything was finished we came home in very heavy traffic and finally got in and I was so tired and felt worn out so just relaxed and watched soaps and went to bed 10pm.

My Chemo day was over.  Rays blog


Mesothelioma My Diary week 3 of Chemo A mad and magical day today

I woke up at 8pm and so pleased I had a good nights sleep.

After such a quiet day yesterday today has been mad.

I had a shower and felt unsteady and lost my balance a bit when i closed my eyes under the water.

Got out a dried and was ok went into the porch to get my mop to clean the shower room floor and hey the world went mad.

I lost my balance put my foot on the back of the other foots slipper and fell sideways into the hall.

I hit my head on a radiator as i came down and just could not save myself. Up came a bump that grew on my head down onto my forehead.

I felt so silly laying there wondering how it could have happened. Ray was saying are you Ok let me help you up and Im saying no you will hurt your back again and its cost a lot already ha ha !!!

I was Ok and got up with only my pride broken –the radiator is fine.

I sat down with a coffee and felt Ok so we did take Louis for a walk he so needs a run but we cant go to muddy fields in case Ray twists his back and undoes all the good work as he has another session tomorrow while Im at the hospital for Chemo.

I love the way he can move now and he is holding himself straighter so its just down to healing the ligaments and the damage that has been caused by the disc’s being twisted for so long.

I have watched to wonderful silly films this afternoon

Lovely film

Then we watch the young girls that Photographed fairies

In 1917, two teenage girls in Yorkshire produced photographs they had taken of fairies in their garden. Elsie Wright (age 16) and her cousin Frances Griffiths (age 10) used a simple camera and were said to be lacking any knowledge of photography or photographic trickery.

So it was a very magical afternoon

I cooked dinner of Pork Shanks with new potatoes, carrots  and broccoli and lots of apple sauce as I had made a apple crumble.

I had cooked the shanks in the slow cook so they fell of the bone.

Braised Pork Shanks

This was a lovely recipe.

I have eaten plenty as tomorrow I only have soup and a roll as they do give you a lunch box -sandwiches, yogurt and crisp but I only have the soup.

So now Im watching dancing on Ice as Im a fan of the graceful dancing of the younger members.  Chemmy Alcott’s  is just wonderful to watch.

Bad news today

The Government has deliberately excluded asbestos from an unprecedented review of the condition of the country’s schools because it knows that tackling the risks to schoolchildren and teachers could cost hundreds of millions, critics claim.

Campaigners reacted with fury last night as it emerged a year-long survey of England’s 23,000 schools will examine every aspect of buildings – from classroom decoration to whether fire alarms and toilets are in working order – but will specifically exclude asbestos, the most serious threat of all to staff and pupils.

In a statement, the Department for Education said asbestos was excluded from the upcoming property surveys because any assessment could not “substitute for local asbestos surveys already required by the Control of Asbestos Regulations”.

But education unions argue this policy is not matched in practice. Chris Keates, head of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, accused ministers of “reckless buck-passing”, adding: “Local authorities have been stripped of the resources … needed to carry out these responsibilities. While the Government behaves like Pontius Pilate, washing its hands of responsibility, the health of children and the workforce is being put at risk.”


This is a long battle that has been fought and Labour was agreeing the dangers were so bad that a rebuild of our Junior schools was needed rays blog err I fell out of the porch Ray





Mesothelioma My Diary Week 3 of chemo– Hospital again for bloods

Another day of having to get up early and take Louis out to settle him.

We had to get to the hospital for an early appointment to have my bloods taken.

The traffic is so bad on a Friday but we still made it in plenty of times.

A very nice man who is a volunteer made us a lovely tea and coffee and a biscuit served with a smile.

I was called in early and the sister asked me how I was going, was I tired, any problems with my hands and toes, was I sick etc etc I had to answer yes to everything although the sickness has been so much better taking the drugs.

The nurse soon took my bloods ad said they would phone if they are out so I havent received a call yet so I take it Im Ok.

So we were soon off back home calling in the shops to make sure we had plenty of food in for Ray to cope with if Im bad from Monday onwards.

I have sat around shattered as the early mornings and yesterday have warn me out.

I had a Pizza for lunch and Roast Beef with Jacket potato, spinach and podded peas for Dinner.

I did manage to take Louis for a small walk again this evening just to get some fresh air. It is cold out there though and we have snow forcasted for Monday  although my friends have had snow in Scotland already.

I have been interviewed by the  Orlando Weekly newspaper as they are covering Mesothelioma and Asbestos so of coarse I was very willing to help.

My book will be featured so that really makes me happy and proud to be able to do so much to raise awareness to our disease. rays blog for today

Mesothelioma My Diary –Week 3 Kidney Function Test Today

I had to get up early today but Ray set the alarm clock to early and 5.30 was no fun with a Buzzer going off at that time as I hadnt dropped of to sleep very well.

I got up and had breakfast and a shower with a good coffee to drink I was awake.

I took Louis for a walk just as it was dawn but it was also pouring hard I just love it as I enjoy every minute and see life so different now.

Feeling the rain on my face was a joy –I was still here to feel it xxx

We got ready and set off through the rain in the car and traveled in rush hour traffic, this meant Canterbury at roundabouts were gridlocked and very difficult to maneuver through.

We did get to the hospital on time and there were plenty of Disabled Parking but we went to the carpark Manager as the Badge only allows 3 hours and I was down for 5 hours.

Now she surprised me as we were told move to a ordinary bay and put a £2.00 ticket on the badge and we will be able to park all day. Something I and other patients didn’t know could happen.

We arrived at Nuclear medicine and I booked in for my Kidney function test.

I was taken into a room and had the drug put in to my veins and then I had to sit back and wait 1.5 hours to the first blood test.

Other patients were taken in and we all had to wait.

We began to talk to a lovely couple and the lady had already told Ray she was having the test done because she was on Chemo.

She had Ovarian cancer that was traveling and was in her stomach and lungs but I felt for her as she said there was any groups like I was in on face book and I told her all about the Mesowarriors and how great it was as we all helped each other.

She also paints so Ray and her got on so well and Ray showed her all his paintings on his iPad and it has inspired her to start again as her illness has stopped her but she would find it so relaxing and give her something to take her mind off of  Cancer.

We both kept going in for our blood tests every 1.5 hours so boring and such a long day. I think I will glow in the dark tonight.

At last I had my last one and said goodbye and walked out of there and hope i dont have to do that again.

The sun was beaming and it was a cold but lovely sunny day as we drove home to a very excited dog.

I had a Chicken Tikka ready for Ray and a Tomato Pasta for myself and we were starving hungry.

Rays back is so good and he can move around really well Im so pleased with his progress.  rays blog

Mesothelioma My diary Chemo week 3 —

I had the best nights sleep for a long time and woke up at 7.30, might be because the Chemo seems to be making my eyes sore and I seem to find it hard to keep my eyes open.

I have tinnitus so it must be affecting my head this time.

It was a damp day although I don’t think we had rain but if we did I didn’t hear it.

The window cleaner turned up so now the outside has been done so Im really pleased I have done the inside.

He uses the De-ionised water system and it does work The windows stay looking so clean –well not when the seagulls go over of coarse.

Ray had to go to the Chiropractise  so we got ready and  went off in the car with Louis and while Ray was in having his back broken Louis and I went for a quiet walk together around the roads at Hernebay.

We were near the water tower that I have seen many times.

It is a landmark that you can see for miles around.

It was very pleasant as Louis trotted along by my side and we came back to the car where we sat and waited for Ray to come out.  he looked very stiff but said he felt good but has to go back Monday again. So good that he is going to stick to it and that he will be OK again.

We came back home to lunch so the rest of the meat pie was used with a salad.

Nice rest in the afternoon and tea I made Ray a chip Sarnie and I had a baked cheese.

Early to bed tonight as I have a long day at the hospital tomorrow as I have a Kidney function test to get through in Nuclear Medicine -so many hospital appointments coming up in the next few days. Ray has been thinking today bless him xx





Mesothelioma My Diary –Chemo week 3– A good day if a little wet

I had to cancel a Nurses appointment today as I had booked a Vitamin B injection but when I looked on the box it says every three cycles thereafter.

So the appointment should be for the February one. Good job I rechecked. they were very good about it at the surgery thank goodness.

This left me with the day ahead for me so we had a slow breakfast tidied up and then took Louis out for a walk, when it stopped raining.

It was a damp day though  but no wind and not to cold either.

Ray has been using the frozen peas for his back and then the hot water bottle –hot and cold –looks so funny.

Congratulations to Norman Fletcher who has been accepted for the Adams Trial at St Barts –well done xx I will be following your progress with a great interest.

I made a lovely steak pie for dinner with potatoes and carrots even Louis loved it.

Steak pie

Steak pie

John Barrowman showcases his recipe for homemade steak pie, using ready-made pastry to save time.


  • 900g/2lb stewing steak, cut into cubes
  • plain flour, seasoned with salt and freshly ground black pepper, for dusting
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 onions, sliced
  • 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley
  • 1 tbsp chopped fresh thyme
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 570ml/1 pint hot beef stock
  • 225g/8oz ready-rolled shortcrust pastry
  • 1 free-range egg, beaten

Preparation method

  1. Dust the cubed steak with the seasoned flour
  2. Heat the oil in a large heavy-bottomed pan and fry the meat, stirring frequently, until browned on all sides.
  3. Add the sliced onions, herbs, salt and freshly ground black pepper and the stock and bring to the boil.
  4. Reduce the heat and simmer gently for an hour and a half.
  5. Preheat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5.
  6. Transfer the filling mixture to an ovenproof dish. Line the rim of the dish with a thin strip of pastry. Dampen the pastry rim by brushing with beaten egg. Cut a piece of pastry to fit across the top of the dish and place on top of the dish, pressing the edges together to seal. Decorate with pastry trimmings, make a steam hole in the centre of the pie by slashing with a sharp knife, then brush with more beaten egg.
  7. Transfer to the oven and cook for 1-1½ hours. If the pastry gets too brown, cover it with foil. Serve hot.


    Yogurt and mango for sweet and we were full up.


    Rays blog