Mesothelioma My Diary —A day in bed

Not a lot to report as I just stayed in bed all day to rest my body as the Chemo really hit my poor body hard and to be honest it really did give me a scar.

I have made myself a promise I will tell the nurses when I feel ill from the start, as I realise how quickly things can go wrong.

I felt like I had come to the end of the road as we drove home, that everything had gone wrong so I just didnt talk to Ray as I

didnt want him to worry. Of coarse he was very upset and frightened like I was.

Anyway thats all behind me and I feel so much better again this morning.

I have done my interview with the Kent Messenger, Ray did some of it for me as the reporter phoned yesterday morning

when i was just waking up again from a nice sleep.

She phoned at 2pm –I had Chemo brain though and trying to remember all the dates of when things happened was very hard.

I couldn’t even remember when my Golden Wedding was.

I went back to bed and slept on and off all day but Ray came and sat with me whenI was awake so they day went well.

Louis stayed with me all day except for going for a walk with Ray.

It was so hot in the bedroom through the night that I opened a window. I said to Ray that there was a road drill going somewhere, Oh no it was frogs croaking in the pond.

We have so much Frog spawn this year, it must be because we are the only ones to have a pond as my neighbours

have taken theirs out and so we must be attracting all the frogs that have been left homeless.

Ray saw a beautiful fox last night as he took Louis for his last walk. So healthy and a great bushy tail. We also have loads of hedgehogs

running around and the blackbird turns over my wood chippings looking for insects and makes such a mess with it all over the Patio’s.

I love all the wild life we have around here so entertaining.

Ray is off to the ophthalmic clinic, to get results on his Eye Test   this morning and Im going stay here to rest . Rays blog

Mesothelioma My Diary –Chemo Day 3rd Line Session 3 day 1– and what a terrible day

Chemo day yesterday  started with the new PICC line –it worked very well.

Gradually through the morning I felt ill and was sick I didnt say anything but just got on with the day.

I couldnt eat lunch but I had my sick tablet and the bag of sick drugs went in so that felt better.

Gradually in the afternoon I felt very blocked up in the Sinus’s and started blowing my nose and fluid was running down the back of my throat. I have had this before and thought it was the stuffy hospital ward causing it.

I got worse and by the time Ray got there to pick me up at 4pm I was in a state.

He said I looked bad and my sinus’s had caused a rash on my cheek and also my cheeks were swollen. I stupidly didnt tell a nurse untill all my Chemo had finished at 5.30,and she immediately phoned a Doctor for advice.

He said he was on his way but take my blood pressure, which she did but the band really hurt me, and I mean really hurt. This gave a reading of quiet high.

The nurse went and found another machine and that gave a better reading and my temperature was OK.

The doctor arrived and looked at me he felt it was an allergic reaction to the Chemo and listened to my chest where he could hear crackling.

So he gave me a prescription antihistamine  to be fed in through my PICC Line and flushed through and within a few minutes my nose started clearing and then my cheeks felt cooler.

I then came over very tired so we got ready and went home when the nurse had finished taking my line down and cleaning the PICC Line.

I was to call the emergency number if I got any worse over night, if I had trouble breathing etc etc.

We got home but I was so tired in the car I couldnt even speak to Ray nor when I got in.

He cooked a dinner of Shepherds pie and baked beans with a couple of new potatoes I managed to eat a little bit but was in bed at 7.30 and that was it I kept sleeping. I went to the loo at 3.30am and and knew then I felt so much better.

So I must say very on earlier in the day when I dont feel well because the Doctor has sorted out my allergy to Chemo.  rays blog

Mesothelioma My Diary My trip on the Orient Express what a day !!!!

Today was the day of the Orient Express and what a day!!!

Up at 4am as I had to get myself ready and take Louis for a walk to settle him.

We left home at 6.30 to get the train to London 

There was a frost everywhere so my fur coat  didnt stick out and when we got to London so many women were wearing fur coats as they seem to be back in fashion. I have had mine since the 70’s but it still looks like new –thank goodness.


We arrived at the booking in office and they served us with Coffee. We then all sat in the booking in office and slowly everyone gathered as they arrived at Victoria.

Then right on time we could here the diesel Engine and the Orient Express pulled in infront of us so we could go on board.

We looked in every carriage and they were all different but a Steward told us ours was halfway down the train as we ere in Pheonix 21 and 22 which we soon found.

I was greeted by our Stewards that would serve us for 3 hours of the journey.

I made the mistake of calling them waiters though Oh dear trust me!!

The table was ready

A view up the carriage before the others diners arrive.

A little bit of the history here Phoenix was built in 1927 but there was a fire in August 1936 the chasis was retained and remained in store until 1958 when it was rebuilt for service with the Golden Arrow.

The Phoenix was the favorite of the Queen Mother as it was chosen to be the royal carriage and General de Gaulle traveled in her in 1960.

I found all this fascinating and it really added to the fun of traveling in the Orient Express.

The prices of the wine

We were then served with 3 hours of food.

Starting with Champagne and Peach


Danish Pastry

Loads of coffee as they never let the cup go empty

Fresh fruit salad and natural yogurt.

Scrambled egg, Smoked salmon (Ray had a lovely ham), caviler, and a potato rosni.

Raspberry crumble and natural yogurt.

And a large chocolate in a souvenir box.

All the servings were very large and we were soon full up.

Ray took photos in the Loo

the fancy flush

A pretty window

This window was in the corridor

The lamp on our table

By the time we had been served and eaten our Brunch we were back at Victoria where we said our goodbyes to the Stewards and  our fellow passengers -It had been a wonderful trip.

We waited for a train to home but there was a train in that would get us to Faversham where we could change for another one going to Whitstable and there lay our fault. We got on a fast train going to Ramsgate ha ha !! we were told by the ticket collector that they do not stop at Whitstable. We had to go to Margate changed and get a London bound train and get off at Whitstable.

We did this but we didnt get home until 5pm what a long day. But —-what a happy day Thankyou Terry Nicky and Dan for the best Christmas present ever– I love you all. (mind you it was much better than the Hot Air Balloon you were thinking of doing. xx) I hate heights.

I did buy pressies.

The 3 tins are for Ray they are full off different sweets,  the bear is Pierre the Orient Express Driver for Terry and Nicky, there are 2 pens that have the Orient Express on them for Ray and Dan.

We have lots of books for Terry and Nicky to show remind them of our day.

The Little box’s have our Chocolate’s in.

Now tomorrow Im in Chemo and so will end up in bed for a week but at least I will know I had a great Sunday and have so many memories. Rays Blog


Mesothelioma My diary– We lost another Mesowarrior today–So sad but Candles are lit.

We are lighting our candles again to say goodnight to another Mesowarrior Mike Kearney, he was such a brave man who knew when his body had had enough of the Chemo and made a brave decision to stop, enough was enough. Our thoughts are with Amanda xx

Amanda Kearney


I have been asked if I would do an interview for the Kent Messenger as they have been following my blog and would like to do a piece on me about Mesothelioma .

Of coarse! is the answer as I do like to do my bit for the Awareness of this disease.

Well we have had a busy day I even did a little bit of gardening this morning as I tidied the gravel part of the garden.

So many dead leaves  as I have been lazy in the winter.

I will slowly work around doing a little at a time but the sun was so warm it was just nice to be in the fresh air.

We then did the housework getting it all tidy as I have Chemo Monday so I will be in bed more next week.

We had some toast and then took Louis for a walk.

I have got all our clothes on hangers for tomorrow but I try not to think about it to much or I know I wont sleep tonight. Did I tell you Im going on the Orient Express tomorrow. Rays Blog xxx






Mesothelioma My Diary —we have a tree in the Jubilee Woods in honour of Mesothelioma Victims.

I had to go to K&C Hospital for my bloods to be taken today and I mentioned I have puffy ankles.

The Sister said to ask my GP for Diuretics.

It was so easy to take the bloods from my PICC Line so I know now why they put them in, so much easier than trying to find veins with a needle.

We wasnt at the hospital very long so we went to a retail park to buy me an outfit for the trip on the Orient express on Sunday.

This done and I was happy with what I bough we went to my GP surgery, but the receptionist said to go home and she would get the Doctor to phone me at home as all the appointments were taken.

At home we had lunch after doing the house work and washing and I sat down  and just as I was nodding of, the phone went.

I explained to the GP that I was on Chemo and my ankles were swelling.

She checked back on my screen and said that my kidney function test results were there and were 6 and today my bloods showed my kidney function was 5.

She was worried that my kidney was what they call a dry kidney. (I have been told this before )

So the outcome is she would rather I didnt have Diuretics as I only had one kidney and they can make things worse.

I agreed and said I would see how they were after Chemo.

I will drink 8 glasses of water a day and see if I can help my poor kidney.

Im not happy as we so need our kidney to function well but Chemo can hit them hard.

Rays Blog

In the post I recieved my Certificate for the tree I have bought in Leicester to honour the Mesowarriors  in the Jubilee Woods.

I couldnt have a lot of room to write many words so I just put For all Mesothelioma Victims.

But the Oak Tree that I chose will grow big and strong and live for 100,s of years in honour of such brave Mesowarriors.

Mesothelioma My Diary Lunch with friends


We had to get the dog walk in early as we had to get to Canterbury to meet our friends Mike and Viv as they had camped at C&CC site.


Canterbury Camping And Caravanning Club Site Featured Site

Add this Site to your Virtual Brochure
Bekesbourne Lane


Tel: 01227 463216
Pitches: 200
Open: Open All Year

It is a great site and so handy for the Zoo and the Golf Club.

We arrived in Weatherspoon before them so we had a drink and settled in to wait for them -it was such a lovely day, the sun was shinning and it was so warm. LOve it .

They arrived and we carried on drinking and the ordered our meals which soon appeared on the table.

Viv has Cancer as well and has really been through all the hard times of Chemo and has now had a three month breather where she is enjoying Motohoming and holidays just as I do.

We had a lot to natter about and the time flew by.

The two of us went to the ladies –why is it upstairs ha ha !!! so hard for us to climb those stairs.

We left there and walked to the High Street where we had to say our goodbyes and they went to the shops as we came home on the Park and Ride. Not before the camera came out to record the day.

We will next see each other at Peterborough Motorhome Show.

So Ray has had a nice Birthday meal -I still have to buy him a pressie on the Orient Express as they sell lovely gifts.

The sun has shone all day and it was very warm just like a summers day.

They are making a Mini series of Bernie Bantam in Australia. A much admired man who fought a legal battle and won.

A very brave warrior ——-

asbestos battle

February 23, 2012 – 7:30PM
Bernie Banton, who died in 2007.Bernie Banton, who died in 2007.

Aussie battler Bernie Banton’s fight against the big corporation James Hardie is being brought to life in an ABC mini-series called Devil’s Dust.

Based on the book, Killer Company, written by ABC journalist Matt Peacock, the two-part series has actor Anthony Hayes taking on the role of Banton, the James Hardie employee who battles for compensation for asbestos victims, in what became a ‘David and Goliath’ story.

Don Hany plays Adam Bourke, a character who must question his morality when he becomes aware that one of Australia’s most successful and respected companies manufactures a product that may kill thousands of people.

Ewen Leslie takes on the role of Peacock, who revealed the evidence of the link between asbestos and cancer, and then spent years exposing the shocking truth and helping to bring justice to the victims.

“This is a powerful, inspiring drama which has attracted an outstanding cast and creative team. ABC TV is proud to present the human story at the heart of this ongoing national tragedy,” said Carole Sklan, ABC TV head of fiction.

With 60,000 Australians likely to die of asbestos-related diseases by 2030, the ABC says Devil’s Dust is the intensely personal story of three very different men whose lives and careers are bound together by a tragedy that becomes a scandal, and then a fast-moving battle through the corridors of corporate, political and media power.

Production of Devil’s Dust begins mid March.

Read more:

Rays blog



Mesothelioma My Diary Rays Birthday xx

It is Rays birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY

He has had loads of cards bless !!! Im taking him out for lunch tomorrow with friends and Im buying a present on the Orient Express for a surprise.

What a day –I got up early as the District Nurse was coming at 8am and I waited and waited,

The phone rang and a nurse was there saying am I in now “yes” well she said she had come but I didnt come to the door and as the dog didnt bark she thought I was out.

I said we were here all the time and she asked if the bell worked.

Ray tested it and it didnt but she could have knocked at the kitchen window.??

She said she would come back.

Ray had to go to the Bone crusher so of he went .

We we had to wait until mid day for the Nurse to come again and we said sorry but she was OK about it.

She cleaned all my Line and flushed it through but is unhappy that the area is red where the Line enters the skin.

Im in hospital Friday for my bloods so she agreed to see what they said but if I get any pain or it swells up go to A&E and get them to look at it, which I will of coarse.

So I had lunch when she had gone and then took Louis for a walk.

Watched telly until it was dinnertime and than made a Toad in a Hole for Ray and a lasagna for myself. (Ray doesnt like Pasta )  Rays blog

Mesothelioma My Diary –Shrove Tuesday.

It has been another wonderful sunny day so we took Louis with us to buy our train tickets for Sunday to get us to Victoria

We walked around the roads to cross the bridge to get to the ticket office.

We watched a London Bound train come into the station.

Ticket bought we came back home to Lunch of prawns and avocado pears.

Retro avocado with prawns in Bloody Mary mayo<br />

Shrove Tuesday is the first day of Lent and is traditional when we eat pancakes.

Lent is when we give up things so Shrove Tuesday is the last chance to indulge yourself, and to use up the foods that aren’t allowed in Lent.

Pancakes are eaten on this day because they contain fat, butter and eggs which were forbidden during Lent.

Shrove Tuesday is celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday and is therefore the final day before the commencement of Lent,

a Christian festival leading up to Easter Sunday (Easter Day).

Shrove Tuesday always falls 47 days before Easter Sunday.

So I have made Pancakes for Dinner with apple and drizzled Maple syrup over them for a change as we normally have lemons and sugar.

Buttermilk Pancakes with Maple Syrup Apples

The postman bought loads of cards for Rays birthday tomorrow and amongst them was a parcel for me –What can that be (Debbie ha ha !!)

Debbie had bought me a meddle in London bless her and the card said wonderful words thankyou so much you little minx.

the card xx

So much kindness from so many xxx you all deserve a medal. Rays Blog as he saw the day

Mesothelioma My Diary –A trip to Canterbury

It has been another very sunny day but a cold wind has spoilt any warmth from the sun. The forecast though is great for the week as we will get warmer and warmer, I cant wait. proof and they had better be right.

Louis had to be walked early as Ray had an appointment for the hospital as the optician said he could see something wrong.

The love of my life xxx

Off we went and got the P&Ride to Canterbury, gosh how many times has Ray done this for me , He has only been to  hospital on very rare occasions for himself,he is the one who stays fit through the years.

Park and Ride bus

When we got on the hospital bus a young man was talking about his dad  being a rocker in the 60’s and then also a Motor bike racer at Brands Hatch, he was so interesting and was so proud of all his dad had achieved, and all the famous riders he had met.

At the hospital we waited and then Ray was called in, i waited in the waiting room, and when he came out it all looks like it was a waste of time as there doesnt appear to be anything wrong.

he still has to see the Specialist though to be signed off next week so Ray will have to go on his own as i will be suffering from Chemo ugh.

We went back on the bus and met the young man again and he just went on and on about his dad.

I wonder if his father knows what a hero he is to his son.

We said goodbye and then got on the P&Ride again and found the car, went shopping at Marks and Sparks as I have to keep the freezer full up for Ray cooking all the meals next week. Rays Blog in his own words reports the day



Mesothelioma My Diary A nice Saturday and My friend Debbie has been honoured by ADAO

A friend on MHFacts

Frank sent me lovely Pictures of snowdrops at  Heale House which is in the Woodford valley between Salisbury and Stonehenge people come for miles around there are huge banks of snowdrops in the woods and by the river. So lovely thanks Frank xxx

A special award for campaigner Debbie

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A WOMAN battling a deadly lung cancer caused by asbestos will receive an international award for her tireless campaigning.

Debbie Brewer will be presented with a special recognition award at the Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference in Los Angeles, USA.

  1. 'AN HONOUR': Debbie Brewer

    ‘AN HONOUR’: Debbie Brewer

The 52-year-old, of Eggbuckland, was given only months to live when diagnosed with mesothelioma in November 2006.

More than five years later she continues to fight the disease and highlight the dangers of asbestos.

She received a Government payout after linking the condition to her father’s dockyard overalls and has undergone experimental chemotherapy treatment in Germany.

The mum of three said she is “absolutely thrilled” to be have been chosen for the award.

“It is a real honour,” she said. “I didn’t know whether I would be well enough to collect it in person, but I’ve spoken to my oncologist and everything is stable.

“There’s a lot of people with asbestos-related diseases who don’t want to see another generation getting it.

“Awareness is the most important thing. People need to know that asbestos is often in the home, in the work place.

“The dust, which can be disturbed during renovations and DIY, is not going to make you ill immediately. But it can be deadly.”

Asbestos was widely used as insulation and fireproofing until the 1970s. It remains in many older buildings today.

Debbie’s tumour began to spread slightly again last year, but a CT scan this month showed it has stabilised.

She runs her own website,, which documents her own struggle with the illness while providing support and advice for others.

She has attended conferences around the world to raise awareness of the disease and is in the early stages of helping to set up a local asbestos charity.

The Asbestos Awareness Conference in the USA has been organised by Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation (ADAO).

It was founded by Doug Larkin and Linda Reinstein, whose husband Alan died of mesothelioma.

Debbie will receive The Alan Reinstein Award for her commitment to education, advocacy, and support to countless patients and families.

The event will take place from March 30 to April 1 in Los Angeles, California.

Plymouth is a hotspot for asbestos-related conditions. From 2006 to the end of 2010, the death rate for mesothelioma in the city was almost twice the national average, according to figures obtained by not-for-profit campaign group the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

The disease was recorded as the underlying cause of 89 deaths in the area – the equivalent to 4.8 deaths in 100,000 people. The national average during the same period was 2.5.

Profile picture

So pleased for Debbie and what a great thing for her as she will be off to the USA to collect her award Ray and I are so pleased for her.

We had a quiet day again so lazy are we but it was so windy out and I did go for a walk but it was so hard to walk against the wind but Louis loved running around.

My Brother Martin and Pam came to visit as he and Ray have birthdays at the same time so we exchange presents and cards and had a long chat about what was happening in our lives.

I made a dinner tonight Ray had a


Chicken tikka masala<br /><br />

and I had a

Lasagna Rays Blog