Mesothelioma My Diary Rays Birthday xx

It is Rays birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY

He has had loads of cards bless !!! Im taking him out for lunch tomorrow with friends and Im buying a present on the Orient Express for a surprise.

What a day –I got up early as the District Nurse was coming at 8am and I waited and waited,

The phone rang and a nurse was there saying am I in now “yes” well she said she had come but I didnt come to the door and as the dog didnt bark she thought I was out.

I said we were here all the time and she asked if the bell worked.

Ray tested it and it didnt but she could have knocked at the kitchen window.??

She said she would come back.

Ray had to go to the Bone crusher so of he went .

We we had to wait until mid day for the Nurse to come again and we said sorry but she was OK about it.

She cleaned all my Line and flushed it through but is unhappy that the area is red where the Line enters the skin.

Im in hospital Friday for my bloods so she agreed to see what they said but if I get any pain or it swells up go to A&E and get them to look at it, which I will of coarse.

So I had lunch when she had gone and then took Louis for a walk.

Watched telly until it was dinnertime and than made a Toad in a Hole for Ray and a lasagna for myself. (Ray doesnt like Pasta )  Rays blog

3 thoughts on “Mesothelioma My Diary Rays Birthday xx

  1. Happy birthday Ray 🙂 I`m sure Mavis has made it a special day for you.

    I hope you have both had a lovely day x
    The love you and Ray have for eachother always shines through your words here Mavis I think its lovely.

    I hope all is well Friday for you at the hospital.

    Love sally xx

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