Mesothelioma My Diary —we have a tree in the Jubilee Woods in honour of Mesothelioma Victims.

I had to go to K&C Hospital for my bloods to be taken today and I mentioned I have puffy ankles.

The Sister said to ask my GP for Diuretics.

It was so easy to take the bloods from my PICC Line so I know now why they put them in, so much easier than trying to find veins with a needle.

We wasnt at the hospital very long so we went to a retail park to buy me an outfit for the trip on the Orient express on Sunday.

This done and I was happy with what I bough we went to my GP surgery, but the receptionist said to go home and she would get the Doctor to phone me at home as all the appointments were taken.

At home we had lunch after doing the house work and washing and I sat down  and just as I was nodding of, the phone went.

I explained to the GP that I was on Chemo and my ankles were swelling.

She checked back on my screen and said that my kidney function test results were there and were 6 and today my bloods showed my kidney function was 5.

She was worried that my kidney was what they call a dry kidney. (I have been told this before )

So the outcome is she would rather I didnt have Diuretics as I only had one kidney and they can make things worse.

I agreed and said I would see how they were after Chemo.

I will drink 8 glasses of water a day and see if I can help my poor kidney.

Im not happy as we so need our kidney to function well but Chemo can hit them hard.

Rays Blog

In the post I recieved my Certificate for the tree I have bought in Leicester to honour the Mesowarriors  in the Jubilee Woods.

I couldnt have a lot of room to write many words so I just put For all Mesothelioma Victims.

But the Oak Tree that I chose will grow big and strong and live for 100,s of years in honour of such brave Mesowarriors.

2 thoughts on “Mesothelioma My Diary —we have a tree in the Jubilee Woods in honour of Mesothelioma Victims.

  1. you are an inspiration to us all you just get on with your life , my husband has the same problem with his kidneys but to get him to drink is like trying to get blood out of a stone i love reading your stories it gives me so mutch hope for my husband if only he has a little bit of your posativity.
    keep up the good work Teresa

  2. Teresa in private Im not so positive as Im now worried and hope and pray my kidney will last the treatment. I will ask at the hospital monday just what all this means to future Chemo should I need it again. I just hope this latest 3rd line will hold the meso back for another year so we can go camping again xx
    Love to to your husband and tell him to keep fighting xxx

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