Mesothelioma My Diary My trip on the Orient Express what a day !!!!

Today was the day of the Orient Express and what a day!!!

Up at 4am as I had to get myself ready and take Louis for a walk to settle him.

We left home at 6.30 to get the train to London 

There was a frost everywhere so my fur coat  didnt stick out and when we got to London so many women were wearing fur coats as they seem to be back in fashion. I have had mine since the 70’s but it still looks like new –thank goodness.


We arrived at the booking in office and they served us with Coffee. We then all sat in the booking in office and slowly everyone gathered as they arrived at Victoria.

Then right on time we could here the diesel Engine and the Orient Express pulled in infront of us so we could go on board.

We looked in every carriage and they were all different but a Steward told us ours was halfway down the train as we ere in Pheonix 21 and 22 which we soon found.

I was greeted by our Stewards that would serve us for 3 hours of the journey.

I made the mistake of calling them waiters though Oh dear trust me!!

The table was ready

A view up the carriage before the others diners arrive.

A little bit of the history here Phoenix was built in 1927 but there was a fire in August 1936 the chasis was retained and remained in store until 1958 when it was rebuilt for service with the Golden Arrow.

The Phoenix was the favorite of the Queen Mother as it was chosen to be the royal carriage and General de Gaulle traveled in her in 1960.

I found all this fascinating and it really added to the fun of traveling in the Orient Express.

The prices of the wine

We were then served with 3 hours of food.

Starting with Champagne and Peach


Danish Pastry

Loads of coffee as they never let the cup go empty

Fresh fruit salad and natural yogurt.

Scrambled egg, Smoked salmon (Ray had a lovely ham), caviler, and a potato rosni.

Raspberry crumble and natural yogurt.

And a large chocolate in a souvenir box.

All the servings were very large and we were soon full up.

Ray took photos in the Loo

the fancy flush

A pretty window

This window was in the corridor

The lamp on our table

By the time we had been served and eaten our Brunch we were back at Victoria where we said our goodbyes to the Stewards and  our fellow passengers -It had been a wonderful trip.

We waited for a train to home but there was a train in that would get us to Faversham where we could change for another one going to Whitstable and there lay our fault. We got on a fast train going to Ramsgate ha ha !! we were told by the ticket collector that they do not stop at Whitstable. We had to go to Margate changed and get a London bound train and get off at Whitstable.

We did this but we didnt get home until 5pm what a long day. But —-what a happy day Thankyou Terry Nicky and Dan for the best Christmas present ever– I love you all. (mind you it was much better than the Hot Air Balloon you were thinking of doing. xx) I hate heights.

I did buy pressies.

The 3 tins are for Ray they are full off different sweets,  the bear is Pierre the Orient Express Driver for Terry and Nicky, there are 2 pens that have the Orient Express on them for Ray and Dan.

We have lots of books for Terry and Nicky to show remind them of our day.

The Little box’s have our Chocolate’s in.

Now tomorrow Im in Chemo and so will end up in bed for a week but at least I will know I had a great Sunday and have so many memories. Rays Blog


8 thoughts on “Mesothelioma My Diary My trip on the Orient Express what a day !!!!

  1. WOW Mavis what an exciting day 🙂 I love the photos thank you so much, I found the history interesting too.
    I will be thinking of you this week with your chemo. I hope you don`t feel too ill and that it all passes quickly so you can feel normal again and enjoy the lovely sunshine.
    love sally xx

  2. What a lovely day you had it looked beautiful, just think when you are having your chemo tomorrow you can sit and think of what a great time you had, i am at the hospital tomorrow with my husband for his chemo that is if they give it to him, like you he has got a dry kidney and low bloods, good ludk for tomorrow,
    love Teresa x

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