Mesothelioma My Diary –Chemo Day 3rd Line Session 3 day 1– and what a terrible day

Chemo day yesterday  started with the new PICC line –it worked very well.

Gradually through the morning I felt ill and was sick I didnt say anything but just got on with the day.

I couldnt eat lunch but I had my sick tablet and the bag of sick drugs went in so that felt better.

Gradually in the afternoon I felt very blocked up in the Sinus’s and started blowing my nose and fluid was running down the back of my throat. I have had this before and thought it was the stuffy hospital ward causing it.

I got worse and by the time Ray got there to pick me up at 4pm I was in a state.

He said I looked bad and my sinus’s had caused a rash on my cheek and also my cheeks were swollen. I stupidly didnt tell a nurse untill all my Chemo had finished at 5.30,and she immediately phoned a Doctor for advice.

He said he was on his way but take my blood pressure, which she did but the band really hurt me, and I mean really hurt. This gave a reading of quiet high.

The nurse went and found another machine and that gave a better reading and my temperature was OK.

The doctor arrived and looked at me he felt it was an allergic reaction to the Chemo and listened to my chest where he could hear crackling.

So he gave me a prescription antihistamine  to be fed in through my PICC Line and flushed through and within a few minutes my nose started clearing and then my cheeks felt cooler.

I then came over very tired so we got ready and went home when the nurse had finished taking my line down and cleaning the PICC Line.

I was to call the emergency number if I got any worse over night, if I had trouble breathing etc etc.

We got home but I was so tired in the car I couldnt even speak to Ray nor when I got in.

He cooked a dinner of Shepherds pie and baked beans with a couple of new potatoes I managed to eat a little bit but was in bed at 7.30 and that was it I kept sleeping. I went to the loo at 3.30am and and knew then I felt so much better.

So I must say very on earlier in the day when I dont feel well because the Doctor has sorted out my allergy to Chemo.  rays blog

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