Mesothelioma My Diary —A day in bed

Not a lot to report as I just stayed in bed all day to rest my body as the Chemo really hit my poor body hard and to be honest it really did give me a scar.

I have made myself a promise I will tell the nurses when I feel ill from the start, as I realise how quickly things can go wrong.

I felt like I had come to the end of the road as we drove home, that everything had gone wrong so I just didnt talk to Ray as I

didnt want him to worry. Of coarse he was very upset and frightened like I was.

Anyway thats all behind me and I feel so much better again this morning.

I have done my interview with the Kent Messenger, Ray did some of it for me as the reporter phoned yesterday morning

when i was just waking up again from a nice sleep.

She phoned at 2pm –I had Chemo brain though and trying to remember all the dates of when things happened was very hard.

I couldn’t even remember when my Golden Wedding was.

I went back to bed and slept on and off all day but Ray came and sat with me whenI was awake so they day went well.

Louis stayed with me all day except for going for a walk with Ray.

It was so hot in the bedroom through the night that I opened a window. I said to Ray that there was a road drill going somewhere, Oh no it was frogs croaking in the pond.

We have so much Frog spawn this year, it must be because we are the only ones to have a pond as my neighbours

have taken theirs out and so we must be attracting all the frogs that have been left homeless.

Ray saw a beautiful fox last night as he took Louis for his last walk. So healthy and a great bushy tail. We also have loads of hedgehogs

running around and the blackbird turns over my wood chippings looking for insects and makes such a mess with it all over the Patio’s.

I love all the wild life we have around here so entertaining.

Ray is off to the ophthalmic clinic, to get results on his Eye Test   this morning and Im going stay here to rest . Rays blog

6 thoughts on “Mesothelioma My Diary —A day in bed

  1. We keep reading your blogs to see how you are and can only imagine what you are going through ! You are very brave and positive thinking – must be what keeps you going. So glad you enjoyed your Orient Express trip to add to your memories. Hope Mr Nasty goes away with all this treatment. Much love to you both Lesley and Ray xx

  2. Thanks Lesley and Ray I just keep going and i think being on here in my blog and facebook is all helping to keep the mind so positive,
    Scan tomorrow will let us know what is going on although have that dreaded wait to hear the results.
    Have a great day xx

  3. Hello Mavis i have been thinking of you and Ray.
    What a frightening thing to go through…im SO glad you feel a little better now. I am sending lots of love to you and hoping for really good results for you soon.
    I thought of you today Mavis as its been such a warm spring day, i hope it made you feel better every time you looked outside 🙂
    You will soon be feeling up to a little walk with Louis im sure 🙂
    Much love to you
    sally xx

  4. Hi Mavis
    you sound so well my husband is on his third round of chemo it has knocked the stuffing out of him, i just cant wait for him to get the strenght to do normal daily things like walking to the local shop for a news paper,I am going to tell him about all the things you and Ray do in the hope it will give him the strength to fight on you are a inspiration
    ,Much live Teresa

  5. Teresa I cant walk out yet I dont have enough strength but I do get about in doors and hold onto furniture.
    Out side i hang onto what ever i can just to steady me.
    Good luck to your husband hope he finds more strength xxxx
    Love Mavis

  6. Hello Mavis. I h ave only just discovered your blog. My husband has just been diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma. He starts chemo tomorrow and is very scared but Im sure he will be inspired by your courage. Our love to you and Ray. Anna

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