Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Huntington Post prints a story about Tracey Crouch –what a hero she as been for the Mesowarriors

30 April 2012


Tracey Crouch MP On Her Victory For Mesothelioma Victims

Tracey Crouch

Tracey Crouch Is An Unusual Tory MP To Rebel Against The Government Whip

The Conservative MP Tracey Crouch – who secured a government U-turn on access to no-win no fee agreements for victims of mesothelioma – has told HuffPost that she will keeping a close eye on ministers, ahead of a review by the Department for Work and Pensions on compensation for those exposed to the disease through handling asbestos.

Cases of mesothelioma – an incurable form of cancer which often affects the lungs of those previously exposed to asbestos – are rising in Britain, because it takes decades to develop in the human body. Most of those currently blighted by the disease were exposed to asbestos in the 1960s and 1970s, before it was unknown that it could cause mesothelioma.

As part of the Legal Aid reform Bill currently stuck in parliament, ministers had wanted to prevent lawyers acting on behalf of mesothelioma victims from claiming a “success fee” from the companies and local authorities who are paying out compensation.

Tracey Crouch – normally a loyal Tory MP – rebelled against the government in recent Commons votes. She argued the changes would mean victims would spend their final months of life trying to find lawyers who would charge the lowest fees, because the option of a “no-win, no fee” agreement would be closed to them.

On Tuesday night the government backed down, agreeing that no-win arrangements could stay, pending a wider review of mesothelioma compensation by Iain Duncan Smith’s department.

“This is a huge victory for victims for mesothelioma, both current and future victims, because it will protect victims compensation from lawyers,” she told HuffPost on Wednesday.

Telling us she hopes the U-turn will mean the changes will now never come in, she explained why she felt she had no choice but to defy the government.

“My constituency of Medway in Kent is a meso hotspot, because of its shipbuilding and industrial past. There are lot of sufferers of meso in the area, it felt only right that I take a stand on this,” she says.

“I expect the House of Lords to accept the government amendment today, and we’ll wait to see what the terms of reference for the review are, its reporting schedule and how it will be deal with by parliamentary scrutiny.

“We’ve accepted this amendment in good faith, and it’s now very important for the government to deliver on a programme of reform to protect compensation payouts for mesothelioma victims.”

The average compensation payout to a mesothelioma victim is about £65,000 in Britain – “Completely different to America where there are massive payouts,” Crouch adds.

“Lots of people appear have to been confused. This is not about legal aid, even though it’s in the Legal Aid Bill, it’s about no-win, no fee. That’s what made the exemption incredibly important, because you can’t fraudulently claim for meso. It’s not like a whiplash claim, which is what the reforms are supposed to be clamping down on, the fraudulent ones at least.”

“The problem with meso is there is no palliative care, because it is incurable. It is incredibly difficult to treat. Depending on where you’re based, you have better treatment programmes in other places. In Medway we have great nurses dedicated to mesothelioma victims.”

Crouch also wants to get the message out that the disease often strikes at random. “There’s a lady in Kent I met, she got it from the overalls of her busband. You’d think because her husband was dealing with asbestos all the time, if anyone was going to get meso it would be him. Actually she got it from cleaning his overalls.”

She warns that cases of mesothelioma haven’t yet reached a peak. “It’s expected in the next decade or so. I always think it’s 2016, but I think it might be even later than that. But the peak is definitely yet to come, and that’s why government reforms are incredibly important on this. From diagnosis to death is incredibly quick, and we need to make sure that victims get compensated very quickly, so when they do pass away, they know their families have security.”

The Legal Aid Bill is likely to clear parliament either later today or on Thursday, now most of the amendments from the House of Lords have either been rejected by ministers of compromised on.


They havent mentioned me byname but it is me on here. Im just proud of the part I have played and the wonderful people I have met.

Today has been so lovely and warm and the sun shining, how different a day can be. I did mange to get the washing done and out on the line before going shopping with Ray to stock the freezer up but every move has hurt. The muscles in my legs are so stiff from all the wet weather and walking at the show.

We stopped at Tankerton to walk Louis and let him have a run

The Street as uncovered as the tide was just going out, we don’t see it that often.

I stayed in most of the day playing on Face Book and chatting to friends.

I had this on there :-

Today is a new day. Today is a day for you to begin creating a joyous, fulfilling life. Today is the day to begin to release all your limitations. Today is the day for you to learn the secrets of life. You can do it. You can change your life for the better. You already have the tools within you to do so. These tools are your thoughts and your beliefs.

How do you feel right now? Do you feel good?… Do you feel bad? What are your current emotions? What is your gut feeling? Would you like to feel better? Then reach for a better feeling or thought. If you feel bad in any way—sad, grumpy, bitter, resentful, angry, fearful, guilty, depressed, jealous, critical, and so on—then you’ve temporarily lost your connection to the flow of good experiences that the Universe has waiting for you. Don’t waste your thoughts on blame. No person, place, or thing has any control over your feelings because they don’t think in your mind.

I love all the things we find on face Book.

Well the sun has gone to bed and the rain is coming down again I do hope the sun wakes up tomorrow.

Rays blog




Mesothelioma-My Diary -The very wet weekend and the fun we had.

We have had a great weekend away despite the terrible heavy rain.

We went to St Neots Caravan and Camping site on Wednesday so that Ray could relax and have a rest from the drive up and from me, from all the political fighting, and the radio Interviews. But we Mesothelioma sufferers have won the battle of the 25% charges when suing.

Thursday we traveled onto Peterborough and booked into the Motorhome show.

I had fun meeting my friends and catching up on all the news.

It rained and rained and the poor stall holders had a rough time.

I kept joking with them and cheering them up.

I have splashed in puddles on the camping field which has made my walks with Louis fun.

Yes I had a great time.

The start of a rainbow at St Neots

A wonderful Rainbow appeared.

Louis watching the ducks

Clouds greeted us as we arrived at the Show

The line of Motorhomes arriving

Some had to be Towed on so we knew we were going to have trouble.

Gosh i know we put a picture of an Indian etc etc but this seemed way over the top as what will happen when they have to sell it?

A worn out dog xx

having a good time

Ray and I laughing all night

See I told you I would put it on my blog for the world to see your crazy xxx

The rain really poured down all night, very heavy and very very windy, and when we got up the camping field was flooding in places and we had to be towed off by a tractor. Thats the first time we have had to do that so it was a great experience and loads of fun fun fun.

Coming over Dartford Bridge and then we drove into the sun –Amazing.

So now Im home and on Friday I have to face the truth whether there is anything that can be done for me or not so we will take it from there .

Rays Blog

Mesothelioma My Diary –The Media is really going to town

I have had permission from “Lord Toby Jug” He is a Monster Raving Loony a really nice guy who has campaigned against the closure of the ward for the mentally ill (Acer Ward) in Huntington  local hospital. This is the letter he sent to the papers.

Dear Sir/Madam,
The arrogance of Huntingdon’s multi-millionaire MP Jonathan Djanogly last week during the commons debate on mesothelioma (cancer caused by exposure to asbestos) comes as no shock to me. Having had the displeasure of standing against him at the last general election I can only say that he is beyond contempt, Even after being asked to apologise for his childish laughing and antics during the debate by Speaker Bercow and fellow MP’s he refused. I’ve stood against many opponents from all parties over the last 25 years, including the then Conservative Party leader Michael Howard in 2005, but none have matched our MP for his arrogance and his contempt for the local electorate in all that time. It really comes as no surprise to me at all, as most Tories seem to be taught from an early age to adopt a superior stance over everybody else, even when their in the wrong. Although, over the years I’ve noticed their attitude change towards me as changed. They don’t seem to look down on me as much as they did. In the early ’90’s, the Tories constantly picked arguments with me, telling me I was making a mockery of the system and it should be left to serious people like them. I thought this extremely pompous, and a futile argument would inevitably ensue. I would tell them they had no policies for rock ‘n’ rollers and musicians, they would say you can’t run a country on rock ‘n’ roll, I would retort it crossed all barriers, they would reply it had no depth. None of this got anyone anywhere and I find it hard to remember which candidate said what as I have become quite muddled about them over the years. Somehow they have all blurred and became the same in my mind, with the Tories especially sporting identical neat haircuts, rosy red cheeks and blue suits as if they’ve come off a conveyor belt like Barbie dolls. I call them Porcelain Men and Women. I’m convinced there is a big deep freezer at the back of Number 10, full of Porcelain Men and Women sitting like garden gnomes. When a by-election is announced Central Office will carry one out, put him or her in the back of a limo and drive them to the constituency. By the time the Porcelain Man or Woman had been taken up the motorway with the heater on he or she would be thawed out and ready to go through the motions. All that was required then was to give them an appropriate old school tie before clipping in the endless-loop manifesto disc into their brain and they are off. And Jonathan Djanogly is indeed a prime Porcelain Man.
Lord Toby Jug, Leader Cambridge & Huntingdon Branch, The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
My Interview in the paper :-

Smiles out of context, says MP

Jonathan Djanogly

Jonathan Djanogly, MP

Huntingdon MP Jonathan Djanogly has rejected allegations that he was unsympathetic to victims of a killer disease after he was seen smiling during a parliamentary debate.

A sufferer from the asbestos-related mesothelioma disease said the Justice Minister should make a public apology “to set the record straight”.

But the MP said his actions had been taken out of context and that he had every sympathy for sufferers.

Mr Djanogly said: “I absolutely reject outright any suggestion that I was demonstrating any lack of sympathy towards mesothelioma sufferers.”

He said the context of his speech to Parliament, in which he described mesothelioma as a “truly terrible” disease, showed this.

Mr Djanogly said his actions had been taken out of context after he commented on a Labour MP who made a mistake and started reading from the wrong notes.

He said it was quite clear from official reports of the debate – on a proposed amendment to remove mesothelioma from reforms to ‘no win no fee’ agreements – that he was taking the issue seriously.

Mr Djanogly said the aim of the legislation was to reduce lawyers’ fees from successful compensation claims.

But mesothelioma patient Mavis Nye, 71, from Kent, said even if Mr Djanogly’s actions had been taken out of context, he should still make a public apology.

Mrs Nye, who got the condition from dust on her dockyard worker husband’s clothes, said: “There is a time and a place for that sort of thing. There should be a public apology.”

I went early to the Doctors to get more Blood thinner injections and he said my kidney is bad news at 75 % working 95% filtration so he is happy with my swollen ankles that Im not in danger–or is that there just isnt much he can do about it as I cant have diuretics.

I came home and did my interview for Radio Kent that will be on tomorrow evening and they are also interviewing Tracey Crouch the Medway MP who gave such a good debate in the House of Commons

Friday and today I will be on 7/8/9pm thursday 25th

I emailed to tell Tracey I had done my bit.

Then it was the debate in the House of Commons But this time JP behaved and gave a good Debate and said the Government is looking at how Mesothelioma sufferers can claim more easily.

The Commons last week overturned all 11 amendments made by peers and sent the bill back to the House of Lords for further consideration.
But last night peers insisted on three of their amendments to the bill.
In the first of the reverses, peers agreed to re-insert a clause ensuring people should have access to legal services that “effectively meet their needs”, subject to available resources.
The government suffered a second defeat when peers voted by 239 to 236, a majority of just three, to back a Labour amendment on domestic violence despite concessions from ministers.
Peers inflicted a third defeat on ministers when they voted by 214 to 205 to insist on an amendment that exempts asbestos victims from the new “no win no fee” regime.
With parliamentary time running out, ministers will have to decide whether to bow to the Upper House or overturn the amendments again in another round of parliamentary “ping pong” ahead of the end of the legislative session next week.
The government introduced the bill saying it would create £350m of much needed savings to the legal aid budget and would speed up the justice system.
Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said the bill will reduce payments to lawyers, not services to people, and that “nowhere else in the world do they think it’s sensible for the taxpayer to pay anything like as much as we do”.
Labour’s shadow justice secretary, Sadiq Khan, said the bill “amounts to is the stripping away of the ability of the poor and the squeezed middle to take action against large public and private corporations when they are wronged”.

It has been a very busy week and I deserve a well earned trip to Peterborough Motohome Show -ray is scared i will come home with anew Motorhome as I did 2 years ago.

Hasnt that gone quick and Im still here to say this –amazing!!!

The District Nurse has been and cleaned my PICC Line so I can go away

Everyone has been so kind xxx  Rays blog

Mesothelioma My diary–talking to the Media

Things have been very busy here as I have been interviewed for my thoughts on The MP that we are all so annoyed about.

The Editor of the Cambridge News emailed me to phone him about Jonathon Djanogly’s behavior and my letter I wrote to the paper.

It is easy to chat and talk on the phone so I feel I did well.

I phoned Councillor Greenall to thank him for all his kind words and he is getting very involved in Mesothelioma as he hadn’t realised just what the disease in-tailed.

He was so nice.

I then get an Email from Radio Kent

Could we possibly do a short phone interview with you at 10.15 tomorrow? If so, could you message me your phone number tonight?

We’re looking at amendments to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill and the concern over the provision to make people who have won compensation for industrial diseases to pay some of it towards their legal costs.


Of coarse I have jumped at the chance as I emailed back

Dear Ed Yes I would love to talk about the subject as I have strong views 
Paying 25% is wrong as this isnt a broken leg or whiplash, it is lose of life and as such the firms being sued should pay the costs.
It is different as it is Industrial injury.
So I have to get to the Doctors at 8-20am as I nee more blood thinning injections for nurse Ray to administer, then its back home to be on the phone at 10-15am
I find out then that Debbie Brewer has done an interview on the same subject in Portsmouth and has another one today –we are both working so hard for Asbestos Awareness.
Yesterday the rain never stopped all day but we did fill the car boot up with bags of declutter and took them to the recycle bins at Tankerton before I started racking through them and saying, well maybe not that or maybe not those.
I have done that to many times over the years so they have now gone and the bins were full up.
We got soaked doing that and Louis wasnt happy in the rain so we came straight back home.
So I was on my computer in her all day working and talking to friends. By 10pm I was shattered and couldnt wait to go to bed but what a day.

Mesothelioma My Diary–Declutter day today

A quiet day yesterday as I started to declutter my wardrobe and shoe cupboard. Even Ray allowed me to throw his old shoes and trainers away. He clings onto them like they are old friends.

I really went to town and have 4 large bags to take to the recycling bins at Tankerton today.

I have left a huge amount of smaller sized cloths in my Otterman bed as I couldnt bring myself to throw them out and they are there if I do loose a lot of weight with my Cancer.

Im always thinking ahead and planning with such a clear head not a sad head –its amazing how calm and in control I’am. Where does this inner strength come from. I cant say religion as Im not religious, or I dont think Iam. when I was 14 I was a Sunday School teacher and took my Religious exams very serious but it hasnt stayed with me.

I met Ray at the church social club so I gained a wonderful man and life!!

I emailed to the Huntingdon Local Newspaper my disgust of there MP and so have other Mesowarriors we need an apology if we cant get his resignation.

Watched the Andrew Neil show but he wasnt on there so  had duff information unless he wouldn’t come on and show his face.

I was so worn out after all the throwing out that Ray had to take Louis out on his own. Its when I know how ill my body is as I used to be able to work all day and be so fit.

Now I have to sit down and have a rest. Pacing myself.

I did recover and cooked a  chicken roast dinner for Ray and a Pasta dish for me.

Im finding meals are laying heavy so Im going to try and have lighter meals now.

I was shattered by 9am so I told Ray I just have to go to bed to rest my weary body also my ankles swell up and then my legs so I know just how much my kidney is damaged.


A copy of a letter written by a good friend Shona

I should like to express my disgust at the behaviour of your MP during a recent Parliamentary discussion on people who become terminally ill because of exposure to asbestos.

I cannot believe your local Conservatives have chosen an embarrassment like Jonathan Djanogly as its constituency representative, especially when used to a high calibre statesman previously in Sir John Major.

I should like to remind the voters in your area and the Conservative Constituency Association about the cruel nature of mesothelioma. It is not self inflicted, like any illness connected with smoking, alcohol or obesity. The people who have fallen victim to it have done so merely because they have upheld traditional Tory values and worked for a living.

These victims are people whose work ethics, independence and values ought to lie at the very heart of true Conservatism – unless, perhaps, you are the the son of a millionnaire, as I believe Mr Jonathan Djanogly to be, and perhaps the concept of working hard for a living is alien to him.

I am asking every Conservative voter in your area never to vote again for a man who demonstrated such callousness while victims’ symptons were being described. I should like to remind you that Mr Djanogly has not apologised for his behaviour, nor adequately explained it. The only possible explanation for this is that he is completely out of touch with hard working people in Huntingdon and he cannot possibly empathise with any of your problems. Every moment that an apology remains unsaid is another sneer at everything you do and everything you stand for and I sincerely hope this despicable behaviour is remembered by every voter throughout the country, because they owe it to themselves to ask before voting if their own Conservative candidate is some silly immature toff who couldn’t care less about them.

I am further asking your Conservative Constituency Association to seek an explanation from your representative on why he chose to act in such a heartless manner and why he will not apologise for it. I sincerely urge you to consider de-selecting him as an MP because I think he has brought disgrace to yourselves, to Huntingdon and to your political party.

Brilliant I hope that is printed in the Local paper –well done Shona xxx

So that was my day –quiet and busy and very tiring.

Rays blog

Mesothelioma -My Diary —

I have had a comment left that I was so honored to read and would like to share it with everyone

  1. I have been reading your blog today and I really feel for you. I knew little of the causes of Mesothelioma, but would probably have assumed you had to have worked directly with asbestos to be stricken. How wrong can you be.

    I live in Huntingdon, and stood (and won) for the District Council for the Lib Dems two years ago. This is VERY Tory area, and whilst nationally, there may be a coalition, there certainly isn’t at local level. Reading your blog, and knowing how my “MP” – I use the term with a bitten lip – belittled, by his behaviour, the plight of people like you, I am minded to raise a question in Council on Wednesday, inviting the Tories to join me in being shameful of the actions of the man who wears the same coloured rosette as they. I am not a “southerner” though I have lived here for 25 years. I am from St Helens, and am a working class lad who has done ok for himself.

    Before I was even aware of the blog, I fired off a letter to our local papers condemning Jonathan Djanogly. I don’t know if they will print them, it being election time, but I can but hope.

    I wish you my kind regards, and shall take a look at your blog from time to time.

    Ste Greenall, Hartford, Huntingdon, Cambs

    And also another comment came through

    This is the letter I sent to the local media yesterday



    When I read that “our MP” Jonathan Djanogly was seen smirking and giggling during a House of Commons debate last Tuesday, about the funding regime for mesothelioma (asbestosis) victims, I thought surely the man who was at the centre of the expenses scandal a few years ago, as well as being accused of “spying” on local Conservatives, can’t have stooped so low?

    But he did.

    The Hansard records reveal that the MP for Warrington North, Helen Jones, raised a point of order, when, I quote “Many (MPs) were dismayed by the conduct of the Minister, who giggled and grinned through descriptions of people dying of mesothelioma and what they suffered. I have to say that in almost 15 years in this House, I have never seen conduct that so demeans a Minister of the Crown and is so damaging to the reputation of the House. Is there anything that you can do to ensure that in future Ministers pay proper attention to such serious debates and conduct themselves as would be expected from a Member on the Treasury Bench?”

    The Speaker offered Djanogly the opportunity to respond.

    Again, Hansard reports “Mr Djanogly indicated dissent”.

    The Speaker then said “No, he is not going to respond”.

    Should anyone wish to see for themselves how our MP reacted, regardless of the circumstances, then the footage is widely available on the internet

    Should we be surprised then that people from all over the UK have been posting messages on Djanogly’s Facebook page? Or that almost as quick as the messages were being posted, someone was deleting them! Good job some of us took a screen shot to prove they existed.

    By the time the Hunts Post hits the streets, I hope Mr Djanogly has had the decency to apologise not only to his fellow MPs, but especially to the thousands of people affected directly or indirectly by this debilitating condition.

    Cllr Ste Greenall

    Snowy Way



    Thankyou so much for backing the Mesowarriors we so need a voice Councillor and are so Grateful for all you are doing.


Yesterday was so lovely and sunny so we got ready and went to Tankerton where we parked up and did some shopping, which we put in the boot of the car and walked Louis to the seafront.

On returning to the car we passed the Fish and Chip shop and the smell was divine so I asked Ray if we bought a portion of Fish and Chips and shared, they seem to give so many chips these days to much for one.

Ray of coarse agreed and we bought them home.

The were as divine as they smelt and we really enjoyed them with Tomato Ketchup on mmmmmm!!!

The clouds that bubbled up, through the day were really lovely beautiful so Ray had to take a photo even if a passing neighbour thought he was mad. He couldnt understand why Ray was taking a photo.

People do not look up and see the beauty of nature do they.  There is so much to appreciate.

The view we had as they rolled in from the salt Marshes Heaven.

It was a good day today.

Rays Blog

Mesothelioma My Diary– Cut Rays hair –snigger snigger !!

Just to add to our anger  watch the exact moment this man angered us.

We warriors have been emailing to the Prime Minister and I have called for the resignation of Jonathan Djanogly as he has shown he is out of touch with Life. He needs to grow up.

I hope our anger will wipe that smile from his face. Mesothelioma is not funny.

Our day was better yesterday as we had the sun shinning so knew we had to get out as it was so great not to have rain.

I did cut Rays hair and that was crazy, as his blog tells the story

Mavis decided that it was time to lose my long hair. You look untidy she said. She has done my hair for years so no problem.  ZZZZZZZ went the clipper. Oh My God its on the wrong setting she said.  Its cutting it  short. So  a change of  fittings . ZZZZZZZ it went again. OMG its still short. Oh don’t worry I said just  do it. Are you sure Yes go  on!

Then i could see loads of  hair falling all round my feet. Hmm i thought  it looks a bit much.

When it was done and I looked in the mirror. OMG short or what. She had shaved it all off. I  don’t have any  hair left.

While she went in the shower I continued  my jobs , when she came out  she said what you got that silly hat on for. To hide my bald head I said. Yes  sorry it is a bit short,but it will grow. promise!!!


I cant put it any funnier than Ray has and we have had so many emails and Pm’s over this. I will take a photo today to show he is exaggerating. Men do that dont they.

We went out in the car to Faversham  and parked up in the car park in the Park where Louis had a game with a stick he found

He jumps so high to get the stick off of me.

Such a lovely tree growing in the park

We walked into Faversham as I thought it was market day but I suppose because of the rain there wasnt many stall holders, so we just enjoyed what was there and came back to the car.

After lunch I quietly decluttered the Kitchen cupboards going at my own pace but it was a good job done and now Ray can mess them up again. ha ha !!

The rain started again very heavy showers and very black skies carried it to us, I do hope it is doing some good for our water table as we have a hosepipe ban in place, not that we need to use the hosepipe at the moment the garden is doing so well in the rain.

So that was our day !





Mesothelioma -My Diary — Played with my new toy.

We Warriors are really angry the way this man has behaved

Tory minister ‘smirked and giggled’ during asbestos victims debate

Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly grinned as politicians described the effects of mesothelioma, Labour said

Allegations: Tory MP Jonathan Djanogly
Allegations: Tory MP Jonathan Djanogly

A MULTI-millionaire Tory minister giggled and smirked as MPs debated plans to cut aid for asbestos victims, it was claimed yesterday.

Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly grinned as politicians described the effects of mesothelioma, Labour said.

When Commons Speaker John Bercow offered him the chance to explain his behaviour, Djanogly refused.

Labour’s Helen Jones told the Commons: “In 15 years here I’ve never seen conduct that so demeans a minister.”

Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan said: “His smirking and giggling showed utter disrespect to sufferers of this horrific disease.”

We have written to him and the BBC to complain and hope when he is on the Anrew Neil show on Sunday he is questioned about his attitude which is very wrong.

I was interviewed again for a magazine (I dont know which one as yet as she is a freelance writer) but was good is she spoke to Ray as well which is different as normally they ignore the carer and yet they are suffering in all this as well as the patient.

She asked for our wedding photo so we sent her this one above, Oh so Innocent of the Asbestos  in 1960 and yet ray was back in the dockyard from the army so was working with the dreaded material again.


We had another day of rain but I had my new toy to play with and the window vacuum is brilliant. Especially for someone like me that has bad hands as it is so easy to use.

I cleaned all the windows and the shower –perfect and with ease.

After a rest we had lunch and then walked the dog.

The rain was so heavy we couldnt do anything but stay indoors and watch the telly or read a book so thats what we did.

Health wise Im feeling better and stronger so just waiting for 4th May for my appointment with the Oncologist  Rays Blog

Mesothelioma My Diary–Rain and more rain

Where has all our lovely sunny weather gone. It is so windy, heavy showers and cold and it keeps me in doors as it is so hard to breath in this weather.

I did et up early and get dressed yesterday as the District Nurse came to clean my PICC Line. I hope to have it out soon as no more Chemo is on offer.

She came and went and that left the day in front of me but it is so wet so we had no plans to go out.

I had a really off day where exhaustion took over and I had no energy really. I hate those days but I do feel better and even if my eyes still water and nose drips and drips.

I did put my coat on and go for a walk with Louis and Ray after lunch and felt better for being in the fresh air.

Ray is so good and just gets on with the housework and doesnt moan that I sit in a chair and sleep.

The pains in the lung have subsided today which is a good thing.

Ankles still come up like a balloon I do worry about that as it means it is now putting a strain on my heart. I do hope the kidney recovers.

The Vacuum came but I will leave it to you to read Rays blog how he messed up on that.

Kärcher WV 50 Window Cleaning Vacuum

I will have fun today,when I have had a shower, and report back how good it is. It will be great when we clean the Motorhome windows inside as well.

I always love new gadgets and it was recommend to me by members on MHfacts forum, so we shall see.

I went to bed early and have had a great nights sleep so let the day begin

Rays Blog


Mesothelioma -My Diary –April Showers and a meeting

Gosh it rained and blew a gale when we woke up today. April showers with a vengeance.

Louis didnt want to go out of the door to the garden he just turned and came back in again.

Ray did manage to take him for a walk when the weather cheered up, but Ray came back very cold.

I did do a lunch and we got ready to go to Canterbury Park and Ride to meet a cyber friend who was on her way to France and Italy.

We parked the car and Sandra was out by her M/Home. it amazes me how we just know who we are as I waved and she waved back smiling away.

On MHFacts forum we have made so many friends and it is lovely to meet up, after talking and chatting in the cyber world.

Albert had taken the dog for a walk  but he came back with a gorgeous Alsatian.

We had a coffee and scone with jam and clotted cream mmm lovely.

It was great to have a long chat about our lives etc etc  it was great fun.

A Man in uniform came around and started taking photos of a Motorhome that was parked across 2 bays and towing a trailer so he was in trouble.

We carried on chatting until we decided to leave as they were going on to Dover to park and wait for the Ferry tomorrow, I do hope they have a great time and get to Italy.

We waved goodbye and drove home to have dinner.

I gave Louis a bath and cut his fur, but Im not very good at it so I just cut the very long bits and he was dried but he did shake himself and I got soaked.

the end of a good day.

Rays blog