Living with Mesothelioma -My diary -Floods in Wales

It has been a better day today with the sun shinning although windy still.

I ordered flowers from the Mesowarriors for Rose just to say we care and are thinking of her at this sad time and had a Facebook conversation with her Daughter.

Wales has ha it bad as the have had a whole months rain in one day

Flooding in Dolybont, West Wales.

Around 150 people had to be rescued from homes and caravans today after severe floods hit west Wales.

Holidaymakers and residents were helped to safety in a large-scale rescue operation mounted by fire crews, coastguard lifeboats and military helicopters when water swept through caravan parks and villages near Aberystwyth.

An inshore lifeboat team taking part in the rescue operation had to be airlifted when they got into difficulties after helping to pluck a disabled man from a flooded caravan because a Royal Air Force (RAF) helicopter was 20 minutes flying time away.

Four holiday camps along the River Lery were completely evacuated when the swollen waters breached its banks, and 150 people were sheltering in rest centres having been rescued, police said.

So many holidays and homes spoilt –when will we have a good summer.

I recieved my appointment for the Haemophilla Outpatients where I will have my rat poison ekkk !!!

Not until August the 6th though so another long wait.

Tomorrow is my scan so it would be nice if my Lung clots are all gone -I hope so.

Ray made me a drink, or so I thought. I also thought it was my fruit tea, it looked like my fruit tea so I took it to the lounge and put telly on.

Ray cam out “have you seen my teeth –what have you done with my teeth. ” ” I have  the drink you made me thats all, I havent got your tea.” “No my teeth– thats them Im soaking them in Steredent ”

“Oh no thats disgusting I said. ha ha !!!! good job I didnt drink it ekkk

Well an earlier night tonight as my appointment is at 9.15 and on a Sunday.




One thought on “Living with Mesothelioma -My diary -Floods in Wales

  1. Glad to know you are both home safe with all this terrible weather, good luck for the scan. Wishing you well,

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