Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- Louis goes to the Vets!!

Louis had a lovely nights sleep as he didn’t move from Rays legs at all.

He did limp when he got off the bed as i got up so i bathed his wound and could not see it for all the fur.

Ray Phoned the Police and the kind man, asking all the question’s,  said to go to the Vets and have Louis looked at so that a report can be raised of all the injuries.

He is sending someone around on Sunday to take a statement and then they are going around to meet the dogs.

We phoned the vets and they said bring him in at 12.40am which we did. Parking outside this time as there was room, although the traffic was so very heavy with visitors as it was a lovely day.

The dogs in the surgery made Louis huff and puff and we had to wait a long time to be seen.

So pleased when the vet came and meet Louis as there was so many dogs in the waiting room I was getting worried as Louis was getting so nervous.

He bandage up Louis mouth on my plea as he was touching a hurt dog the wound was very sore.

The vet inspected and said the one on his chest was very big but he had to shave the hair away.

We were all shocked at the size of the bite but the vet said it was’nt that deep so Ray had done a wonderful job in protecting Louis. This is the one- done not by a Staff as I first thought- but when we looked at dog pictures last night,  realised it was a Bull Mastiff like this one. 

Look at the size of it no wonder Ray and I got knocked over at the scene of the crime.

Then when he shaved the foot again the wound looked so big this was the whits staffies bite as he was trying to pull Louis to the ground.

Like this one.

I asked the vet what will the police do as I don’t want to see them put down — He said the police will put them on the dangerous dog list and they will have to always be restrained on a lead and muzzled -If they don’t then they will be taken away, we will see what happens.

So with all the wounds looked at The vet gave us antibiotics to give to Louis twice a day as he felt there was infection.

I have to get  that down him twice a day –he he !! I bet he gets fed up with that.

The little man says thank you  for all the beast wishes you have sent on Facebook and emails and he will try and make a full recovery.

So we settled down and after a nice plate of ham he went to sleep.

We opened the mail when we got home and the GP has written to  Ray to tell him the bad protein is in the second sample he did. So now Ray has to go for the test on his Marrowbone -Oh dear.

The Myeloma  is in its first stages or that’s what he thinks, I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing , but at least they can treat it and get it to remission.

I had the appointment for my scan and goodness me its on the 3rd of September and my Oncologist appointment is the 23rd of September so that is plenty of time for them to put the result on the computer this time. So no excuses.

Louis just goes for little walks and he ate some of our sweet and sour ribs I cooked for dinner so he seems to be really rallying around. We are so relieved

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