Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- A very wet day and we keep getting soaked

What a wet and horrible day. It didn’t just rain it poured down and created surface water on the roads.

We went out to buy a DVD machine at Tesco’s so I stayed out side and walked Louis. I was drenched by the time I got back to the car. I put a very wet dog in the back seat. Smelly wet fur  is not very nice.

The car steamed up, we had the windows open and the blow air and full pelt. What a day.

I came home and changed out of my wet trousers and made a hot cup of coffee. wow what a day.

The reason for the DVD is I have bought this DVD

Move it or Lose it: Exercise for Older People: Routine 2

I have had it playing tonight and it is lovely for exercising my body, as it concentrates on building the leg muscles so Im very happy with it.

What it should look like

Move it or Lose it: Exercise for Older People: Routine 2

What it does look like ha ha !!!

But it was fun although Louis kept bringing a ball to play with, I had to shut him out.

Poor ray has been putting the rubbish out and he is soaked again –not a happy chappie tonight

Downton Abbey has just started so i will have to go.

Photo: woo hoo! Ready and waiting.. :)

Love this Drama so well made.

So that’s it tomorrow is Hospital Day so I will write my blog as soon as I know the result.

Night night !!!

Rays Blog

Debbie has done a very powerful Interview in the USA –very moving.


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