Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- Good news Day —STABLE

My didn’t it rain in the night. It beat down on the roof all afternoon into the evening and then through the night.

Waking up today we took Louis for a early walk as it was result day and we got round in the dry, Then it started again.

We got to the Range (again to change a light) and I went to Matalan and bought 3 bra’s and 2 jumpers.  then we did Park and Ride to Canterbury I was so soaked on the bus like I have never been soaked before.

When we got to the hospital (late because there must have been a huge accident somewhere, as Ambulances and Fire Engine were rushing around )

I waited in the waiting room (very wet)

I was weighed and then called in to see my Oncologist. Hi you have stable result. Stable ! it didnt sink in at first as I really had felt doom and gloom because of all the pains.

It really must be all the nerves damaged by the tumours as they have hurt my arms and twisted my hands.

My Macmillan Nurse came in and we talked about the Conference I went to and the training meeting.

I said about my project and we wait to long for scan results,she said that scan results are taking 6 weeks and she was worried that I wouldnt get mine–all the doctors write letters of complaints –I was right they scan 7 days a week but only look at the scans for 5 days a week the back up is bad now, all down to money to pay overtime.

So I will report that back at me next meeting.

We discussed my talk in November and my video “I said it will be different to you boring doctors it will show my life and how I live it with Mesothelioma. The Oncologist laughed and said -your right and we will look forward to that.

We said goodbye and Ray went to get some batteries for his hearing aid. (you do know what happened to his hearing aid )


Photo: Ray someone has heard about you looking for a deaf aid xx

We had a coffee in the coffee shop then caught the bus back to the Park and Ride.

It was still raining in sheets and the roads has so much surface water on them

It was such a bad day but I began t have the sun shinning as I realised I had good news. Stable is better than growth, although I wanted shrinkage i must be happy with Stable. So here we go to live the next three months to the next scan.

In a shop by the bus stop two shop assistants were playing football. uncaring that I was watching and hoping they didnt knock all the bikes over. Just a silly insight to someone else ‘s life.

We came home and I cooked scrambled eggs on toast and a coffee and then looked at my watch 3.15pm gosh I should have made a dinner really, the day has gone so very fast.

My other two Mesowarrior friends have had bad news. Both have it galloping away and I feel so sorrow for them. they are very strong still and are fighting away.

My heart goes out to them both.

Kiss and hugs to my Mesothelioma friends keep fighting Lou and Jan  love you  xxxx

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4 thoughts on “Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- Good news Day —STABLE

  1. So pleased you have Stable, it would have been nice with shrinkage but hey Stable is good. Enjoy the next 3 months and no worrying. Love and best wishes Jan xx

  2. Mavis I rate your outcome a bit like a football match….you didn’t win BUT you didn’t lose either….lets call this one a score draw, lets face it the opposition plays dirty…and you had some good moves, being positive and looking ahead and enjoying all your trips away, and encouraging others and helping with research and publicity for Meso……….What a warrior !
    ps we are on your side, love Brenda and Tony

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