Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary –Trip to Hernebay and we got wet again

I woke up and it had sunk in that Stable was a good result and I have 3 months to enjoy so I have Rallies to go to and conferences to enjoy and a speech to write.

I played the DVD Ray has made of my presentation  so I will write a speech to match it all as it contains photos of my journey these last few years.

Thought we would take a ride to Hernebay today as the sun was shining away after all the heavy rain yesterday.

The Windfarm was in the sunshine and the glowed white, the a black cloud from Essex rolled over them and  you could see it was raining out at sea. Weird!!

The council gardeners were pulling apart the summer display of lovely flowers

They had dug all this up, making it ready for winter.

They have also pulled down the sports hall that has been on the pier for years now.

Changes have really gone on since we moved to East Kent.

The seafront was empty from Visitors and the penny arcades had lights on but no one was playing the machines.

Louis had a good walk in sun and met up now and again with dog friend’s. Only having a bark once at a large Rockweiler. I think it reminded him of his attacker as it was very big and dark brown. We just said no and he stopped.

Walking on to the high street we shopped at the butchers for beef and turkey, well Ray did and he said to me dont go away in case I cant see what you want. He went to the wrong counter, the fresh meat side. I shouted in “on the other side, I cant trust him to do anything right” The two butchers rolled up laughing as he gingerly went to the other side.

Ray is writing his blog and he is telling the story differently.

Then we went to the greengrocers and Ray bought a bowl of Victoria plums. We tasted them and they were lovely so he bought another bowl. there were 3 pounds in each bowl for £2.00.

I have put 3 pound in the freezer to cook later and we have had so many plums to et this afternoon I have put another one and half pounds in the freezer so lots of plums for sweets through the next few weeks.

A lady sitting outside a cafe had been watching us and our plum tasting and buying hope she was amused and didn’t think us mad.

We started to walk back to the car and it started spitting and then pour down so we had to get a move on. Getting soaked again wasn’t funny. Louis was trying to rush back to the car as he hated getting wet, he stood and shook the rain from his fur every now and again, and glared at me, then guess what just as we reached the car it stopped and the sky turned blue again.

We drove back home and got held up with road works as in the winter they do all the road works now that the summer traffic has lightened up. the children are back at school and Christmas is staring in the face.

A lunch and a coffee then a little rest the afternoon passed by.

So I cooked a roast dinner tonight

We are to full up for the plums I cooked for sweet and to be honest we are plum full as well.

Rays Blog

My friend Rose and Teresa have said –We went to Aldridge and found Ellie Simmonds Gold Post Box thought everyone would like to see one xxx


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