Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- A party Weekend

Gosh we have had an eventful weekend.

It started Friday evening when we left home about 5.30 as the C&CC 30th birthday bash was at Faversham School so we couldn’t arrive before 5 anyway.

The Chairman had a nice little spot right by him on the end so we parked in there so that we then were able to open the door and Louis could get out on grass to play. We didnt know until Sunday morning that was a dangerous spot !!

We settled in and then found our friends Sonja and Kevin -well I did first and then Ray came up after playing with things in the Van.

We had a long chat and caught up on all our news and then went home to watch telly before settling down for a good nights sleep. We always do sleep well in the Van.

Saturday we had breakfast and the walked down to Faversham to try and find somewhere that sold window whippers as ours had shredded on the Friday night in the rain.

We couldn’t find a shop so I found a MOT garage and the man was really kind and sold one to Ray.

We walked around Faversham and in the market square a woman had her two grandchildren who saw a roundabout and were so excited as the rushed her over to it. I said your going to have a lovely time there.

She agreed as she was being pulled alone.

Click on the picture to enlarge

When we got back to the field and we had a snack taking Louis out again across the field off lead and playing ball, a man came over to us to warn us he was training dogs off lead. We had missed the fact a dog training class was going on and there were several dogs in the field. He said he was worried about mine as he could see he was so good off the lead and and was so well trained but he was worried about all those he was training and they might come over and have a go at Louis —haha  !! Louis fully trained !! I said i was interested in his training as Louis is such a nervous dog –on lead he hates being on lead as he never was on a lead for the first year of his life. So we have a card and will try and sort out some lessons

JCS Website Group

We have just realised they are right by us here in Seasalter

We went in to shower and get ready for the party night.

Let the party begin

These are the members that started the Kent Motorhome Section 30 years ago

My little group of camping friends on my table

The club had bought in outside caterers who served us champagne was served as we came in the door and then a lovely buffet that was really a carvery as there was so much meat -Beef Turkey and Ham and lots of homemade potato  salad, coleslaw, and all sorts of salads and then French apple tart, gatue’s, fruit salad and cream.

We had lots of great music -not a noisy disco but real entertaining music from the 30 years they have been running.

It was a great laughing evening.

So we finally went back to have a good nights sleep —wrong Louis started whining so Ray got up and walked him round the field in the moonlight. But it wasn’t the answer so I gave him some medicine in case the chicken I had served him was to spicy. He settled down

So about 2.30 he started growling and then I realised a fox was out side rummaging around the rubbish bag I had let outside, with one leap from his bed –the passenger seat –he leaped and fell on my face with a claw in my cheek and a scratch all the way down my face.

After I stopped the blood we all settled down and finally did get some sleep than 6.30am a car went by and then another and another “Oh no a boot fair” We did know there was going to be a boot fair but we didn’t know they would come in right by the side of us to get onto the field. That turned out to be highly amusing as we people watched and saw them set up their stalls and then people arrive to rummage through. this went on until 12 but we had our coffee morning in the sun and got ready to come home.

So we have had a brilliant weekend.

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