Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary–Halloween Night —Asbestos in Schools but at least Wales is taking it Serious






Halloween tonight when witches fly so I have to get my Broom out  and fly across the moon.

So Sweet

This was in a garden as we walked Louis around

Such a great night for the children to trick or treat.

Ray had to go to the Dentist again so we were stuck in but then it was very windy this afternoon so I wasn’t sorry to be able to stay in the warm.

Washing was soon done and hung out to dry which was very easy as the wind got stronger. We have had sunshine though so all the solar lights were charged up which made a change to have them glowing as it got dark. Clips of a programme that BBC wales showed last night –so much Asbestos in our Schools ??? This has got to be sorted –our children are being taught in Rooms with Asbestos -not good

Cwmcarn school closed its doors because of Asbestos but how widespread is the problem in Wales, what risk does it pose and how much will it cost to put it right?

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Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary —Sandy –Wind Rain Snow and Earth Tremors –Poor USA they are throwing everything at you

I do hope all our Mesowarriors are safe as they had to evacuate hospitals over night.

Photo: Shaking going on and the hurricane all in one shot

There was a photo that really got to me today as it was of Ground Zero and how Sandy has effected this very -already sad site.

Photo: There are blizzard warnings in West Virginia as cold air wraps behind the storm. Here is a look at Davis, WV.

Snow as well so deep.

And then there was Tremors gosh they don’t need anything else to hit them .

Well we had a morning watching the news, the scenes were awful.

The window cleaner came and did all the outside windows for us and noticed he has really bought his round up. Im really pleased as he is a lovely guy and he really does a great job.

It was a lovely sunny day so we went out -where- to Tankerton Slopes ha ha !!

We had a great walk along the slopes and met other dog walkers so Louis was happy saying hello and playing ball. A very bouncy greyhound was racing around so I couldnt let Louis off lead or he would chasing all over the place.

I let him talk to 2 other calmer dogs.

The man with his ship to shore was there again and this time he was looking out to sea on a large Telescope that we think was really bird watching binoculars.

So after walking and having fun we decided to shop and then came home.

Lots of warriors going in or finishing Chemo. we do all seem to be doing well lately Chemo seems to be bring the shrinkage we so hope for.

I wish all the Warriors just starting another round of Chemo and those that are in the treatment -all the luck in the world.

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Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary — Prayers for the USA xx

The poor people in the USA –i cant imagine how frightened they must be when a storm that big comes overhead. Please stay safe xx

Manhatten has been closed down Bridges closed


Latest Hurricane Sandy Satellite Photos and Videos (Updating Live)

As seen from space.

Well our weather is quieter at the moment but we do wonder what will happen if this crosses the Atlantic, its large and will it have time to open up and disperse ????

We have had our own storm here in the Mesothelioma UK this was published today

29 Oct 2012


This amendment flies in the face of scientific evidence from the World Health Organisation, United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour Organisation and the International Agency of Human Carcinogens says GMB

GMB condemned the attempt by Roger Helmer, UKIP MEP for East Midland, to amend the proposed motion in an EU Committee on improving safety measures on exposure to deadly asbestos fibres in the EU by inserting clauses claiming that white asbestos (chrysotile) is not dangerous. See notes to editors for details of the committee and the text of his amendment.

Craig Stuart, GMB Regional Health & Safety Officer for the Midlands & East Coast region, said “This amendment from Mr Helmer flies in the face of scientific evidence from the World Health Organisation, United Nations Environment Programme, the International Labour Organisation and the International Agency of Human CarcinogensSee Notes to editors.

Not content on moving parties when the prevailing wind suits him and being a climate change sceptic Mr Helmer is now denying scientific evidence that exposure to all forms of asbestos is dangerous and can be fatal to humans.

This is not in the interests of his constituents where family members exposed to white asbestos in the course of their work have suffered in agony and died from asbestos related diseases.

GMB will encourage members to contact Mr Helmer to make clear their own experience and views on this serious issue and ask him to drop this foolish and dangerous amendment”


Contact: Craig Stuart GMB Regional Health & Safety Officer for the Midlands & East Coast region on 0115 960 7171, or John McClean National H&S Officer on 07710 631329 or GMB press office 07974 251 823 or 07921 289880

Notes to Editors:

1          Motion to the European Commission, Committee on Employment & Social affairs (2012/2065(INI)-“Asbestos related occupational health threats and prospects for abolishing all existing asbestos”.

2          Proposed amendment by Roger Helmer-Amendment 7(C) proposes-“concludes that in the light of these reports it is essential to exclude chrysotile (white asbestos)  from safety provisions considered appropriate from blue and brown asbestos fibres and concludes that cement containing chrysotile poses no measurable risk to human health”.

3          Scientific report from WHO, ILO, UNEP and the International Programme on Clinical Safety report 203 (1998).

4          International Agency of Human Carcinogens report Part C –Metals, Arsenic, Dust and Fibres.

5 Roger Helmer left the Conservative party in March 2012 to join UKIP, many feeling that this would enable him to hold onto to a seat in the East Midland constituency.

How can a man be so ignorant of Asbestos. All Asbestos can kill -does kill it has been proved time and time again and then you get a stupid person say different.

I have contacted and sent the article to MP’s to gauge their reaction–watch this space as the say.

Lets end with wonderful views of where I live where I look out of my window and loose my thoughts.

This is the view directly out of my bedroom window –I wake up and judge what the weather is –if  I can see the hills it sunny if I cant its raining.

Round we go

then we look over the salt marshes where they used to collect salt I don’t know it it is still very salty now.

They haven’t come out very good the weather was damp and misty.

Louis got another bath bless him, he does get splashed with mud this weather.

Well that’s it but I pray we wake up and the news is better for the USA  Hugs and prayers for all our friends in the USA Meso Warriors

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Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary –So many Red Berries does this mean a freezing white winter ???

Fancy colorful animated table clock gifFancy animated carved wooden wall clockCoo coo clock with bird


The clocks went back so it is always strange when you get up and realise its an hour earlier than you thought it was doh!!

It was lighter outside and a very sunny day so that was great but then you realise it will be darker earlier –not so good.

I looked out and my path was all dried out and did look very clean, after the wash down yesterday.



We had an email from very dear friends to make arrangements to met up in 2 weeks before they go to the Bahamas for the winter so I was very excited about that but they sent photos they took Of our time at Malvern together.

Two happy cowgirls xx

I adored the Indians they gave a reenactment and told tales with the sign language as well -so very gentle

Louis all ready and waiting for his walk

Ray had to go to the Dentist Technician –yes on a Sunday weird but true. So I got on and had a good tidy up and cleaned the windows inside as the window cleaner is coming tomorrow.

When Ray came home we had a walk with Louis and suddenly we were amazed at all the berries on people’s bushes.

So many berries does this mean a very cold snowy winter ??

Walking past our church we could see it has a boarded up door and wonder if there had been a break in last night.

Shocking if that was the reason.

We had a brunch and worked then on the computer all afternoon but did manged to watch country file and a  film.

I cooked a roast for dinner and we have just finished that.

Relaxing evening watching the results of Strictly and X factor just waiting for Downtown Abbey of coarse.

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Living With Mesothelioma -My Diary- SNOW !!!!!!!

It was so cold outside today so very cold and windy.

We had snow, rain, and sun all in 1 hour.

Everyone on the East side of UK were saying  it was snowing.

I took Louis for a quick walk before Roger came to power wash the path. He came in the gate to our site so I waved to him and then got back to see him in. He wasnt around so he must have dropped his new machine off and park his van.

He did a great job and I loved his new machine

Karcher K2.25 & T50 100bar Pressure Washer

That round head doesn’t splash and is so easy to do the job which he completed within the hour. Lucky he was dressed up with layers of clothes wellies.

ha ha I stayed in the warm to take these photos

So that’s a good job done for this year.

We did wrap up and take Louis out for a walk but was really pleased to get back home in the warm. Even youngsters were saying to us how cold it was . If it wasn’t for the weather we wouldn’t have so many conversations, the weather is a great topic to chat about herein the UK.

Our friend is really in snow in Austrian/ German Border as he has been posting pictures as it gets deeper and deeper I do hope he doesn’t get stuck on this site

Looks lovely but not when you have to maneuver a Large Motorhome out -Lucky he has taken his snow chains with him

Its getting thicker by the minute –hope it stay’s in Germany and not come to us


Make a snow man Tony xxx

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Living with Mesothelioma –My Diary —IATP have bestowed a Great Honour on me xx

Great news today xx









It has been so cold today and so wet. Our man came to jet wash our path and his machine blew up –isnt that just like us -Ray is jinxing this house ha ha !!



He said he had been using it for 20 years now so he is pleased he has to buy a new one and he will come tomorrow to finish the job.

We went shopping after I had tided my wardrobe and sorted my cloths. I have all my cloths form the motorhome wardrobe in as its winter so I needed to sort it all out.

Now I have a working everyday wardrobe and a best going out wardrobe. How long that lasts i dont know as I muddle things up again.

This afternoon was a surprise as on Facebook this came over

The wonderful Mavis Nye will be representing the Global Meso Warriors Community at the IATP Charity Ball Jan 2013… & receiving an award! ♥ x

IATP Meso Warrior Award 2013. In recognition of the Meso Warrior Global Community this very special Award goes to Mavis Nye. Mavis tirelessly campaigns and raises asbestos awareness, her book continues to raise funds for Mesothelioma UK.
Photo: IATP Meso Warrior Award 2013. In recognition of the Meso Warrior Global Community this very special Award goes to Mavis Nye. Mavis tirelessly campaigns and raises asbestos awareness, her book continues to raise funds for Mesothelioma UK.
Well that was a shock to see all that but Im very proud of the honour and to be there with Linda Reinstein from ADAO is an even bigger honour
IATP Global Impact Award 2013 goes to Linda Reinstein, Co Founder and President of ADAO. For her tireless work across the Globe and ability to harness the power of social media that is making a huge difference. Linda turned Anger into Action and continues to inspire many to partner with ADAO and facilitate change regarding asbestos education, prevention and advocacy.
Photo: IATP Global Impact Award 2013 goes to Linda Reinstein, Co Founder and President of ADAO. For her tireless work across the Globe and ability to harness the power of social media that is making a huge difference. Linda turned Anger into Action and continues to inspire many to partner with ADAO and facilitate change regarding asbestos education, prevention and advocacy.
And then to be with a Man I hold in Awe a man who I really respect and I fight with as Im always on about the Asbestos in Schools.
Im so pleased I will be meeting Michael he works so hard for the schools and their war against Asbestos In schools
IATP Award for Making a Difference 2013 goes to Michael Lees (Asbestos in Schools) Michael is committed to raising awareness and providing information for Teachers and Parents.
Photo: IATP Award for Making a Difference 2013 goes to Michael Lees (Asbestos in Schools) Michael is committed to raising awareness and providing information for Teachers and Parents.
This ia all going to take place at the IATP

IATP Annual Charity Ball 26/01/2013 Casino Royale!
IATP’s chosen charity is DAST. Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team
Thankyou IATP –Christine and Mark Winters I hope I make you proud of me on the night xxx
I will represent the Mesowarriors on the night xx
As Linda has just said on my Facebook

Linda Reinstein Thank you, Mavis! All of us make a great team! —- and that’s so true We do make a great team— we work together for Asbestos Awareness..

Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- A very scientific morning

I spent all morning watching scientific videos thanks to my Australian friend Ellen, she is so into science and all alien so she is on the same wavelength as Ray and I.

Dr. Michio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist, the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics in the City College of New York of City University of New York, a futurist, and a communicator and popularizer of science.Wikipedia Watch this video if you love to know about the future because here is a man working on the future.

Then I also read this—

The Matrix

Physicists say they may have evidence that the universe is a computer simulation.

How? They made a computer simulation of the universe. And it looks sort of like us.

A long-proposed thought experiment, put forward by both philosophers and popular culture, points out that any civilisation of sufficient size and intelligence would eventually create a simulation universe if such a thing were possible.

So a morning went by I couldn’t believe it but we had both sat together to watch so it was nice. I have sent all the links to my son as he phoned this afternoon and he to is very interested in the subject so cool!!

It filled in the time before Ray went to the dentist

Ray parked the car out side the dentist and I took Louis for a walk. We met more dogs than ever as it was 3pm and gone so more people around walking their dogs but he didn’t mind at all and he showed how he is listening to me now.

I put him in the car to find Ray in the dentist waiting room in case he felt woozy but he was still sitting waiting to go in.

He disappeared in after a while and then came out looking like something from Emergency Ward 10. He had a cotton plug stuck in his mouth to hold the

bleeding and of coarse his mouth was numb.

We got home and it was dinnertime so I did a carrot and coriander soup for him.

He is now having a bowl of Ice Cream so at least he has had something to eat.

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Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– Rays Physio and we met a Dalek today

A very interesting day today.Small animated alarm clock jumping up and down

Still very foggy when we got up ut that has cleared during the day and we have a sunny day now –so much better than all the dreary weather we have put up with.

Ray had to go to the Physio man so I went as well –leaving all the house work –and I walked Louis around while Ray was in the surgery.

I love the time on my own with him and our quiet walks it feels like the old days when i was able to walk so normal and stride out.

I shut Louis in the car so I could go and see where Ray was. I sat in the same place where I had sat when he had the physio for the first time but people were coming out of surgery’s and it wasn’t Ray, so i went back and got Louis out and walked around with him again as we waited.

I hid as Ray walked to the car and used the fob to flash the lights and open the door making Ray jump.

He was walking very stiff but he said he felt better and the man used oil and massage so Ray is going to use a vibrating pad we have had for sometime as the Physio man said to use it very careful and see if it helped but go careful with the Myeloma.

I made lunch when we got back, lovely bacon rolls even the dog had some bacon.

Called at Tankerton

The lifeguard hut looks so lonely in autumn

So misty at but we drove away for the sea fog

We then drove to Wild Wood on the way to Canterbury to buy the gadget to help to put socks on

Dorking Tights & Stocking Aid (Stocking Aid) - Click Image to Close

Ray is going to use this with socks –hope it works.

The man there was so sweet he has a Dalek in the corner of the shop. 

Amazing Dalek model powered by an electric wheelchair. Who said mobility shops were boring?

Herne Bay Mobility Ltd have made a dalek using a motor from a powerchair, they also hope to add a water gun and an electric voice box.

He and collegues have made the model as an eye catching promotional model to bring in customers. He told THIIS magazine  “We have named it DaveRoss instead of Davros. It is powered using an old Gochair  and he does about 4 mph, with a range of about 8 miles. The completed mascot will carry a water cannon and full speaker system so when you talk it converts your voice to a menacing Dalek type sound.”


The Herne Bay Mobility Ltd mascot: a full sized Dalek powerchair hybrid!on a powerchair they raise money for Great Ormond Childrens Hospital

And there it is sitting in the shop.

Ray then asked him about scooters and we went through them all which was very interesting should I need one as I have pushed my Mother round Seasalter and know its not wheel chair friendly here.

He even told me something I didn’t know and that is you have to have a Scooter road taxed if it goes over 4 MPH –its free but none the less they are taxed and that is why we see people travelling in the road -something that I think is very dangerous here as the roads are very narrow and a scooter travelling even if over 4 MPH holds other cars up.

So we shook hands and have come away having had a nice afternoon there.

The sun is just setting now on a Good day.

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Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary–A shock for Ray at the Dentist

It is still very foggy the sea mist is very thick as well and you cant see very far on the beach at all, or across the marshes.

Ray wanted to go out to collect his camera from Argos so we went to Tankerton first to give master Louis a run and carried onto Canterbury to Argos.

We traveled home and the train crossing was working to stop the traffic, This rarely happens to us we normally miss it but today we had to wait and watch a fast train travel by.

We had time, when we got in, to have lunch and then we were off out to the dentist with Ray. we parked the car and I took Louis for a walk while Ray went in for the dentist to inspect his teeth.

He came out the the shock news they charge £50 to extract 1 tooth and Ray was told he needs 5 out.

Tonight he went for a second opinion at a Dental Technician near us and he says only 2 to come out and where the dentist wants to charge almost £100 for extraction and dentures this man is saving Ray £302.00. Hmmm someone is making some money –naughty naughty. Lesson to be learnt here -always get a second opinion, it saves you money.

While Ray was in there I walked Louis round and round it was foggy but warm and very slippery underfoot.

my friend Leas lovely garden in Sweden- fancy waking up to this every morning

Autumn really is here and we put the clocks back on Saturday night so the days will draw in now.

We got home and dried Louis off and he had his dinner.

Ray tried his new camera out

Frosty Knickers on the chase

We love the Chase on ITV and watch it every day although we get so annoyed when the poor contestants lose all the money or if a contestant takes the minus figure !!

So he is happy with the camera thank goodness.

Tonight we have been watching channel 4

This was amazing a young woman had changed a Public loo into a home worth £250.00

But this was my favourite when this couple restored a old bus into a holiday let for £85.00 per day

Rates for 2013

Off peak 
3 nights: Fri – Mon £310
4 nights: Mon – Fri £412

7 nights: Fri – Fri £720

I hope they make a good living out of this conversion.

So now its close down and off to bed –it has been a good day xxx

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Living with Mesothelioma –My diary– Visiting Peter at the Hospice today

It was very foggy today as we walked Louis. Very miserable and eerie when you can’t see  the scenery out there, I had  to buy flowers to take to the Hospice to see Peter and Elaine.

We had Lunch and went to Canterbury early as I had arranged to meet Elaine at 2pm but as usually I was early and we signed in and the nurse made us a cup of tea. Peter was in Physio as he is in a wheel chair and finds walking difficult. He has had Mesothelioma spread into his head and spine. He has had Radiotherapy . Physio is continuing to help get his legs moving, it is surprising the loss of muscle tone after just two weeks.  The Doctor had said his spinal cord wasn’t totally compressed but the disease has pushed out causing inflammation and has also entered the bone in several vertebrae. The lesion on his brain is quite tiny and he has had radiotherapy on his head as well and his spine.

At 2.10pm the nurse said we could go in so she took us down the corridor to the Day Room where Peter was sitting in a chair, he looked well, but then that’s what we Mesowarriors are good at, looking well.

(Im trying to do this blog and Debbie is playing sending me silly faces ha ha )

Cartoon animation of Girl on couch talking on phone

Go away debbie ha ha !!

just as we sat down Elaine came in and then their friends arrived so we all had a chat and it was a lovely afternoon, and it took my mind off of where we were.


We ddidnt want to tire Pater out and we also thought we should let hem chat to their friends so we said our good byes.

The Car park was so full we think they should pull down some trees and build a larger car park.

We went shopping at Wincheap Shopping centre and then traveled home, the nearer home we got the foggier it got so some of it must have been a sea mist.

Well we are relaxing before going to bed so the kettle is on again

They have forecasted snow for the end of the week I hope they are wrong

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