Living With Mesothelioma –My Diary– April is still missing

I woke up so early and was checking whether they had found April but no they are still searching the river and all that area. I wish they could find here poor little thing.

I helped a lady on a forum about MDF being the new Asbestos as she has a health problem due to working while  work was going on in her School where she teaches,

Yes there is a big danger to health so I gave her all the info I could find.

I learnt a lot as well.

Toxic chemicals are one of the major health risks of MDF. The chemical of most concern is formaldehyde, which can aggravate asthma and other lung conditions, irritate mucous membranes, and cause contact dermatitis. Studies on formaldehyde also suggest that it is a likely carcinogen, and it should be generally avoided. During the manufacturing process, personnel should protect themselves with respirators and adequate clothing. When cutting or working with MDF, nose, mouth, and eye protection should be worn. Finished MDF may also offgas, raising concerns about its use in the home. MDF should never be burned except in adequately ventilated facilities.

The second issue with MDF is wood dust. Wood dust is especially problematic for the airway, and it may be a possible carcinogen as well. Protective gear will reduce this health risk greatly, and finished MDF rarely poses a health risk through wood dust, since it should be properly sealed. MDF should always be cut and processed in well ventilated locations to reduce the risk of inhaling wood dust.

The home isn’t as safe as we think !!!

I watched the news programe most of the morning as I worked on the computer.

So we finally got out for a walk before the dog went stir crazy. He has been in is terrier mood and barking away as people passed. I hate him doing that but outside and on his walk he was happy.

I had to walk to the post office to send my renewal of the Blue Badge. I had to fill up the form, so many questions. To be honest they should  just renew a Terminal Ill persons blue badge. We are not cheating we need to be near our cars especially when on Chemo. I had to send 2 photos, copy of my driving licence and my water bill to prove I lived here.

I haven’t signed the back of my photos so I think they be coming back –oh dear!!!

The funeral was on the Telly when we came back of PC Nicola Hughes

It was a sad moment  as they carried her into the Manchester Cathedral

Police officers formed a guard of honour at Manchester Cathedral

I mention this in my blog because nobody should go to work to die.

It does happen in so many forms, there is danger all around us not only Asbestos that has killed so many but other accidents take place.

The 23-year-old Greater Manchester Police (GMP) officer was shot alongside PC Fiona Bone when they were called to a burglary in Mottram.

Dale Cregan, 29, is in custody charged with the officers’ murders, along with those of two other men.

They have to do all this again tomorrow for PC Fiona Bone

It has turned very cold tonight so we have snuggled up in the warm.

fruits for mesothelioma

New research suggests that the antioxidant vitamins found in abundance in fruits and vegetable may have a protective effect against malignant pleural mesothelioma.   I dont eat enough fruit so I will juice more to get my antioxidants vitamins in

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