Living with Mesothelioma -My Diary- The Funeral of another Policewoman 2 in 2 days

We woke to blue skies and sunshine al day today so I asked Ray to let me change the beds and wash the sheets.

He went out as he cant bare to let me do it he always has to help.

I did it and got the washing on and then sat down to get my puff back.

The phone went when Ray came in and Jan Eagerton was on the line, she could hear Ray hoovering.

We chatted on the phone and then said we will see each other on Saturday if Jan feels better -I hope she is OK. She has fluid around her heart.

We said our goodbyes and I carried on with the washing and pegging out in the wonderful sunshine.

Makes you feel so good.

I made some toast and a coffee and then we walked Louis so that we got fresh air as well.

They  still havent found April its getting far to long now and everyone just wants to see her home safe and sound .

I have never seen such caring by so many people.

I hope she is found xxx

Also the other Policewomen was buried today those poor policemen that had to go to 2 funerals in 2 days.

PC Fiona Bone,

Funeral of PC Fiona Bone

Hundreds of people lined the route along Deansgate to Manchester Cathedral to remember a constable described by

the head of Greater Manchester Police as a “calm, gentle woman”.

So much sadness in the world it puts my problems into perspective.

We are going through a lot of bad news with Mesowarriors at the moment we need some good news so we can smile.We need a cure its our wish every day.

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